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Pink Beach Lombok – Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Pink Beach Lombok – Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Complete travel guide to visiting Lombok’s famous Pink Beach, including how to get here, what to expect, & photos to inspire your visit!

Located on the southeast corner of Lombok is a natural phenomenon known as Pink Beach, or Tangsi Beach. Apparently, there are only a handful (the exact number seems a little sporadic) of pink sand beaches in the world, a few of which are in Indonesia.

Pink Beach on Lombok gets its pink tint from a natural mix of crushed, dead coral and white sand. Yes, the beach really is pink, and it’s worth checking out if you’re up for an adventure to Lombok’s remote east coast.

Where is Pink Beach Lombok?

As I mentioned, Pink Beach is a little far from the regular tourist beaches of Kuta Lombok. In fact, you'll find it tucked away in the small village locale of Sekaroh on the Ekas Peninsula.

Due to the remote location, getting here is a bit of a mission, but definitely possible on a DIY Lombok itinerary or through an organized tour.

Girl at Pink Beach, Lombok

Pink Beach Lombok Map

Below I've pinned the exact location to help you find the Pink Beach on Lombok Island.

Lombok Pink Beach Map

Lombok Pink Beach Day Trip (Tour)

Of course, if you're in a group or you just don't want to drive the long road to the beach, then you can also book a full-day boat tour that visits the "Secret" South East Gili Islands and Pink Beach on the same trip.

This is a small group tour visiting some of the lesser-known islets off the southeast coast of Lombok.

How To Get to Pink Beach From Kuta Lombok (Self-Drive)

Since most people visiting the south coast choose to stay in Kuta Lombok, I'll include a brief guide from here.

In total, expect roughly 1.5 hours on the motorbike over a 55-kilometer stretch of both sealed and dirt road to get to the Pink Beach from Kuta Lombok. You can rent a motorbike pretty much anywhere in the tourist area for between 50,000 to 100,000 Rupia per day.

However, make sure you get a bike that can hold for the long journey.

Aerial perspective of Lombok Pink Beach

Self-Drive Directions

Google Maps has updated and correct navigation instructions for the trip from Kuta Lombok to Pink Beach. The correct location is pinned as "Pink Beach" NOT "Pantai Pink".

Furthermore, I'd advise downloading the route beforehand since service is spotty on the way.

Begin the long ride by heading east on Jl. Senkol, the same road which leads to both Taanjung Aan Beach and the epic Bukit Marese sunset viewpoint. Instead of turning, you'll continue on this road for roughly one hour to and around the coast of Awang Bay.

Eventually, you'll reach a long, rocky road through the Peninsula of Ekas. Continue on the same bumpy road without making any turns until you finally reach Lombok's famous Pink Beach.

Pink Beach, Lombok Island

Pink Beach Lombok Entry Fee

As soon as you arrive, you'll notice an old plastic tourism banner and a local fee collector eager to collect your entry money.

Currently, the Pink Beach Lombok entry fee is 50 000 Rupiah per person.

I thought this was a little too steep just to visit a beach. However, after the long trip, I wasn't going to turn around.

South Lombok Coastline

What to Expect at Pink Beach Lombok

After we arrived, we paid the entrance fee and continued down the rocky slope, where we caught our first glimpse of the Pink Beach.

The beach itself is quite small and forms a horseshoe bend of pink and aqua contrasts. The water here is incredibly clear, even at low tide.

However, unless you're planning to spend an entire day here, I'd suggest visiting the beach during high tide. During this time, the beach is actually pinker, and the water is deeper for swimming and snorkeling.

Swinging on a wooden swing at Lombok's Pink Beach
Swimming at Pink Beach

Exploring Epic Eroded Cliffs

After relaxing after the long ride, we decided to check out the surrounding coastline cliffs. This was one of my favorite parts of visiting Pink Beach, and it reminded me more of Lagos in Portugal than anything I'd seen in Indonesia before.

I'd recommend walking around both sides to get a better view of the famous Lombok Pink Beach and for some amazing views of the nearby islands.

On the right side of the beach, you can walk all the way around to a hidden cave, which is hard to reach and involves a bit of swimming. There are also some small but epic jump spots into deep, clear water all around this side of the bay.

Tangsi Beach

The Surrounding Islands

Immediately after climbing the left headland, I was filled with regret that I didn't take a boat trip around this area of Lombok. This coast is scattered with amazing islands that left me drooling when I caught a glimpse of them from the drone.

Motorbike on Lombok

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Why is the Lombok Pink Beach "Pink"?

Like me, you might be wondering, "Why is Pink Beach Lombok Pink?" According to, the pink tones on Tangsi Beach are caused by unique microscopic organisms in coral named Foraminifera.

When the coral breaks down, these red organisms mix with the white sand, which causes the beach to have a pink tint.

The extent of how "pink" the sand actually is will depend on the angle of the sun and how wet the sand is. For this reason, it's better to visit during high tide when the waves caress the shores.

Pink Sand Beach, Tangsi Beach

So, is it Worth Visiting Lombok's Pink Beach?

If you're down for an adventure day trip and want to see a unique phenomenon that is only present in some parts of the world, then the answer is YES.

Admittedly, the road to Pink Beach Lombok is a little long and bumpy, I enjoyed the coastal road and seeing this other incredible side of Lombok that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Pink Sand Beach on Lombok

Where to Stay in Kuta Lombok

  • Rascals Hotel - Adults Only - the 3-star hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, and terrace. It offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere being an adult-only hotel. With a great location, Rascals Hotel ticks the boxes for a great place to stay. 
  • Martas Windows - boasting authentic Indonesian bungalow villa-style rooms. This is any Instagrammer's dream place to stay. The rooms are large and the outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to relax. Located in the heart of Kuta it really doesn’t get much better!
  • Origin Lombok  - Origin has a swimming pool with a sun terrace as well as lush gardens to relax by. This spot is centrally located and features an on-site restaurant. One of the best picks in Kuta Lombok for sure!
Southeast Coast of Lombok Island
Coastal Islets of Lombok

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Pink Beach Lombok is high on my bucketlist. I can't wait to go there and take lots of photos of it!