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4-Day Komodo Boat Trip From Lombok: Complete Guide (2024)

4-Day Komodo Boat Trip From Lombok: Complete Guide (2024)

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

For many people traveling in Indonesia, visiting Flores and the Komodo Islands is a top bucket list item. In my opinion, taking the Komodo boat trip from Lombok over 4 days and 3 nights is one of the best ways to experience this incredible slice of Indonesia.

After taking this boat trip myself, I’ve written this guide that will answer all your questions about the Lombok to Flores boat trip, as well as those for the reverse trip. This boat trip was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the last six years of full-time all over the world.

Update 2024: I originally shared this guide in 2019 and have updated it yearly since. Today, its up-to-date with the new additions and options including swimming with whale sharks in Sumbawa.

Video from the Lombok to Komodo Island Trip

Here are a few clips I put together from our epic journey!

Important updates for 2024: The global events of 2020 and 2021 forced the original operators of this tour to sell their business.

Unfortunately, despite using the same name (Wanua), the new owners of this business lack trustworthiness and don't have a great reputation in Lombok.

So, I returned to Lombok to team up with the original crew to revive and enhance this Komodo to Lombok trip under a new name– offering us travelers better prices and the same authentic & fun experience the original team was famous for! The recommendations in this blog post is the new company with the original crew. (more info below).

YouTube video

Booking a Komodo Boat Trip From Lombok

Are you ready to book the epic 4-Day Komodo Boat Trip from Lombok? We now organize these trips departing from Lombok & the Gili Islands to Labuan Bajo (Flores) every Wednesday & Saturday, as well as the reverse– Labuan Bajo to Lombok every Wednesday & Sunday.

The price is 4.3 IDR for Cabin Class and 3.7M IDR for Deck Class per person.

A 700,000 IDR deposit is required to organize and confirm your booking, with the rest payable in IDR upon arrival. Please contact us today to confirm your dates.

Boats lined up at anchor on the komodo islands
Explore the remote corners of the Komodo Islands

How to Get to Komodo Island?: Is a 4-Day Boat Trip the Best Option?

If it's your first time researching Komodo and how to get to Komodo Island, then you might be understandably confused about where to actually go.

The gateway to the Komodo Islands is a small harbor city known as Labuan Bajo. If you're taking the 4 Day and 3-Night Komodo boat trip from Lombok, this is where you will finish.

If you're looking to experience the best of the Komodo Islands and National Parks, taking a Komodo boat trip from Lombok is going to be one of your best options. Here's a list of reasons why:

  • Shorter, 2-Day Boat trips from Labuan Bajo run at almost the same price!
  • You'll save money on flights between Lombok & Labuan Bajo
  • You'll get to experience other highlights on the way, including Moyo Island
  • The boat stops at all the Komodo Island highlights, including Padar Island and Rinca & Komodo Island
  • All National Park fees are included! This is a big one, costs can run over $50 USD for just the entry tickets
Sunset at padar islands from the wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok

Alternative Option for Getting to Komodo Island

If you'd rather fly straight to Flores or Komodo, then it's also possible to grab a cheap domestic flight to Labuan Bajo (also known as Komodo Airport - LBJ). There are flights connecting daily to Denpasar in Bali.

As you might already know, it's also possible to do the reverse trip, from Labuan Bajo to Komodo, which covers the same boat itinerary in reverse. If you plan to do this, then I'd recommend booking a flight to Labuan Bajo.

Wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok

How Much Does the Boat Trip Cost?

When I took the Komodo boat trip from Lombok the price was 3.7 Million Rupiah per person for deck class. There was the option to pay a little more to get your own cabin for 4.3 million IDR.

The good news is that while everything else seems to have gone up in the world, this price is still the same today!

The boat experience still offers the same excellent value, as the trip is all-inclusive and includes everything for 4 days and 3 nights!

Tip: I'd recommend just getting the deck class because the cabins can get hot and noisy since they're closer to the engine, which will run all night. Sleeping on the deck is a magical experience and one I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Travelers sailing in the komodo islands

What's Included on the Boat?

Here's a list of what's included for the boat trip from Lombok to Komodo Island (Flores).

  • Accommodation pick up from anywhere in Lombok
  • Deck bedding with a pillow and blanket for 3 nights
  • All meals, typically Indonesian-style food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Snacks, unlimited coffee, and tea
  • Unlimited fresh drinking water (they give you a free reusable drink bottle to minimize plastic waste)
  • Lockers for small bags and valuable items
  • Snorkels and masks
  • All relevant National Park Entry Tickets
  • Hiking guides to spot Komodo Dragons on Komodo and Rinca Islands
Wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok

What's Not Included?

As you can see, you get pretty much everything you'll need on a 4-day sailing trip to Komodo. The only thing that you might want to bring is some beer or wine.

The guys can organize large Bintangs for 50,000-60,000 each when you arrive at the departure meeting location.

How Often Do Boats Run from Lombok to Komodo and Reverse?

The 4 days and 3 nights Lombok to Komodo boat trip departs every Wednesday and Saturday. If you're planning the reverse trip from Labuan Bajo to Lombok, then boats leave every Wednesday and Sunday.

Komodo islands boat trip from lombok, lombok to flores with wanua adventures

Komodo Boat Trip From Lombok Itinerary

Here is the full Komodo boat trip from Lombok itinerary from this tour to help you understand what you might expect on the trip.

However, unfortunately (or fortunately), we experienced some engine troubles on the second day, so the trip had to be extended. This wasn't a problem for me personally since we were still able to go on all of the adventures and we ended up visiting some extra spots!

Regardless, although my itinerary was a little different from the one below, I've written the standard Komodo boat trip from Lombok itinerary with my entire experience and updates throughout to help you understand what to expect.

Travelers on the komodo to lombok boat

Day 1 - Depart from Lombok - Kenawa Island

Depending on where you're staying in Lombok, there will be a minibus organized to pick you up between 7:00 and 8:00 am. From here, you will be dropped at the meeting point in Senggigi.

Here, you'll be given a quick briefing, settle any unpaid debts, and have the opportunity to organize any beers or wine you might want to bring with you.

Lombok Kayangan to Kenawa Island (Palau Kenawa)

After everyone has met at the Sengiggi meeting point, another minibus will make the 2-hour journey to the harbor on the East side of Lombok Island (Kayangan Port).

Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted with fresh fruit and loosened the docking ropes for the short journey towards Kenawa Island (Palau Kenawa).

Kenawa island sunset lombok boat trip to flores

Kenawa Island Sunset Viewpoint

The first anchorage location on the Lombok to Komodo boat trip is Kenawa Island. This is a small island with surrounding white beaches and a small hill from where to watch sunset.

We all climbed to the top and watched the first sunset slip away behind the distant Lombok horizon. This was a great time to snap some shots and an opportunity to meet your fellow crewmates.

After sunset, we again boarded and set course for Bola Island, where we would lay anchor and sleep for the night.

Sunset at kenawa island near lombok indonesia
Komodo to lombok boat trip

Day 2 - Bola Island to Moyo Island

Since it's a little bit of a stretch to get to Moyo Island from Bola Island, the captain turns the engine on before sunrise. This might be a little bit of a rude awakening, especially for those sleeping in cabin class, since they're right next to the engine room.

For this reason, choosing the deck class is a much better option.

Update: On the second day, the itinerary now also visits Saleh Bay to swim with the whale sharks! This is a much more authentic experience far removed from the mass tourism of Oslob and Cebu in the Philippines.

Moyo island aerial drone wanua boats
Sunrise at Moyo Island
Swimming with a whale shark in sumbawa, indonesia

Morning Dolphin Greetings

We awoke to the first ocean sunrise by the captain calling out for a pod of dolphins. We sipped coffee, watching the dolphins splash and play in the golden Indonesian seas.

Moyo Waterfall

After an unlimited portion of banana pancakes, we arrived at Moyo Island. We were surprised to see that the vegetation was completely different from what we'd seen in Lombok prior. The trees were greener and reminded us more of an Australian island landscape.

The first item on the Moyo Island agenda was to take a short jungle hike to Moyo Waterfall, also known as Air Terjun Moyo. While the main waterfall wasn't flowing at maximum potential due to the season, it wasn't completely dried up and still had a decent trickle.

Moyo island waterfall in the dry season

Moyo Waterfall Tree Jump

During the dry season, the main attraction at Moyo Waterfall is actually not the waterfall itself. The team guided us up the waterfall and into a small jungle clearing with a narrow but deep freshwater pool.

From here we took turns jumping from the highest trees directly above the waterhole.

Moyo island waterfall tree jumping

Snorkeling at Moyo Island

After the morning waterfall trek, it was time to get our masks and fins on for the first snorkeling opportunity of the Lombok to Komodo boat trip.

The waters surrounding Moyo Island are pristine with healthy coral reef and schools of fish.

Following the snorkeling trip, we ate a plentiful lunch and bunkered in for the long stretch from Moyo to Komodo National Park.

4 day 3 night boat trip from lombok to komodo national park, underwater snorkeling

Long Stretch to Komodo - 18 Hours Sailing

Since you'll be covering a large stretch of water from Moyo Island to Komodo National Park, the next 18 hours will be spent on board the boat. While there isn't much to do during this time, it's an essential part of the journey to Komodo from Lombok.

As I mentioned earlier, we experienced some engine troubles at the start of this section and were forced to anchor at a nearby island known as Satonda Island as we waited for a replacement boat. For us, this wasn't a big deal. We spent the rest of the afternoon jumping from the boat into the crystal clear waters and swapped boats later in the evening.

We were told that this long stretch of ocean is susceptible to rough seas and strong winds. However, we had flat seas the entire trip in October. If you're a little seasick, the crew stocks seasick tablets to help with symptoms.

Satonda island sunset indonesia
Anchored at Satonda Island

Day 3 - Komodo Island, Pink Beach, and Long Beach (Pantai Namo)

Finally, after a long stretch at sea, you'll finally arrive in Komodo National Park. The first item on the agenda is to visit the famous Komodo Islands to see the Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragons

Included in the trip price is a guided hike around Komodo Island to spot some wild Komodo Dragons.

Our guide was super informative and spotted a couple of small dragons on the trail. After the hike, we were taken to the restaurant where we spotted some absolute monsters!

Komodo dragon island in indonesia, rinca and komodo island

Do the Komodo Restaurants Feed the Komodo Dragons?

Like me, you might initially assume that the restaurant on Komodo Island feeds the dragons to keep them coming back. However, I sought out some local knowledge of the matter to see if it was true.

It's true that the Komodo dragons were being fed up until 2009. However, this was stopped with the introduction of a new conservation law. The introduction of this law is strictly enforced by the national parks, who are responsible for protecting the dragons.

It's important to remember that Komodo dragons are large reptiles, and therefore need to minimize movement throughout the day to conserve energy. They are drawn to the restaurant by the smell of food. However, dragons only actually eat once a month, therefore you'll just find them lazing around rather than hunting most of the time.

The Komodo dragons need to rely on their natural hunting behaviors in order to get food on Komodo Island.

Komodo dragon claw in komodo national park, indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island

Pink Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Komodo Island. It's known for its naturally pink sand, incredible snorkeling, and turquoise water.

My tip for Pink Beach is to snorkel out roughly 150 meters from the shore. Here, you'll find a steep reef wall with incredible coral and marine life.

Komodo island boat trip from lombok
Pink beach, komodo national park, indonesia

Long Beach Komodo Island

The last activity on Day 3 of the Komodo boat trip from Lombok is a stop at Long Beach. This is also known as Pantai Namo, and as its name suggests, it's a long stretch of beach on Komodo Island. What you might not know is that this beach is also technically another "Pink Beach". Our opinion was that this beach was actually "pinker" than Pink Beach.

Regardless, this stop is another great opportunity to do some snorkeling. We spotted several turtles and even a reef shark!

After all that snorkeling, the boat anchors outside of Padar Island in preparation for the epic sunrise trek in the morning.

Boat trip in komodo national park, indonesia

Day 4 - Padar Sunrise Hike, Rinca Island, Kelor Island, and Labuan Bajo

Day 4 of the Komodo Island boat trip from Lombok is arguably the most epic.

Boat diving at padar island for sunset

Padar Island Sunrise Hike

You'll be woken up early by the crew to begin the short but epic sunrise hike to the top of Padar Island viewpoint. If you google "Komodo" this is the photo that you'll probably see first. It's the iconic line of jagged mountains on mountains edged by sandy beaches of every color.

The hike doesn't take more than 20 minutes and there is a newly constructed pathway that makes it an easy walk. The views from the top of Padar Island were one of the most incredible sights I'd ever seen, which makes up for how crowded it can get.

Beaches on padar island
Boats at padar island

Rinca Island

Since you're in Komodo National Park, you get double the chance to see wild Komodo dragons. This time, the boat stops at Rinca Island, which is much smaller than Komodo. Again, you'll have a hiking guide included in the initial price, who will guide you to see the dragon nesting sites and resting Komodos.

Komodo dragon in komodo national park, indonesia
Sunset on rinca island on komodo national park

Kelor Island

The final stop of the epic boat trip from Lombok to Komodo Island is Kelor Island for sunset. Unfortunately, due to the engine complications, we cruised past this island and didn't have time to stop.

However, we still saw some of the famous bats who make the nightly flight from the island and block out the setting sun with their sheer numbers.

Labuan Bajo, Flores

And just like that, the trip comes to an end at the main port of Labuan Bajo, the harbor capital of West Manggarai Regency of the island of Flores. We said our goodbyes and after checking into our hostel, met up at the Paradise Bar. This is a popular Reggae Bar overlooking the harbor.

Sunset at labuan bajo, boats flores

Lombok to Komodo Adventure Trip Review

As you can probably tell by the itinerary, I was really impressed with the trip. If you read my other travel guides and blogs, you'll know that I don't usually choose guided, multi-day trips. However, I'm personally stoked that I decided to hop on this boat trip.

In terms of this Komodo trip review, I'd give it a 5/5 simply for the value. Once I arrived in Labuan Bajo, I tried to compare boat trips and island hopping trips and found that 2-day trips cost just as much, with fewer stops.

Although we experienced some boat issues, I was astounded by how quickly a local company organized a replacement boat.

Update: The above was my original review in 2019! You can probably tell why I wanted to return to Lombok to revive this experience for other travelers!

Travelers on a boat in komodo islands

Tips to Make the Most of the Lombok to Komodo Boat Trip

If you're already considering or planning to jump on board a Komodo boat trip from Lombok, then you might benefit from these quick tips.

  • If you plan to have some beers, organize them beforehand. You won't be able to buy any onboard once the boat has left Lombok
  • If you have them, bring fins. You'll only be given snorkels and a mask
  • Bring reef-safe sunscreen, you'll be in the sun for the majority of the trip
  • Bring a dry-bag to keep your things dry on the beach and the boat
  • Book a hostel or hotel for when you arrive in Labuan Bajo in advance. Check out or book the Seaesta Hostel after the Komodo boat trip from Lombok. This is one of the most epic hostels I've stayed at in Indonesia!
Sailing in indonesia, lombok to flores 4 day boat trip

Where to Stay in Labuan Bajo Flores

More than likely, you'll be dropped at Labuan Bajo a little after sunset. For this reason, it's probably best to book your accommodation for the fourth night before departing on the Komodo boat trip from Lombok.

There are plenty of great accommodation options in Labuan Bajo. A good tip is to pick a place close to the port, especially if you're planning on taking some boat trips out to Komodo National Park. Below are the three top picks for various budgets.

Ayana komodo waecicu beach bedroom with ocean views

1. AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach Luxury

If you want luxury go no further than Ayana. This 5-star resort has everything from a fitness center, a private dock, and a kids club. It boasts 6 on-site restaurants which serve a range of cuisines.

Le pirate island adult only tent accommodation

2. Le Pirate Island Unique-Stay

Experience Island life on the incredible Le Pirate Island just a short distance from Labuan Bajo. With glamping tents and incredible ocean views, this is one that shouldn’t be missed. 

Seaesta komodo hostel & hotel

3. Seaesta Komodo Hostel & Hotel Budget

The best choice for backpackers wanting to watch the sunset whilst sipping a cocktail in the infinity pool. It has everything you would need for a great price.

Travel Insurance for the 4 Day Boat Trip To Komodo and Flores

Although it's not something that's super fun to talk about, the reality of traveling in Southeast Asia is that anything can happen. One of the most comprehensive insurances that I know of that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for coverage is HeyMondo.

This is a relatively new company offering fairly cheap backpacker travel insurance. I especially like their app, which makes claiming on your phone super easy.

Tip: We Seek Travel readers get 5% OFF travel insurance with HeyMondo.

More Epic Photos of The Komodo Boat Trip From Lombok

Are you considering a Komodo boat trip from Lombok or vice-versa? If you have any questions, shoot them through. For now, enjoy some more epic photos from our Komodo trip!

For now, here are some more photos of my boat trip from Lombok to Komodo Island.

Wild komodo dragon at komodo national park
Weseektravel, padar island sunrise viewpoint
Wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok
Wild deer on komodo island, komodo national park
Sunset on the wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok
Sunset on the wanua adventures komodo boat from lombok
Moyo island waterfall indonesia
Moyo island waterfall tree jumping
Wanua adventures komodo boat trip from lombok
Padar island drone photo sunrise, wanua adventures boat trip from lombok to komodo
Pink beach komodo national park, flores
Moyo island aerial drone
Padar island drone photo sunrise
Padar island drone photo sunrise
Pink beach komodo island boat trip
Sunrise hike at padar island, komodo national park
Satonda island sunset, indonesia
Satonda island sunset

I hope that you've enjoyed this guide to the epic Komodo Island boat trip from Lombok!

Before you head off, check out some of my other guides below as well!

4 day komodo boat trip from lombok 
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Alina Schlunegger

Thursday 2nd of May 2024

Hey I booked a trip with the number you wrote down at the beginning. Is this the same company that has the bad review in lombok?


Thursday 9th of May 2024

@Olly Gaspar, please check the link in your broucher. It opens a whatsapp chat with a mexican number 0052

Olly Gaspar

Friday 3rd of May 2024

Hi Alina,

No, the number I have listed is the new local group who was the original guys who started these trips. They're by far the best.



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hi there! thanks for all the info. id like to know how many people were on the boat? and what was its capacity? also if the toiler was decent.. thanks!!

Silke Lyngaa

Monday 18th of April 2022

Hello we are 4 adults from Denmark traveling Indonesia. We would love to sail from Lombok to Komodo (4 days, 3 nights) do you have any departures on the 25th of April?

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