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15 Best Things to Do on Praslin Island: Travel Guide

15 Best Things to Do on Praslin Island: Travel Guide

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Discover the best things to do on Praslin Island in the Seychelles– the second-largest island in the archipelago.

The island of Praslin in the Seychelles is an amazing tropical paradise complete with abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, majestic takamaka trees, and and wild nature trails.

Whether you’re visiting for a relaxing vacation or to explore the wonders like the coco de mer palm tree forests, you’ll quickly discover that there are so many things to do on Praslin Island that suits every travel-style.

After exploring the island and finding many amazing tourist spots and hidden gems, I’ve written this travel guide, to the best natural attractions and must-see highlights.

About Praslin Island in the Seychelles

Praslin Island is one of the inner islands and is the second-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Praslin (pronounced prah-luhn), is also known as Île de Palme, or Island of Palms due to its abundant endemic palm species found nowhere else on earth.

White Praslin is a much quieter and more relaxed island to visit compared to Mahé Island, there is still very solid tourism infrastructure including restaurants, resorts, hotels and transport services.

It's considered as one of the top three islands to visit in the Seychelles, along with Mahe and La Digue. If you're traveling to the Seychelles for vacation, you'll find that there are many things to do on Praslin from beach-hopping to nature trail hiking, making it one of the best inner-islands to visit in the archipelago.

Praslin island drone photo
The beautiful Praslin Island from above

How to Get to Praslin Island?

There are three main options for getting to Praslin Island from Mahe. I've written this detailed guide on how to get to the island which goes into the details but here's a quick summary.

  • Mahe to Praslin Ferry - Taking the Cat Cocos ferry is the most cost-effective and popular way to get to Praslin. It departs from Mahe and takes roughly 1 hour to arrive at Baie Sainte Anne and it costs €50. You can book this online in advance to secure a spot.
  • Mahe to Praslin Flight - Yes, there's also a flight and this is what I did. Regular flights are run by Air Seychelles and depart from the Mahe Domestic Terminal (same as the international airport). The plane is tiny, accommodating about 12 people. What's great about this option is you'll get to see the islands from the air on a scenic flight that lasts about 10-15 minutes.
  • Praslin Island Day Trip- if you're short on time and want to see the attractions and experience the best things to do on Praslin AND La Digue in a single day, then you can book a private 1-day tour online with Creole Travel Services.
Ferry terminal in praslin
Arriving at Praslin island

Best Things to Do on Praslin Island

Without further ado, let's dive into this rich list of the best things to do on Praslin Island in the Seychelles! I haven't ranked these attractions in order so it'll be up to you to choose your favorites!

1. Explore the Fine White Sands and Turquoise Water of the Praslin Beaches

The palm tree-lined, amazing beaches of the Seychelles are world-famous for their impressive granite boulders, fine white sands, and dream-like clear blue waters.

The beaches of Praslin are by no means an exception to this, and in fact they are some of the most beautiful in the archipelago! There's also a great variety, from sandy beaches with shallow waters to high-tide snorkeling spots housing healthy coral reefs.

I've written a complete guide that will be useful when trying to find the best beaches on Praslin and planning your itinerary for things to do on Praslin. However, here's a summary:

  • Anse Lazio
  • Anse St Jose
  • Petite Anse Lazio
  • Anse Georgette
  • Anse Kerlan
  • Cote D'Or Beach (Anse Volbert)
  • Cocos Island Beach
  • Anse Boudin
  • Anse Kerlan Beach
  • Grand Anse
Cote d'or beach on praslin
Granite boulders on the beach in the seychelles

2. Island hop to Curieuse & St Pierre Islet

By far, one of the best day trips that I took on Praslin Island was to Curieuse & St Pierre Islet. Actually, in my opinion, I'd rank it as the number one must-do activity on the island!

St Pierre Islet is one of the most post-card-worthy tropical islands I've ever laid my eyes on. It's a small island with granite boulders and coconut trees surrounded by pristine, clear water. It's a great stop for snorkeling too and the perfect place to explore the underwater world and meet sea turtles.

Curieuse Island is a former leper colony but now serves as the best place to meet the giant tortoises. That's because the island has been turned into a Aldebra Giant Tortoise refuge, with an effective breeding program that allows the tortoises to roam free.

Turquoise water of st pierre islet, seychelles
St Pierre Islet
Curieuse island drone photo
Curieuse Island
Giant tortoise on curieuse island, the seychelles

3. Visit The Vallée de Mai - Unesco World Heritage Site

The best thing to do on Praslin for nature and wildlife lovers is to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. This incredibly diverse site within the Praslin National Park is the best place to experience a forest of endemic coco de mer palm trees in a natural state.

The rare coco de mer palm is endemic to the Seychelles and is best known for producing the largest seeds of any plant. While you can spot the occasional coco de mer palm on the surrounding islands including Curieuse, the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve offers one of the best experiences.

That's because you'll get to walk among the densest coco de mer forest in the world and learn all about the unique Praslin endemic species.

Coco de mer palm tree, praslin island the seychelles
Coco de mer palm at the Vallee de Mai nature preserve - the world's heaviest seed

4. Spot a Black Parrot

Among the several rare species only found on Praslin Island is the elusive Black Parrot. This parrot uses the unique forests and nests almost exclusively in decaying coco de mer palm trees.

It's a very beautiful bird and quite cool to be able to spot something that's found nowhere else on Earth.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to photograph the black parrot on my visit to Praslin. However, I did spot some flying around the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve early in the morning.

Black parrot eating starfruit on praslin island the seychelles
Photographer: Mark Van Beirs

5. Visit Anse Lazio

Are you looking to add the best beach on Praslin Island to your list of things to do? Look no further than Anse Lazio on the northwest coast.

The stunning Anse Lazio Beach is one of the most pristine beaches you'll find anywhere. It's often rated as one of the most beautiful in the Seychelles and sometimes even in the whole world!

You'll find plenty of shade amongst tropical takamaka trees and hanging palms. The water is a sometimes unbelievable shade of clear, turquoise blue and the fine white sands make a perfect bed for chilling. There's even a private beach right next to it called Petite Anse Lazio.

Anse lazio beach on praslin island, the seychelles
Anse lazio beneath tropical takamaka trees

6. Go on A Snorkeling Trip to Cocos Island

For those looking to add snorkeling to their list of what to do on Praslin, I'd recommend booking a small-group tour to Cocos & Felicity Island.

While you can certainly spot some healthy coral reefs and the occasional turtle in the Praslin Marine Park, you'll find the most abundant sea life around these islands.

Book: Cocos, Felicity, La Digue Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling with fish and turquoise waters in the seychelles

7. Treat Yourself to A Beach-side Resort

The Seychelles are very much a luxury tropical travel destination. While Praslin isn't a private island, you'll find some of the best luxury hotels and resorts right here!

Of course, travelers will be confronted with an abundance of choices when picking a place to stay. To narrow it down, I've compiled a quick list of some of the best luxurious hotels and resorts below.

Luxury resort on praslin island
Acajou Beach Resort

8. Unwind at Côte d'Or Beach

Cote D'Or Beach, also sometimes referred to as Anse Volbert is the most popular beach on Praslin. This is due to its close proximity to a number of luxurious resorts, guesthouses, and hotels.

This is a long stretch of pristine, soft white sand and shallow, clear blue waters. Even if you're not staying at one of the beachside resorts, this beach is one of the best places to enjoy a long, relaxing walk.

If you're not in the mood to wind down, you'll find water sports and other activities like jet-ski and speedboat trips departing from this beach.

Palm tree and white sand at cote d'or beach, praslin island, the seychelles

9. Visit the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve - Best Thing to do on Praslin For Nature Lovers

The Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve is a 122-hectare area of dense jungle and enchanting tropical forests. This nature preserve was once a palm plantation but its biodiversity is recovering rapidly.

There are several nature trails through the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve, making it one of the best places on the island for hiking and wildlife spotting.

Seychelles green gecko at praslin

10. Dine at Pirogue Restaurant & Bar

While you're in the main tourist strip at Anse Volbert Village (Cote d'Or), make sure to stop by the Pirogue Restaurant & Bar for good food and rich history.

I'm by no means a food blogger, but I had to include this restaurant in this list of things to do on Praslin Island after my visit.

Pirogue offers a wide range of authentic and traditional Seychellois Creole foods including delicious curries and seafood. This is a great restaurant if you are looking to surprise your significant other with a memorable meal.

Food at pirogue restaurant & bar
Pirogue restaurant & bar

11. Hike to Anse Georgette

If you're up for a rewarding hike to one of Praslin's best private beaches, add Anse Georgette to your list of what to do on the island.

Anse Georgette is located just to the west of Anse Lazio and rivals its beauty and esteem. You'll find the 1-hour nature trail on the west side of Anse Lazio.

If you'd prefer not to hike, you can always stay at the Constance Lemuria Resort. This is the closest resort to Anse Georgette and provides a shorter access trail directly from the resort.

Anse georgette praslin island

12. Take Photos at the Famous Bent Palm Tree

While many tourists choose to pick up a coco de mer as a souvenir from their visit to Praslin Island, I'm a firm believer that photos serve as better keepsakes.

While you're strolling Cote D'Or Beach, there's a spot with two hanging palm trees that make for the perfect photo location. You'll find the palms directly in front of “Galerie Passerose”.

Praslin beaches and palm trees

13. Visit La Digue Island

While many tourists tend to pick a spot and stay there for their entire Seychelles vacation, a much better option would be to island hop! This way, you'll get to see so much more of what the Seychelles Islands have to offer.

If you're planning your trip, then I highly recommend dedicating at least a day or two to visiting La Digue Island.

Getting to La Digue is very easy, quick, and affordable from Praslin Island. Simply book the Cat Rose Ferry from the Baie Sainte Anne ferry port on the east side of Praslin.

La Digue has several must-see highlights including amazing beaches like Anse Source d'Argent, several great hiking trails, and of course, the historic L'Union Estate.

Book: La Digue, Coco, Felicity Islands

La digue island drone photo, seychelles
Sunset at the beach seychelles

14. Sip a Cold Seybrew

While you're in the Seychelles, you have to try a locally brewed Seybrew Lager. You'll find Seybrew in almost every resort and restaurant on Praslin Island.

Seychellois are very proud of their local lager and almost everyone will tell you that you have to try at least one during your time on the islands!

Seybrew beer in the seychelles

15. Enjoy the Famous Indian Ocean Sunsets

The final item on this list of things to do on Praslin Island in the Seychelles is to take a breath and really soak in those dramatic Indian Ocean Sunsets.

Praslin is a great destination for sunset chasers and the island where I witnessed some of the best in the Seychelles!

Great sunset spots include Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Grand Anse Beach, and Petite Anse Kerlan.

Sunrise on the beach, praslin island, the seychelles
I'll always remember the sunsets on Praslin Island... what a trip!

Where to Stay on Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest of the inner islands and flaunts some incredible hotels and resorts. Being a little sleepier than Mahe, Praslin caters to the more relaxed crowd.

The main area to stay in Praslin is along Cote D'Or Beach. This is the main tourist strip with plenty of hotels and beachside resorts. However, there are many more resort areas and accommodations in Praslin, including near Anse Lazio. Below are my top 3 picks.

Acajou resort, praslin island seychelles

1. Acajou Beach Resort Mid-Range

A 4-star resort right on the doorstep of the white sands of Cote D'Or. I had the pleasure of staying here and it was one of the best resorts I've ever stayed at.

Lemuria resort seychelles

2. Constance Lemuria Luxury

Tucked away between 3 of the best beaches on Praslin, this luxury, 5-star resort is ranked as one of the best honeymoon resorts in the Seychelles with an attached luxury spa center complete with a hot tub & sauna set in a palm and bamboo forest.

Self catering treasure island retreat in the seychelles

3. Treasure Island Retreat Self-Catering

This hotel offers seafront apartments on Anse Kerlan, each complete with king-sized beds and a fully-equipped kitchen, and a furnished terrace or balcony.

Best Time to Visit Praslin Island

Since the Seychelles archipelago is within the subequatorial climatic zone, you’ll find stable, sunny weather year-round. This means you won't find cyclones but seasonal rainfall periods with a constant temperature range between 25-35°C. 

The best time to visit Praslin to see is between April and May and October and November.

In saying that, I visited in December and the weather was absolutely perfect as you can see from the photos.

Anse lazio sign on praslin

How to Get Around on Praslin

Praslin Island is much bigger than neighboring La Digue but it’s still much sleepier than the main island of Mahe.

Two parallel roads running the length of the island serve as the main transportation routes. Additionally, there is one access road crossing the south-central mountains, passing Vallée de Mai.

Your best bet to get around on the island is to take a taxi or book organized tours.

A Brief History of Praslin Island

Originally named Isle de Palmes by Lazare Picault in 1744, Praslin was for a long time, a secure hideaway for pirates and Arab merchants using the trade winds to cross the Indian Ocean.

Praslin has a long history of cultivation, with palm products and vanilla pods dominating their historical exports.

Praslin, just like the rest of the Seychelles Islands, experienced varying colonial rule including French and British until they gained independence in 1976.

Small islet near cot d'or beach, praslin

Praslin Island FAQs for Travelers

After working closely with the Seychelles Tourism Board to help develop adventure travel on the Seychelles, here are the most frequently asked questions I've had about travel on Praslin Island.

What is the Population of Praslin?

The small white island of Praslin has an equally tiny population of just 7,500 people. You'll find the Seychellois of Praslin often say that they know almost everyone, which is apparently both a blessing and a curse!

Where To Go in the Seychelles, Mahe or Praslin?

So, which is better, Mahe or Praslin?
As a general comparison, there are more things to do on Mahe but being a main island, it is much busier. Conversely, Praslin still has lots of activities and beautiful beaches to explore, just with a quieter ambiance and lack of traffic.

How Big is Praslin Island?

Praslin Island is the second largest island of Seychelles but is still a small island with an overall size of just 14.87 square miles (3850 hectares).

How Far is Praslin from Mahe?

Praslin is just under 31 miles (50 kilometers) from Mahe as the crow flies. It's a 10-minute flight or a 1-hour ferry ride to Praslin from Mahe.

What is Unique About Praslin?

As you've found in this Praslin travel guide with plenty of things to do, the island is quite unique! However, perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Praslin is that it is granitic. This means that Praslin Island is made up of granite stone.
This is a geological feature that has only ever been discovered in the Seychelles islands.

Where is Praslin?

Praslin Island is one of the inner islands in the independent republic of the Seychelles. The island is close to neighboring Cousin Island, La Digue, and Curieuse.

Morne blanc viewpoint seychelles

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I sincerely hope that this in-depth travel guide to the best things to do on Praslin Island has helped you plan your vacation in the Seychelles.

Before you leave, make sure to check out some of my other articles. I've written extensively about awesome adventure and travel ideas for the region. And, I guarantee that you'll find something new!

Seychelles accommodation

Plan Where to Stay in the Seychelles

Wondering where to stay in the Seychelles? Don't miss these up-to-date accommodation guides.

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