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13 Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok – 2023 Lombok Beach Guide

13 Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok – 2023 Lombok Beach Guide

A guide to the best beaches near Kuta Lombok that you need to visit in 2023.

South Lombok is the tourist capital of the small Indonesian island and visiting the incredible beaches near Kuta Lombok is easily one of the best things to do here.

During my time in Kuta Lombok, we spent days exploring the southern region by motorbike. We found that some of the beaches near Kuta Lombok were easily some of the best on the island! Whether you’re into surfing or just chilling on empty tropical shores, this list of the best beaches in South Lombok has you covered.

Tanjung aan beach, kuta lombok
Olly gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, traveler, travel blogger & photographer for 5+ years with 600+ published travel guides. I visit every place I write about & share real tips from what I learn.

First: Check Out These Epic Lombok Outdoor Experiences

Below is a list of the most popular and worthwhile experiences that you can book on the island. If you're up for sightseeing on Lombok, don't go past these 3 must-dos.

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1. Gili Islands Snorkeling Trip

An epic small-group tour visiting the best snorkeling and swimming spots on the Gili Islands from Lombok

Mount rinjani inner volcano

2. Rinjani Volcano Trekking Adventure

The most epic adventure experience on Lombok is to climb to the summit or crater ridge of Rinjani Volcano.

Gili kedis camping trip feel lombok

3. Secret Gili Islands Boat Trip

Get off the beaten path and explore the Secret Gili Islands of Lombok.

How to Get Around to All the Epic Kuta Lombok Beaches

By far the best way to get around in Kuta Lombok is to get yourself a set of two wheels. You can rent a motorbike pretty much anywhere in Kuta Lombok. If you stay at Banana Homestay as I did, then the owner will organize a good motorbike for 50 000 Rupiah per day.

Besides a handful, all the main beaches in the south of Lombok have sealed roads. However, you'll have to bomb some hills so make sure you're prepared for that.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling in a group, you could also rent a car to explore the entire island of Lombok yourself. I use DiscoverCars to find a good car rental deal whenever I'm in Lombok. With a car, you'll easily be able to reach all of the main beaches near Kuta Lombok.

Riding a motorcycle on lombok
Exploring off-the-beaten-path regions of lombok

Kuta Lombok Beach Map

Here is a map that pins all of the top beaches to visit around Kuta Lombok. You'll notice that the pins stretch over the entire south coast of Lombok!

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Map showing the location of lombok's southern beaches

Travel Hack: Click on the map above and it will load on your Google Maps app. You can save it by clicking the grey star at the top, which will add it to "Your Places" on your Google Maps account. This way, you have a handy digital app on the go with all the beach locations pinned– just refer back to this article (or bookmark it) for the explanations!

Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok

With that out of the way, let's get right into my list of the 12 Most Epic Beaches Near Kuta Lombok.

1. Kuta Beach

Clearly, a list of all the top beaches in Lombok's south would be incomplete without the main beach in town; Kuta Lombok Beach! Before we get into some of the better ones, let's talk about Kuta Beach.

If you're staying in town, you'll have no problem finding this one. It's a long stretch of white sand with shallow reef stretching far out into the bay. Along the main esplanade, you'll see stalls selling everything from coconuts to sarongs.

If we're being honest, Kuta Beach isn't my favorite beach in Kuta Lombok for a few reasons. Firstly, the plastic pollution here is absolutely atrocious. In fact, when we stopped by for a swim, we were reluctant to even enter the water. We instead tried doing our part by collecting as much as we could and disposing of it.

The second reason is that it just doesn't have the tropical vibes that some of the other beaches near Kuta Lombok share. Regardless, don't let my pessimism discourage you from visiting. While you might not want to swim here, the nightly vibe is lively and makes it a good spot to watch the sunset.

Bukit seger, kuta lombok beaches

2. Pink Beach

The famous Lombok Pink Beach. Unfortunately, this one can't fairly be considered one of the beaches near Kuta Lombok. That is unless you're "comfortable" taking a long and bumpy 1.5-hour ride. In saying that, it's totally possible to do it, and in my opinion, the trip was definitely worth it.

However, expect a long trip to quite a remote region of the island. Instead, many people choose to book the Pink Beach boat tour, which covers many of the coastal highlights in this region.

Pink beach swing on lombok island, indonesia

If you're set on getting here independently, you can find Pink Beach by starting on the same road leading to Tanjung Aan Beach. Instead of turning at the large roundabout, just continue on this sealed road all the way around the coast for a good hour. Soon, the road will turn into a bumpy rocky path which you'll need to follow for another 30 minutes.

It can get a little difficult to find. The best advice I can give is to follow the obvious dirt road and avoid making any detours or turns. If you get lost, just ask a local and they'll point you in the right direction. Google Maps has updated and correct directions, so that will also be helpful. Just remember to download or begin the directions before you leave, since there's little to no service near Pink Beach.

Once we finally arrived, we spotted the infamous coral-pink sand and incredible crystal water. Initially, we were a little skeptical, thinking that it might have been a tourist trap. We were glad to find out that it was far from so.

Swimming at pink beach

Early in the morning, Pink Beach was almost deserted. We cooled off in some of the clearest water we'd seen in Indonesia and explored the epic surrounding cliffs.

Pink Beach in Lombok is one of the only such beaches in the world, most of which are in Indonesia. There are another few examples in the Komodo Islands too.

Pink beach, lombok
Pink beach backflip, kuta lombok south coast

3. Seger Beach

If you'd prefer to skip Kuta Beach but still want to discover one of the best beaches close to Kuta Lombok, then Seger Beach is a good bet.

Seger Beach, or Pantai Seger, is a small beach located on the southeast headland of Kuta Lombok Beach. You can ride here on a motorbike in less than 5 minutes from the main street in Kuta Lombok. If you'd prefer to walk, expect about 20 minutes.

Once you arrive, you'll need to pay a 10 000 Rupiah motorbike fee, which you'll find is standard across all of the beaches in southern Kuta Lombok.

Seger Beach is a tiny sandy beach with adjacent mangroves. There's not much here besides a local coconut stall and a small hill (Bukit Seger), which you can climb for great views of Kuta Lombok beach.

Seger Beach definitely isn't a surfing beach. Instead, it's a great spot to relax and cool off in the hot Indonesian weather.

Bukit seger, kuta lombok

4. Serenting Beach

For those that make the trip to Seger Beach, I'd recommend walking or riding around to the other side of Bukit Seger to find an abandoned beach known as Pantai Serenting. It's clear that there used to be a large resort that occupied this entire stretch of beach. Now, you'll find it is an isolated pocket of white sand and clear water not more than 5 minutes away from the tourist beat of Kuta Lombok.

Since you pay for the motorbike upon arriving at Seger Beach, you can actually visit Serenting Beach without paying anything at all. Once you see the small stall at Seger Beach, just follow the dirt road left around Bukit Seger until you reach Serenting Beach.

Beaches near kuta lombok,

5. Tanjung Aan Beach

In terms of the famous beaches in south Lombok, or on the south coast in general, Tanjung Aan is undeniably a crowd favorite.

This incredible white-sand beach has everything you could want, from calm tropical waters to a solid surf break. It's really the best of both worlds.

Bukit antara, kuta lombok beach

To get to Tanjung Aan Beach, you'll need to head north from the main street and follow the Jl. Sengkol right until you reach a large roundabout on a wide multi-lane road. Soon, you'll reach a dirt road. After a few short but bumpy minutes, you'll arrive at the Tanjung Aan Beach parking area where you'll need to pay the 10 000 Rupiah parking ticket.

You can explore and swim pretty much anywhere along Tanjung Aan Beach. However, if you'd prefer to catch some waves, you can walk to the left side of the beach just before a small hill known as Bukit Antara. There are plenty of surf schools here that offer board rentals and that will take you out on a boat to the Tanjung Aan surf break.

It is possible to paddle out to the break, however as you'll soon find out, it's a pretty big stretch.

Kuta lombok surf beach at tanjung aan

6. Bukit Antara on Tanjung Aan Beach

I'm not going to pretend that I'm a respectable surfer by any means. In fact, I'd prefer snapping shots to actually catching waves myself. If you're like me, then you can walk up the small sandy hill known as Bukit Antara to catch a better perspective of Tanjung Aan Beach.

I spent a while flying my drone from Bukit Antara and snapping some photos of the surfers out on the Tanjung Aan surf break.

Bukit antara hill on tanjung aan beach

7. Mawun Beach

Number five on the list of the best beaches near Kuta Lombok is Mawun Beach. Pantai Mawun is a quiet beach that's only a short 15-minute hop from Kuta Lombok.

Mawun Beach is a great option if you'd prefer to chill out on a secluded beach close to Kuta Lombok. There is a small surf break here, but it's not very popular. Instead, you'll get to enjoy insane aqua water and a quiet, likely isolated white-sand beach.

Mawun beach kuta lombok indonesia

8. Mawi Beach

For intermediate surfers, Mawi Beach is one of the best surf beaches near Kuta Lombok. It takes a little bit of effort to get here, involving a roughly 45-minute motorbike ride from Kuta Lombok.

The best way to find it is to simply follow the directions on Google Maps, which are updated and accurate. After a smooth 30-minute ride on a sealed road up the southern Lombok coast, you'll need to turn onto a rough, bumpy dirt road for the last 15-minute stretch.

As you might expect, there's another 10 000 Rupiah entry ticket per motorbike that you'll need to pay near the entry to Mawi Beach.

We spent a good deal of time chilling at the bamboo beach warung watching the surfers shred the sandy beach break. We also spoke with the owner who sells some of the most delicious roasted corn on the cob I've ever tried.

Mawi beach surf spot in lombok

9. Semeti Beach

Literally around the corner from Mawi Beach is another one of the best beaches near Kuta Lombok. After leaving Mawi Beach, you can take a right turn at the fork which leads you to Pantai Semeti.

Like many of the beaces on this list so far, we spent a few hours at Semeti Beach without another tourist in sight! Swimming at Semeti Beach is definitely better at high tide, since the shallow rocky reef stretches along the entire edge of the beach.

If you make the trip, I'd highly recommend walking around the corner to Bukit Semeti, or Semeti Hills. These are epic natural rocky pyramids that are awesome for catching the sunset. There's also a sketchy cliff jump here if you're game enough.

Semeti beach, pantai semeti, kuta lombok
Motorbike on lombok

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10. Selong Belanak Beach

I bet that you've already seen the classic photos of a herd of buffaloes walking down a long white-sand beach with an epic backdrop of rounded hills. Selong Belanak is another great beach near Kuta Lombok that I'd highly recommend stopping at.

If you're a beginner surfer, then the best time to visit Selong Belanak is during high tide. There are plenty of surf schools that will rent a board for relatively cheap, and many are eager to teach you. Surfing at Selong Belanak is a small and low sandy break which makes it a great place to learn how to surf.

Selong belanak beach, pantai, kuta lombok
Selong Belanak beach during low swell

Even if you're not surfing, Selong Belanak is great for swimming and makes a great place to chill.

Unfortunately, we weren't lucky enough to catch a snap of the buffaloes but decided instead to explore the beach and walked to the rocky point on the western headland. We were surprised to find a small, secluded beach and some shallow rock pools to to swim in.

Selong belanak beach
Selong belanak beach, pantai, kuta lombok

11. Mekaki Beach

In terms of distance, Mekaki Beach is a little far from Kuta Lombok but easily doable on a day trip. In fact, the drive itself is as much of an epic adventure as the beach itself. Since the earthquake, there is a brand new mountain road that spans the southern coast of neighboring Sekotong.

It will take around 1.5 hours to finally reach Mekaki Beach, after enjoying some of the best coastal views on Lombok.

The beach itself is another sandy beach with clear water and some small shore breaks for surfing and bodysurfing.

Mekaki beach sekotong south lombok

12. Torok Beach

If you're looking for off-the-beaten-path Lombok adventures, then the next two beaches near Kuta Lombok are for you.

When I say "near", it will still take around one hour of riding to reach Torok Beach. However, if you've already made a plan to visit Selong Balanak, then it's only an extra 10 minutes from here.

I guarantee that you won't find any other tourists at Torok Beach. Instead, you'll probably find loads of turtles swimming freely in crystal-clear water. We only stopped here for a moment on the way to the Nambung Beach waterfall, but we were glad we did.

Lombok crab, torok beach, indonesia

13. Nambung Beach

Talk about a hidden gem. Among locals, Nambung Beach is famous for a "beach waterfall" known as Air Terjun Pantai Nambung.

From Torok Beach, don't make the mistake of following the dirt road around the coast. Instead, you'll need to continue on the sealed road, up the mountain and then back around until you finally reach Nambung Village.

Nambung Beach is one of my favorite beaches near Kuta Lombok for a few reasons. You might want to bring your mask and snorkel. We spotted an insane amount of turtles swimming right near the shore! I'm not sure why they all seem to congregate here, but we assumed they were feeding. Regardless, we spent a good deal of time exploring the beach and spotting the turtles from the air.

Turtles in blue water, indonesia
Nambung beach in indonesia

The Nambung Beach saltwater waterfall is an attraction that is worth visiting at low tide. As strong waves break over the flat rocks on the left side of the beach, it creates the illusion of a tall waterfall that you can even stand under.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information online, so we weren't aware that we should visit at low tide. Either way, the effect was still fairly impressive even at high tide.

Nambung beach waterfall, lombok

Kuta Lombok Accommodation

Where to Stay in Kuta Lombok

  • Rascals Hotel - Adults Only - the 3-star hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, and terrace. It offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere being an adult-only hotel. With a great location, Rascals Hotel ticks the boxes for a great place to stay. 
  • Martas Windows - boasting authentic Indonesian bungalow villa-style rooms. This is any Instagrammer's dream place to stay. The rooms are large and the outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to relax. Located in the heart of Kuta it really doesn’t get much better!
  • Origin Lombok  - Origin has a swimming pool with a sun terrace as well as lush gardens to relax by. This spot is centrally located and features an on-site restaurant. One of the best picks in Kuta Lombok for sure!
Origin kuta lombok indonesia

Wrapping Up the List of Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok - A Sad Reality

While most of the beaches near Kuta Lombok and the south coast listed here are well-worth visiting, there is grim and often unspoken truth.

Sadly, Lombok and Indonesia, in general, has a long way to go in the fight with single-use plastic pollution. Having explored many places in Asia for several years, I'm no stranger to seeing plastic waste on incredible tropical beaches. Regardless, it's a sad reality that seems to be getting worse.

Don't get me wrong, I'm writing about these things, not in hopes of discouraging you from visiting these incredible beaches near Kuta Lombok, but as a reminder to do your part. Do more than just picking up your own waste. Make it a habit to fill a bag or take at least three pieces of plastic for the sea. Together, let's build a sustainable future, where tourism becomes an aiding factor in the fight for a clean future!

More Photos from The Epic Beaches of Lombok

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Man and son on tanjung aan beach,
Tanjung aan beach, kuta lombok
Pink beach, beaches in south lombok
Pink beach, beaches in south lombok
Serenting beach, kuta lombok
Empty beach at pantai mawun kuta lombok
Mawun beach south lombok, kuta lombok beaches
Pantai semeti beach, kuta lombok
Swimming at the nambung beach rock pools south lombok
Mekaki beach sekotong south lombok

More Lombok Travel & Adventure Guides

I hope that this guide to the best beaches near Kuta Lombok has helped you plan an epic coastal adventure! Before you head off, make sure to check out some of my other travel guides below for more inspiration.

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