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8 Best Tasmania Tours & Day Trips to Book in 2024

8 Best Tasmania Tours & Day Trips to Book in 2024

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Discover a handpicked list of incredible Tasmanian tours, from cruising on Strahan’s magical Gordon River to cheese tasting on Bruny Island.

Do you have limited time in Tassie or prefer the convenience of an organised trip?

From the rugged mountains of Cradle Mountain to the picturesque landscapes of Freycinet, Tasmania is home to some of Australia’s top natural attractions. In Tassie, you’ll also discover an abundance of unique native wildlife as well as historically significant colonial sites like Port Arthur.

I road-tripped around Tasmania in my campervan for 4 months, photographing and documenting my adventures from all the amazing hiking trails and magnificent waterfalls in the island state. In this guide, I’ll list the top tours you can book in Tasmania to help you discover this amazing slice of Australia.

In A Hurry? Here Are My Top Picks For Tours In Tasmania

If you're among the 1.28 million who visit Tasmania yearly, you're probably finding your list of things to do is outgrowing the time you have to explore.

To save you time and to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, I've offered a quick list of my 3 favourite tours in Tasmania below to help you book and plan your trip.

Port arthur house

1. Tasman Island Cruises and Port Arthur History

Explore the world heritage-listed Port Arthur and learn about the convict history. Then venture along the Tasman Peninsula via a wildlife coastal cruise.

Cradle mountain from launceston, hiking in cradle country, tasmania

2. Cradle Mountain Tour Landscapes

Experience a day trip to the incredible Cradle Mountain and witness its enchanting nature walks as well as cheese tasting at Ashgrove Farm.

Wineglass bay lookout

3. Tasmania West & East Coast Tour Multi-Day

This 5-day tour is one of the best ways to see Tasmania. You'll visit the Bay of Fires and witness the Wineglass Bay lookout and much more!

8 Best Tasmania Tours You Can Book Today

I've spent several months exploring the island of Tasmania, from the Bay of Fires on the East Coast to the deep myrtle forests of Cradle Mountain.

Here are my top 8 favourite tours in Tasmania based on my experience, traveler reviews, & inclusions.

1. Strahan World Heritage Cruise on the Gordon River

If you're looking for an accessible way to experience the raw, rugged wilderness of Tasmania's West Coast, then this top-rated cruise on the Gordon River from Strahan should be on top of your Tassie tour list.

This is one of the most popular tours in the state and is operated by a local family. The cruise includes lunch, so you can sit back and enjoy the scenes as you cruise through Hell's Gates, an epic narrow-channel entrance to Macquarie Harbor.

The cruise glides through his narrow fjord, passing salmon farms on the way to Sarah Island, where you can get off and explore Australia's first penal settlement on foot. In my opinion, this is a great alternative to Port Arthur (although visiting both is a good idea if you enjoy Australian colonial history).

There's also an opportunity to see an amazing 2,000-year-old Huon Pine which is absolutely epic.

Gordon river cruise on tasmania's west coast

2. Wineglass Bay & Freycinet Day Trip from Hobart

Freycinet National Park is not only Tasmania's oldest national park considering it is over 100 years old, but it is also one of the best things about visiting the state.

I would say this is for several reasons which aren't limited to its insanely spectacular views and the exquisite beauty of the Wineglass Bay lookout. What I love about Freycinet are the beautiful beaches along the whole coast of the peninsula.

In this full-day Tasmania tour from Hobart, you will get to visit a majority of these stunning beaches as well as Wineglass Bay.

This is necessary for all Freycinet tours in my opinion as this area holds some of the most magnificent beaches and landscapes in all of Tasmania. This is one of the most beautiful places in Tassie and I've been back several times to photograph its bays and granite peaks.

Another aspect I like about this tour is the fact that you can try fresh seafood and desserts. This is at a local berry farm along the way, allowing you to sample local produce and experience local life more intimately.

The fact the group size is small also means that you can ask your expert guide more questions. This is a great way of squeezing value out of the tour and learning as much as possible.

Wineglass bay lookout

Tip: If you're spending more time in Freycinet National Park and are looking for more incredible things to do I recommend the Mount Amos hike for sunrise. It has some of the most magnificent views over Wineglass Bay.

3. Cradle Mountain Day Trip from Launceston

Cradle Mountain is another breathtaking attraction which is worth visiting in Tasmania. So much so that it is named one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites!

In this unforgettable tour from Launceston, you will not only get to see this marvelous mountain at Cradle Mountain National Park but also Dove Lake and Lake St Clair. You'll explore the surrounding landscape via walking the boarded trails. I must note that these can be slippery when wet and it is advised that appropriate footwear is worn.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as I've spotted many wombats and wallabies in this area. On my first visit to Cradle Mountain, I counted five wombats before stepping off the bus. Visiting Cradle Mountain is a truly immersive experience, giving you a true taste of Tasmania's wilderness.

Some perks of booking this popular tour include not only the entry fees for the park, but also free lunch, free snacks during a short break, and a trip to a cheese farm.

For the affordable price of less than $150 for the entire day, this is one of Tasmania's tours which has truly epic value!

Dove lake cradle mountain

Tip: Pack appropriate footwear and make sure you wear adequate layers. This part of Tasmania is known for its quick changing weather and it is important to be prepared.

4. Bruny Island Full-Day Food, Lighthouse & Sightseeing Tour

Bruny Island is another gem that needs to be explored if you're visiting Tasmania.

This island is known to cater for foodies. So, by coming here you can expect to indulge in mouth-watering foods. These include oysters, various cheeses, chocolates, fudge and honey which are all locally produced on the island.

You'll visit the Cape Bruny Lighthouse and witness views over the ocean and breathtaking surrounding landscapes before heading to the well-known photograph location the Neck Lookout.

During this tour be sure to keep your eyes peeled as the island is known for its gorgeous white wallabies hiding in the surrounding bushland and fields.

In addition to the above, your local tour guide will give you a great insight into this spectacular island. Bruny Island does experience some high winds so it is best to pack appropriate clothing.

Although this tour is on the pricier side compared to the other Tasmania tours I've listed here, it is well worth it in my opinion. It offers one of the most convenient ways to reach Bruney Island, saving you time and hassle of organising a rental car.

It also combines both exploration of the island's destinations with food at the same time.

White wallaby on bruny island tasmania

Tip: I noticed on my last trip to Bruny that the white wallabies were very scared. In order to snap a great shot, be sure to approach quietly and keep a fair distance away from them.

5. Full Day Tasmanian Wine Tour

If you love wine, you absolutely should not miss out on this awesome wine tour.

Tasmania is a popular part of Australia for wine production, so it is safe to say that high-quality wines are vastly available here. This is an excellent tour for those who would rather leave the adventure boots at home.

Many of the wineries that are listed on this tour are just a short 20-30 minute drive from Tasmania's capital Hobart. This is complimentary considering pickup points reside in Hobart, Franklin Wharf and Brooke St Pier.

Each of the wineries you will visit on this tour provides unique tasting experiences with a variety of wines.

Derwent Estate serves award-winning wines and cheeses fit for a king that you can enjoy. Pooley Wines also has a comfortable range of rose, white and red wines to choose from.

If you find yourself with some free time and an empty stomach be sure to book this tour.

Girl wine tasting

6. Tasman Island Cruise and Port Arthur Historic Site Day Tour from Hobart

A Tasman Island cruise provides something fresh and special to the table when it comes to Tasmania tours.

This Tasman Island cruise features lunch, a 3-hour cruise in the wilderness, refreshments, and an exciting bus tour.

The first stop of the cruise will be 3-hours of exploring the Port Arthur Historic Site. This was once a 19th-century penal settlement and is known to be Tasmania's open-air museum of old. That is considering it was established almost 200 years ago!

As it is the best-preserved convict site in Australia, it does have a dark side. I found myself reading about the youngest convict who was just 9 years old, he was sent to Port Arthur due to stealing toys. Port Arthur really wasn't a place you would want to find yourself back in the day. However, it is now a place to explore and learn about Australia's colonial past.

After visiting Port Arthur, you will continue with an exhilarating three-hour cruise along the peninsula while enjoying views of the rugged coastline, tall forest trees, and mountains around you.

On my tour, I was lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins. This area is known to have frequent sea visitors such as whales, dolphins, and seals so be on the lookout. Pack a light wind jacket as it can get chilly on the boat.

Porth arthur gardens

7. 5-Day Tasmania West & East Coast Tour from Hobart

When discussing Tasmania tours, it is safe to say the 5-Day East & West Coast tour is one of the best.

There are so many fascinating destinations you will visit on this tour like hiking to Montezuma Falls, exploring Freycinet National Park, and relaxing by the seaside town of Bicheno.

Besides the incomparable Cradle Mountain which you will visit at the national park, this tour also includes one of my personal favourites the Bay of Fires.

As you might know, this bay showcases orange-lichen-cloaked boulders and stunning blue ocean. I would say this makes it an unusually beautiful phenomenon.

In addition, a 20-minute return walk to the 54 m-tall Russell Falls is also included in this tour. Known as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Tasmania. Just simply coming here and witnessing the formation of this exceptional mossy waterfall will have you not wanting to leave.

You will also be provided with free accommodation, national park entry fees, and free pickup and drop-off to your hotel.

Russells falls tasmania

Tip: Russell Falls is a great place for a long-exposure photo for those photography lovers. The walk isn't long and features two more waterfalls (known as the Three Falls Circuit). The track is completely sealed so carrying a tripod is worth it. Be sure to stand far enough away as I found that the water was spraying quite far (you don't want a water-damaged camera).

8. Wineglass Bay and Maria Island Scenic Flight

Although flying isn't for everyone this is a unique experience that will get the heart pumping. On this tour, you'll witness some of Tasmania's most incredible landscapes from above on a 60-minute flight to Maria Island and a 20-minute return flight to Hobart.

At the first stop of the tour, you'll land and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch on the incredible Maria island. You'll have the chance to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife on the island such as wombats, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, and kangaroos.

The views from this tour will leave you speechless. This is a breathtaking experience and as a photographer, I was able to capture some incredible shots from above. Be sure to have your phone or camera ready above Wineglass Bay to capture its beauty.

Wineglass bay, freycinet national park tasmania, scenic flight

Tip: There are no bins on Maria Island. Do not leave any rubbish behind as this can cause harm to the animals. There is a leave no trace rule in place by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.

Wombat on maria island

Things to Know About Booking Tours in Tasmania

There are a range of things to take into consideration when booking a tour in Tasmania in order to make sure you have the most enjoyable time.

  • Climate: The climate in Tasmania is hard to describe. You may find that you're wearing a T-shirt one moment and a raincoat the next. In order to make sure you have the best time be sure to pack according to the weather. I found it beneficial to have a small raincoat in my bag and a jumper in case of any weather changes (which happens a lot).
  • Diverse Tours: From bustling city markets and wine tours to hiking epic mountains and exploring white sand beaches, Tasmania has it all. Be sure to check what fitness or accessibility requirements are available before booking a tour. Although in saying this, there are tours that cater to everyone.
  • Bookings: If you're thinking of booking a tour during your time in Tasmania I've found that some of the popular tours do sell out quickly. In order to avoid disappointment I highly recommend booking your tour in advance.
Cradle mountain myrtle forests in tasmania

My Tour Selection Process

  • Tour Criteria: I only choose high-value tours run by experienced guides with high safety & sustainability standards. I look for variety, locations, price, reviews, & accessibility.
  • My Experience: After traveling extensively in Tasmania & booking many tours myself, I've handpicked options that visit my favourite locations, including popular sites & hidden gems.
  • Top Reviews: All tours on this list have earned a high customer rating of at least 4/5 on travel sites like Viator & GetYourGuide. I have included links to book the best price for each tour.
  • Local Insights: I've met many locals, tour guides, & travelers during my time in Tasmania. Many options on this list come directly from recommendations given to me on the road.

Read more about how I review & select tours & experiences.

Years Traveling
Olly gaspar

I'm Olly, a full-time traveler since 2018. Each tour in this guide is handpicked by me. Read my travel review ethics statement.

FAQs About Tasmania

Is Tasmania a popular location for tourists?

Yes, and it makes a lot of sense in my opinion. Since 2015 and up to the most recent years, it has been growing in popularity. I would say this is because of both cultural attractions like Salamanca Market in Hobart and its gorgeous natural landscapes overall. For this reason, I can assure you that taking a tour here will be both fun and memorable for you like it was for me.

How long should I visit Tasmania?

If you're looking to explore as much as possible, I would recommend a minimum of one week. You can explore most of Tasmania in a week if you take multiple group tours, and especially extended ones such as the 5-day tour listed above. However, this depends on you and how much time you have for your own leisure in the island state.

What is the best time to visit Tassie?

The best time to visit Tasmania is usually in the Spring or Summer time from September to February. This is the warmest time of year, which is usually quite pleasant in the national parks and major cities like Hobart. However, if you like skiing or are looking for a winter experience, then I highly recommend coming in July, just be prepared for cold weathers and maybe a bit of rain!

Should I book a tour or plan a self-drive itinerary?

If you want more freedom to explore and to visit some of the more off-the-beaten-path locations like the Tarkine Drive, then I recommend renting a car
and driving around yourself. However, expect to pay more for fuel in Tasmania compared to the rest of Australia. I recommend booking guided tours is better if you value peace of mind and are short on time.

Packing List for Tasmania Tours

As I have mentioned above Tasmania's weather and landscapes are unpredictable and packing the correct things can go a long way to enjoying a tour. Be sure to save this packing list below for your next tour in Tasmania.

Saveable packing list for going on a tasmania tour

Where to Stay in Tasmania

There are so many places to stay when visiting Tasmania. Below I have selected three options from hotels in Launceston, Hobart, and Cradle Mountain.

Waterfront hotel peppers silo, tasmania

1. Peppers Silo Launceston

This riverside, historic building has been revamped with modern interiors accommodating travelers looking for a luxury experience. The hotel is conveniently located near many attractions including the Victoria Museum and the James Boag Brewery.

Hobart city apartments

2. Hobart City Apartments Hobart

Visitors looking for where to stay in the city with modern furnishings at a great price, look no further. Hobart City Apartments is centrally located in the CBD and within walking distance of Hobart Harbour and Salamanca Place.

Cradle mountain wilderness village where to stay in tasmania

3. CMWV Cradle Mountain

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village offers self-contained accommodation in a rainforest setting. In terms of distance to the park, this is as close as it gets. It's a 5-minute walk to the Visitor Centre and a 10-minute drive to the start of the popular Overland Track.

Things to do in hobart, attractions and activities

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