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We Seek Travel is a backpacking travel blog for adventurers. Here you will find inspiring photography and detailed adventure travel guides from some of the world’s most epic destinations. 

My name is Olly Gaspar. I’ve spent the past four years photographing and documenting my world adventures and non-stop travel.

I lug heavy camera gear around the world in hopes of capturing inspiring images that showcase the best waterfalls, tropical islands, hikes & mountain treks, and epic, off-the-beaten-path hidden gems. Here are a few travel guides to my favorite destinations so far.

Here you’ll find inspiration and comprehensive adventure travel blogs from three of my recent favorite destinations.


From the Great Barrier Reef to the Apple Isle, discover why Australia is one of the greatest adventure travel destinations on earth.


A journey through India embodies the raw, authentic, and beautifully contradictory elements of travel that got me hooked all those years back.


Explore the world-renowned beaches, fun activities, wild hikes, and off-the-beaten-path hidden-gems of this incredible Indian Ocean archipelago.