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Where to Stay in the Seychelles – Best Areas, Hotels & Resorts in 2023

Where to Stay in the Seychelles – Best Areas, Hotels & Resorts in 2023

Wondering where to stay in the Seychelles? Read this up-to-date accommodation guide to the best Seychelles hotels, luxury beach resorts, and self-catering villas.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, family vacation, couples getaway or business trip, I think it’s safe to agree that the Seychelles is one of the best tropical destinations to consider in the Indian Ocean. From exploring beautiful white sand beaches to relaxing in private plunge pools, to hiking and water sports, the Seychelles has it going on!

However, with a total of 115 islands, it can be a little daunting to when trying to choose where to stay in the Seychelles. When I was planning my first trip, one of the most difficult parts was narrowing down the best islands to visit, let alone trying to find the best areas and places to stay!

After a lot of research, I’ve finally narrowed down the absolute must-visit islands, as well as the top Seychelles hotels, resorts, and accommodations based on my personal experience, guest reviews, and price.

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By Olly Gaspar, traveler, travel blogger & photographer for 5+ years with 600+ published travel guides. I visit every place I write about & share real tips from what I learn.

Where to Stay in the Seychelles - The Best Areas

Before I get into the Seychelles hotel and resort recommendations, below is a quick run-down of the best areas to stay.

The truth is, while there are 115 islands in the Seychelles, most people tend to visit the main three in the inner islands group, which has a total of 43 islands.

These three main islands are Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. If you're visiting the Seychelles, I recommend breaking up your trip to stay on at least, these three islands.

Don't worry, getting to each is very easy by either boat or scenic flight, and doesn't take long since they are very close together. In saying that, I'm actually going to recommend five islands in total to give you a bit of variety.

  • Mahe
  • Praslin
  • La Dique
  • Silhouette Island
  • Cousine Island
Where to stay in the seychelles infographic

Below I'll go into more detail about why you should stay on these Seychelles islands. But you can skip straight to the hotel section for a personalized and hand-picked hotel, resort, and accommodation recommendations for where to stay on each.

Mahe - Best Place To Stay in the Seychelles For Families

From white-sand beaches complete with tropical, turquoise water and beautiful granitic rock formations, to amazing hiking and adventure opportunities with spectacular jungle views, Mahe Island is the ideal place to spend a Seychelles vacation.

Chances are, if you're flying into the Seychelles, you'll land on Mahe, the largest island in the inner island group. That's because this is where you'll find the Seychelles International Airport.

More: Mahe Accommodation Guide

Port glaud and l'islette, mahe island, the seychelles

Furthermore, the capital of the Seychelles, Victoria, if found here. But don't let that worry you. Victoria is very laid back and is actually one of the smallest capital cities in the world!

There are loads of beach hotels, luxury resorts, and private guest houses on Mahe, making it a great place to stay for families. You can also book loads of trips or hire a local guide to show you and the family around the island.

But, Mahe is not just for families. Many people choose to stay here either when they land or the days before they fly out. The best areas to stay in Mahe are:

  • Victoria & Eden Island
  • Beau Vallon
  • West Coast
  • Takamaka
  • Sainte Anne Marine Park
Mahe island in the seychelles

Praslin - Where to Stay in the Seychelles for Relaxing Holidays

Praslin Island is another great place to stay in the Seychelles, especially for relaxing and unwinding.

The island of Praslin is located just a short ferry or scenic flight away. It's really easy to get here from Mahe, and I'd say it's definitely worth a visit.

Praslin is much more laid back than the main island of Mahe. And, you'll find the same amazing turquoise waters, relaxing beaches, and snorkeling opportunities here.

More: Praslin Accommodation Guide

Anse georgette praslin island

One of the main reasons why people choose to stay on this Seychelles island is to see the one and only Anse Lazio, and to take a day trip to Curieuse Island, where you can meet several giant Aldabra tortoises roaming freely.

As you might expect, there are plenty of excellent honeymoon lodgings, family resorts, and romantic beach hotels on Praslin. The best areas to stay are:

  • Anse Takamaka
  • Grand Anse
  • Anse Kerlan
  • Chauve Souris Island
  • Baie Ste Anne (near the ferry terminal)
Cote d'or beach on praslin

La Digue - Best Place to Stay in the Seychelles for Adventure

The funnest place to stay in the Seychelles is the tiny, granitic island of La Digue.

Chances are, you'll have already seen plenty of photos from this amazing Indian Ocean island, especially shots of the world-renowned Anse Source D'Argent. This beach is commonly featured in travel magazines and ads, showcasing its amazing tranquil waters and beautiful granite boulders.

More: La Digue Accommodation Guide

La digue crystal kayak tour

However, the truth is that this island has so much more to offer. From amazing hiking to more beautiful beaches, this tiny little island is an adventurer's playground.

Best of all, there aren't many cars on the island, meaning you can ride a bicycle almost anywhere!

Visiting La Digue and wondering where to stay on this amazing Seychelles island? The main areas are L’Union and La Passe. This is close to the ferry terminal, which is where you will arrive from Praslin. In this area, there are lots of boutique hotels and luxury beach resorts right on the palm tree-lined beach.

Anse source d'argent on la digue island

Silhouette Island - Where to Stay in the Seychelles for Honeymoon

With the main islands out of the way, let's look at two more amazing islands you can stay on in the Seychelles.

The first is Silhouette Island. This incredible destination is best known for its outstanding mountain landscape. Life here is quiet, laid back, and traditional. In fact, only about 200 people live here, and their traditional methods of agriculture have remained unchanged for several hundred years.

The main place to stay on this Seychelles island is the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa. This amazing 5-star resort features private plunge pools, and private tropical gardens, located right on the beach. The mountain backdrops here are absolutely stunning.

And, due to the relaxed and isolated location, makes it one of the best places to stay in the Seychelles for your honeymoon!

Silhouette island private resort, seychelles

Cousine - Best Seychelles Private Resort Island

The last island I'm going to recommend staying on is Cousine Island.

This green, tropical private island resort is easily one of the most beautiful in the Seychelles. In fact, Cousine received the best island destination award in recent luxury travel competitions.

This incredible little island features French colonial-style, luxury private villas amongst lush island greenery. The best part about staying here is that no matter where you go, you're always a 1 minute's walk from the beach!

Cousine is located just off the coast of Mahe and a private transfer to the island is included if you book your accommodation here.

Seychelles cousine island

Seychelles Accommodation Summary

Okay, now that you have a good idea about the best areas and islands to stay on in the Seychelles, let's get into the detailed accommodation recommendations!

I've personally selected the best 6 luxury resorts, 5 mid-range hotels, and 4 "cheap" self-catering and guest houses. These Seychelles accommodations are spread out in the list of recommended islands and places to stay above.

My selections are based on my personal experience staying at the hotels, as well as hours of comparative research.

Below is a summary table, but I've also given detailed descriptions for each accommodation recommendation below.

Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in the Seychelles

Seychelles cousine islandCousine IslandCousine$$$$$
Petite anse on mahe island, the seychelles (four seasons resort)Four Seasons ResortMahe$$$$
Anantara maia seychelles villas mahe island seychellesAnantara Maia VillasMahe$$$$
Lemuria resort seychellesConstance LemuriaPraslin$$$
Silhouette island private resort, seychellesHilton Labriz Resort & SpaSilhouette$$$
Hotel le domaine de la reserve beach front seychellesLe Domaine de L'OrangeraieLa Digue$$$

Alternative Private Island Experience: North Island Resort

Best Seychelles Mid-Range Hotels

Paradise sun hotel seychellesParadise Sun HotelPraslin$$$
Acajou resort, praslin island seychellesAcajou Beach ResortPraslin$$
Eden bleu hotel, seychellesEden BleuMahe$$
Berjaya beau vallon bay resort and casino, seychellesBerjaya Beau Vallon BayMahe$$
Chateau st cloud accommodationChateau St CloudLa Digue$$

Best Cheap Seychelles Accommodation

Treasure island retreat self catering in seychelles praslinTreasure Island RetreatPraslin$$
Calou guest houseCalou Guest HouseLa Digue$$
East horizon self catering outdoor viewEast View Self CateringMahe$
Precious residence c self catering mahe island seychellesPrecious ResidenceMahe$

Best Seychelles Hotels, Luxury Resorts, And Cheap Accommodation

By now, you'll probably have a good idea about where you'll want to stay in the Seychelles based on your budget and your style of travel.

Below, I'll go into a bit more detail on why I've selected these Seychelles accommodation options as the best places to stay. Note I've split these up into varying budgets, so it should cover everyone from luxury honeymooners to budget family getaways.

Best Luxury Hotels

Looking for ultimate luxury?

These six 5-star resorts are commonly recommended as the best luxury accommodation in the Seychelles. From private island resorts to prime, beachfront hotels with tennis courts, spacious villas, and spa treatments, you won't need to look beyond this list when choosing where to stay in luxury!

1. Cousine Island

  • Island: Cousine
  • Best for: Ultimate private island getaway

One of the most premium luxury offerings in the Seychelles is a stay at the Cousine Island private villas.

These incredible villas are expensive, but that's because they tailor to those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime tropical vacation or honeymoon. Cousine Island is privately owned and is immaculately maintained to preserve the lush endemic vegetation and wildlife, while simultaneously offering a truly luxury villa.

There are plenty of pool villa options to choose from. Several feature amazing private plunge pools, tropical gardens, and spectacular views of the jungle interior or the Indian Ocean.

If you really want to spoil your significant other, check out the presidential suite, one of the most amazing luxury accommodations in the Seychelles.

Cousine island accommodation seychelles

2. Four Seasons Seychelles Resort

  • Island: Mahe
  • Best for: Couples or families wanting quiet luxury on a beautiful private beach

Nestled on the hills overlooking one of Mahe's best beaches is a high-end, luxury Seychelles resort ran by the Four Seasons Seychelles.

Four Seasons is one of the best hotel brands that is world-famous for its high-end, luxury accommodations and amazing service. And, the Four Seasons in the Seychelles is no exception, being one of the premiere luxury resort offerings in the country.

This hotel offers spectacular villas and features several world-class, elegant restaurants on site. If you're bringing your family, you'll also love the kid's programs and the activities you can book directly from the hotel.

This great location is quite unique, being situated on the secluded Petite Anse on Mahe's west coast. This region is quiet but features some of the most amazing turquoise water beaches and the most spectacular granite rock formations on the island.

Petite anse on mahe island, the seychelles (four seasons resort)

3. Anantara Maia Seychelles

  • Island: Mahe
  • Best for: Couples or families wanting to immerse themselves in 5 star luxury

One of the best, 5 stay luxury resorts in the Seychelles is found on Anse Louis Beach in Sainte Anne Marine Park, just off the coast of Mahe.

Anantara Maia is one of the Seychelles best luxury island resorts and features a gourmet restaurant, wellness center, and mini spa.

The private suites at this resort have to be seen to be believed. Although pricey, this is one of the top-reviewed 5-star beach resorts on the island and is loved by honeymooners and couples seeking ultimate perfection with amazing service.

The unique location also makes it one of the best places to stay on the island for activities and adventures. Picture yourself paddle boarding, kayaking, or snorkeling right on the doorstep of the National Marine Park!

Anantara maia seychelles villas mahe island seychelles

4. Constance Lemuria

  • Island: Praslin
  • Best for: Couples who want to immerse themselves in the Seychelles culture

Tucked away between 3 of the best beaches on Praslin, this luxury, 5-star resort is ranked as one of the best honeymoon resorts in the Seychelles. The Constance Lemuria is an amazing and feature-rich Seychelles accommodation option on the quiet side of Praslin.

Attached is a luxury spa center complete with a hot tub and sauna set in a palm and bamboo forest. There’s even an 18-hole golf course on this property!

What’s great about Constance Lemuria is it provides access to Anse Georgette, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on Praslin!

Lemuria resort seychelles

5. Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa - Where to Stay on Silhouette Island, the Seychelles

  • Island: Silhouette Island
  • Best for: A truly unique honeymoon getaway

It's no secret that Silhouette Island is one of the most amazing islands in the Seychelles. If you're going to visit, you'll want to stay at the one and only Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa.

The spectacular backdrops of soaring mountains and the sound of a gentle breeze rolling in over the Indian Ocean. That's what I call true tropical tranquility. Silhouette Island offers one of the most unique Seychelles accommodation experiences, with a chance to stay on an island with only 200 inhabitants!

This beach resort features a stunning pool, private garden, and direct access to a spectacular, palm tree-lined, white sand beach.

Silhouette island private resort, seychelles

6. Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie

  • Island: La Digue
  • Best for: Young families or honeymooners wanting a luxury island escape on La Digue

Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie is a beautiful beachside resort located on the north end of La Digue Island (La Passe).

This amazing luxury resort features an island-famous pool with views overlooking the tranquil Indian Ocean. Furthermore, at Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie, you’ll also find two large restaurants, a full wellness spa with massage and body treatments, a spa, sauna, gym, and babysitting/child-minding services.

This high-end accommodation offering on La Digue is great for families or honeymooners looking for a tropical getaway with all the bells and whistles.

Le domaine de l'orangeraie

Another must-see luxury hotel: Senses Zil Pasyon

Best Mid-Range Hotels

Looking for a touch of luxury without the price tag? The below recommendations are among the best places to stay in the Seychelles for mid-range budgets.

1. Paradise Sun Hotel Seychelles

  • Island: Praslin
  • Best for: Couples wanting to escape to paradise with incredible snorkeling.

One of the best mid-range Seychelles 4-star beach hotels is found on the shores of Anse Volbert Cote D'Or Beach on Praslin Island. The Paradise Sun hotel is a stunning accommodation choice overlooking the beautiful Curieuse Island National Park and features 2 huge swimming pools with beach-front water access. 

There are two bars and two restaurants at this amazing hotel and the complex is designed so that every single room has views over the ocean. This is an excellent choice for where to stay for couples wanting to unwind and relax in a secluded area of Praslin Island.

Right on the edge of the white sandy beach, you'll have amazing views over the incredibly blue waters.

Paradise sun hotel seychelles

2. Acajou Beach Resort

  • Island: Praslin
  • Best for: Amazing beach-side luxury resort with an excellent restaurant without the price tag

Acajou is a beautiful resort offering 4-star accommodation right on the doorstep of the white sands of Cote D’Or beach, one of the best on Praslin.

I had the pleasure of staying here and honestly, it was one of the best resorts I’ve ever stayed at. Acajou offers Indian Ocean view rooms, a swimming pool, and some of the best fine dining on the island.

If you're wondering about where to stay the Seychelles, particularly on Praslin, make sure you consider this amazing beachside hotel on the white sandy shores of Cote D'Or Beach.

Acajou resort, praslin island seychelles

3. Eden Bleu (Eden Island)

  • Island: Eden Island (Mahe)
  • Best for: Business travelers wondering where to stay near the Seychelles capital

For business travelers, or guests wanting an unrivaled luxury hotel experience close to Victoria, the Seychelles capital, consider checking out Eden Bleu. This is located on the amazing artificial island of Eden. Here, you'll find excellent facilities including a supreme shopping complex, an amazing luxury yacht harbor, and an array of high-class restaurants.

The restaurant at Eden Bleu serves one of the best breakfasts and set-menu dinners at any hotel I’ve stayed at on Mahe. Furthermore, Eden Bleu sits adjacent and overlooking the incredible Eden Island luxury yacht marina, which makes for some pretty spectacular views.

The luxurious, spacious rooms are also beautifully designed, with a unique glass centerpiece shower layout. The master bedroom also features a balcony which is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the marina.

Eden island marina in the seychelles

4. Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay

  • Island: Mahe
  • Best for: Families or couples wanting the choice of exploring gorgeous beaches & hanging by the swimming pool.

For a mid-range beach hotel on Mahe, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay offers some of the best value!

This beautiful, beachfront resort and casino combo offer elegantly furnished rooms with all the facilities you could ever want. Here, you’ll find a large pool, three restaurants, a pizzeria, a fitness center, amazing tropical gardens, a PADI scuba diving center, and a tennis court. To add to that, you'll even find a casino at this amazing Seychelles hotel on the beach!

The location is great as it’s away from the hustle and bustle of Victoria with plenty of beautiful beaches and restaurants around. In fact, Beau Vallon Beach is probably the best place to stay on Mahe!

Berjaya beau vallon bay resort and casino, seychelles

4. Chateau St Cloud

  • Island: La Digue
  • Best for: Quiet location on La Digue, close to Grand Anse.

Chateau St Cloud is where I stayed on La Digue and I can personally recommend it as one of the best accommodation options on the island.

This three-star hotel is perfect as a mid-range option as the location is excellent– just a little out from the main area on a quiet street that is close enough to both the incredible southwest beaches and the port.

The staff is all very accommodating and the buffet breakfast is. The rooms are very spacious and the hotel even has a beautiful pool and fully-stocked bar.

This historic chateau is one of the first buildings on the island. It was first constructed as the plantation house of a large vanilla farm during the Napoleonic Wars. These days, it’s been reinvigorated and expanded to serve as one of the best accommodations available on the island.

Chateau st cloud accommodation

Best Cheap Seychelles Accommodation

Okay, to be fair, there isn't really such a thing as cheap accommodation in the Seychelles. At least not in a traditional backpacker sense.

That's because the islands mostly cater to luxury travelers and vacationers.

However, if you are looking for Seychelles accommodation on a budget, you can save money by choosing a self-catering option. This means you get all of the facilities you need to cook and prepare your own fresh meals.

What's great about this is that fresh produce is usually quite cheap in the Seychelles, meaning you can enjoy a luxurious, private experience without the huge bills!

1. Treasure Island Retreat

  • Island: Praslin
  • Best for: Those wanting to enjoy nature and explore the island without breaking the bank

What’s great about this island is that independent travelers and those who are budget conscious can also find great places to stay on the Seychelles Island of Praslin.

For those looking to enjoy nature and save a few pennies on accommodation and food, opting for a self-catering stay on Praslin is a good bet.

The best one you’ll find on the island is Treasure Island Retreat. This Praslin self-catering hotel offers seafront apartments on Anse Kerlan, each complete with king-sized beds, a living room, and a fully-equipped kitchen with a furnished terrace or balcony. Treasure Island Retreat is the answer to accommodation on a budget!

Treasure island retreat self catering in seychelles praslin

2. Calou Guest House

  • Island: La Digue
  • Best for: Budget-conscious travelers wanting to explore the best parts of La Digue

Calou Guest House is located on the northern end of the island very close to the ferry terminal. This hotel is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and tropical gardens and is only a short walk to the beach.

This location is great as you’ll be close to bike rental shops, snack stores, and even supermarkets on the main strip of La Digue.

Additionally, Calou Guest House offers queen rooms with air-conditioning, TV, private bathrooms, and even a balcony. This is a great option if you’re visiting La Digue on a budget as a small group or family while comfort and location are still a priority for you.

Calou guest house

3. East Horizon Self Catering

  • Island: Mahe
  • Best for: Couples or singles wanting a private self-catering experience overlooking incredible mountains

Are you looking for jungle surroundings, a private balcony, and your own spectacular views in a quiet, private location? That’s exactly what you’ll discover at East Horizon Self Catering.

You might not have heard of Au Cap, but that’s exactly why those wanting a private escape come here. This self-catering option is located in the jungle, just 15 minutes walk to the main road. Nearby, you’ll also find the famous Seychelles Golf Club, and the must-visit historic Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery.

East horizon self catering outdoor view

4. Precious Residence - Cheapest Accommodation in the Seychelles

  • Island: Mahe
  • Best for: Families or those wanting to explore the beautiful island of Mahe without breaking the bank

An excellent family-run self-catering accommodation on Mahe is the Precious Residence.

Precious Residence is an apartment with excellent reviews (9.5/10), offering budget apartments equipped with free WiFi, air conditioning, and a kitchenette on Grand Anse (west coast).

For one of the cheapest places to stay in the Seychelles, this apartment certainly doesn’t feel like it. The location of Grand Anse is also an excellent choice that is close to fun natural attractions like the Ros Sodyer Rock Pool and the Sauzier Waterfall.

Precious residence c self catering mahe island seychelles
Seychelles accommodation infographic

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And that's a wrap for this Seychelles accommodation guide.

I hope it has helped you plan your next vacation and answered your questions about where to stay in the Seychelles! Since you're in a planning mood, stick around and check out some of my other articles.

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