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Hiking the Three Falls Circuit & Tall Trees Walk, Tasmania

Hiking the Three Falls Circuit & Tall Trees Walk, Tasmania

Olly Gaspar

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Discover the combined scenic circuit loop to the Three Falls Circuit & Tall Trees Walk.

The lower rainforest section of Mount Field National Park is truly one of Tasmania’s best-wet rainforests. And, easily the best way to experience all of its incredible natural scenery is to take the easy 6 km loop known as the Three Falls Circuit.

This track loops around the park, passing three scenic rainforest waterfalls known as Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls & Lady Barron Falls, and also passes through the “Tall Trees Walk” to walk under some of the world’s tallest flowering trees.

Below I’ve included information on how to get here, what to expect, and some tips for visiting the park.

How to Get to Mount Field National Park

Visitors looking to hike the Three Falls Circuit will need to head to the visitor centre at Mount Field National Park. This is located in Tasmania's Central Highlands approximately 70 km northwest of Hobart.

The national park is connected via the Brooker and Lyell Highways and follows sealed roads the entire way. Expect roughly a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart.

Google Maps Pin: "Lake Dobson Rd"

Unfortunately, there are no public transport options leading directly to Mount Field.

However, if you're in Hobart and find yourself without a car or transport, then consider booking a full-day tour to Mount Field which also includes a trip to Mount Wellington, Richmond, and Bonorong.

Muont field national park map

FAQ about the Three Falls Circuit

Here are some quick things to know about walking the Three Falls Circuit and Tall Trees Walk in Mount Field National Park.

Do I need a Parks Pass for the Three Falls Circuit?

Yes, you will need a National Parks Pass to access the Three Falls Circuit and Tall Trees Walk. It is recommended to buy this online, and the annual pass offers the best value.

How difficult is the Three Falls Circuit?

This track is considered an easy family walk, but it is 6 km long, so plan accordingly to your ability.

Is the Falls Circuit wheelchair accessible?

The first section of the track is sealed and accessible by wheelchair which reaches Russell Falls. However further along the track, there are stairs.

Are there facilities on the Three Falls Circuit?

There is a campground and day-use area at Mount Field National Park where you can have a picnic or even stay the night after the walk. Public toilets are located at the visitor centre however there are none along the track.

Rainforest tree in mount field national park tasmania

About the Three Falls Circuit & Tall Trees Walk

  • Hike Distance: 6 km loop
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Elevation: Mostly flat with short sections of easy stair climbing
  • Difficulty: Easy

The Three Falls Circuit and Tall Trees Walk form a loop of the lower rainforest section of Mount Field National Park. This walk is by far, the best way to experience everything that Mount Field National Park has to offer.

The track is very well-maintained and mostly flat for the duration of the walk. However, there are some sections where you will need to climb a few flights of wooden stairs.

Highlights of the Three Falls Circuit include:

While not required for navigation by any means, I've still attached a walking map of Mount Field National Park below. This should give you a better understanding of the route that encompasses the Three Falls Circuit.

Three falls circuit map showing the location of lady barron falls, horseshoe falls and russell falls, tasmania
Sourced: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
Horseshoe waterfall in mount field national park
Slow shutter image of russell falls with a high flow
Lady barron falls tasmania

The Three Falls Circuit

The first section of the Three Falls Circuit begins at the back of the Visitor Centre (walk through or around). As with everything in this park, this track is well-signed and very easy to navigate. Begin by following signs towards Russell Falls.

Immediately after commencing the walk, the sealed track leads into a heavily wooded eucalypt rainforest. You'll pass towering gum trees which are a good warm-up for just how large the trees on the later section of the "Tall Trees Walk" are going to be.

Girl walking along the three falls circuit track in tasmania

The Main Event: Russell Falls

Just 10 minutes after commencing the walk, you'll arrive at the main event; Russell Falls. This is one of Tasmania's most iconic waterfalls and the centrepiece of Mount Field National Park.

This two-tiered cascading waterfall is over 50 m high and plunges down horizontal Permian siltstone and vertical sandstone columns.

There is a large viewing platform just below the waterfall where you can take photos and admire the view.

Russell falls in the early morning with a full flow.

Horseshoe Falls

After taking a couple of minutes to take in the sights of Russell Falls, it's time to continue on the Three Falls Circuit to the next waterfall.

Top of russell falls on the three falls circuit tasmania
Above Russell Falls

This section immediately following the Russell Falls viewing platform is a short but sharp ascent on a wooden staircase. Once at the top of Russell Falls, you'll see a sign pointing to a 2-minute track leading to Horseshoe Falls.

Horseshoe falls surrounded by ferns and surrounding forest on the three falls circuit trail

In my opinion, Horseshoe Falls doesn't get the wrap it deserves. Undoubtedly, it's foreshadowed by its larger, more famous downstream brother. This mini-amphitheatre is a photographer's dream. Following light rain, several gentle streams flow in a wide, round clearing and join, swirling around fern-covered boulders.

Horseshoe falls mount field national park tasmania

Tall Trees Walk

The next stretch of the Three Falls Circuit connects to the "Tall Trees Walk", a section of eucalypt forest home to some of the world's tallest flowering trees.

Eucalupt regnans, world's tallest trees

Some of these trees are over 80 m tall. There is also a fixed measuring device under some of the largest trees with an accompanying instruction board to help you learn how tree heights are calculated.

It's best to take your time through this section to really take in the ancient wonders of the Tall Trees Walk.

Lady walking along the tall trees walk in tasmania
Measuring the height of the worlds tallest trees in tasmania
This device shows the measurements of the trees
Large flowering tree along the tall trees walk, mount feild national park

Last on the Loop Lady Barron Falls

Following the Tall Trees, the Three Falls Circuit continues by Lake Dobson Road and then reentering an even denser section of rainforest.

This can be considered roughly the halfway point for the circuit and it is possible to call it quits here early by returning to the visitor centre via Lake Dobson Road or by doubling back on the same track.

Instead, I recommend continuing on towards Lady Barron Falls, less than 1 km away.

Three falls circuit track to lady barron falls mount field national park

Lady Barron Falls is another beautiful cascade that is very impressive following heavy rain. This waterfall is on a separate tributary to the other waterfalls on this circuit and its flow tends to be more dependent on rainfall.

Viewing platform at lady barron falls tasmania

Returning to the Visitor Centre

The final stretch of this short but beautiful rainforest circuit winds back up the gully, following the Lady Barron Creek towards a short, sharp ascent of a wooden flight of stairs.

This is probably the most difficult part of this easy circuit walk. But don't worry, there's a bench at the top for those who need to rest their legs.

Tip: If it has been raining take it easy on the steps as they're extremely slippery when wet!

Wooden staircase at the end of three falls circuit mount field national park

Wrapping up, the Three Falls Circuit finishes by crossing a burnt section of eucalypt and ash forest before returning back to the visitor centre.

End of three falls circuit mount field national park

Accommodation Near Mount Field National Park

You can stay at the campground at Mount Field National Park. However, if you're looking for a hotel your best bet is to stay in Hobart and make the drive out to the park for the day.

Hobart hotel, the grand chancellor luxury accommodation

1. The Grand Chancellor Luxury

Centrally located on the waterfront overlooking Constitution Dock, the Grand Chancellor Hotel is one of the most prominent accommodation options in Hobart if you have the budget.

The rivulet hotel in hobart tasmania

2. The Rivulet Mid-Range

The Rivulet is an awesome 19th-century, heritage-listed manor. It offers some of the best suites in Hobart without a ridiculous price tag and is located in a quiet street close to the main hub in Hobart.

Montacute boutique bunkhouse

3. Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse Budget

For budget travellers and backpackers, Montacute is by far the best place to stay in Hobart. Ranked as having the best vibe in the city for meeting people and having the best location for nightlife.

I hope that this guide has given you the information necessary for your trip to Three Falls Circuit and the Tall Trees Walk in Tasmania's Mount Field National Park.

If you're looking for more epic adventures I have lots of Tasmanian guides on my blog that you should check out!

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