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5 Amazing Beaches in Sekotong, Southwest Lombok

5 Amazing Beaches in Sekotong, Southwest Lombok

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Sekotong is a southwest Lombok province with some of the highest tourism potential I’ve ever seen, especially in terms of Sekotong beaches and islands!

Although largely unexplored by tourists visiting Lombok, Sekotong has some of the most pristine and diverse beaches on the island, including Elak Elak Beach, Mekaki Beach, Sekotong Beach, and the incredible Gili Nanggu.

If you’d prefer empty, white-sand beaches and local warungs to overpriced cocktails and tourism touts, then definitely make your way to Sekotong!

Mekaki beach sekotong south lombok

Beautiful Beaches in Sekotong

We spent just over one week in Sekotong, where we explored the coast by motorbike and did a two-day island hopping and camping trip to Gili Nanggu and Gili Kedis Islands with Feel Lombok.

Since Sekotong doesn't have the tourism infrastructure of its surrounding coastal neighbors, it's a little trickier to get a motorbike. For this reason, I'd suggest staying at Krisna Bungalows, since you can hire a motorbike next door for 60,000 Rupiah.

Drone lombok beach

1. Elak Elak Beach

Elak Elak Beach also referred to as Pantai Elak Elak in Bahasa is an incredible white-sand beach on the northern shores of Sekotong. It's located on a sharp coastal point with an adjacent sandbar and mounded island.

To get here, it's only a short 15-minute scooter ride from Sekotong Harbor. To get here, you'll just have to drive west on the sealed coastal road until you see the turn-off sign for Elak Elak Beach. The Google Maps pin is called "Pantai Elak Elak".

Gili milu island, elak elak beach, sekotong, lombok

Once you arrive, you'll undoubtedly have the entire beach to yourself. The water is shallow with a sandy bottom, which is perfect for swimming and chilling.

During low tide, you can even walk over to the tiny Gili Milu Island through knee-high water. From here, you'll be greeted with views of Elak Elak Beach, the Sekotong coast, and some smaller sandbar islands in the distance.

Elak elak beach, sekotong
Elak elak beach island
An island located just off the coast of Elak Elak Beach

2. Sekotong Beach

Of course, a list of the best beaches in Sekotong wouldn't be complete without the beach that shares the name. Sekotong Beach is a wide stretch of sand on a calm coastline dotted with local boats and the occasional beachside restaurant.

If you want a quick place to swim or chill, then Sekotong Beach is a good bet since you won't have to travel far to reach it. Keep in mind though, that long sections of this beach are made up of hard rocks and corals. If you walk around, however, you'll find several sections with soft sand for swimming.

Sunset at sekotong beach, lombok

3. Gili Nanggu

For most people who visit Sekotong, Gili Nanggu (one of the Secret Gili's) is a highlight destination. To get here, you'll have to jump onboard an island hopping tour from Sekotong.

Visiting Gili Nanggu is a must-do for anyone looking for the best beaches in Sekotong since this one is hard to beat. Gili Nanggu is known for its incredible snorkeling without the hectic Gili T vibes. Here, you'll find healthy coral and huge schools of fish.

If you book online, it actually includes a car transfer from Senggigi or Kuta Lombok. If you haven't yet arrived in Sekotong, then this is a great deal since you won't have to pay for a car to get here. And you can arrange for the tour operator to drop you off at your new accommodation in Sekotong or back to other parts of Lombok.

Gili nanggu islands, beaches in sekotong
Schools of fish at gili nanggu snorkeling

4. Mekaki Beach

My personal favorite beach in Lombok is Mekaki Beach. This one is located on the south coast of Sekotong and requires a 30-minute scooter ride through the villages and mountain roads that make up central Sekotong.

Mekaki Beach stretches all the way around Mekaki Bay and ends at a jagged cliff line. You can easily spend hours exploring the beach, walking from one end to the other, and swimming in the clear, turquoise water. The sand is incredibly soft, and there is even a fairly good surf break here.

Mekaki beach sekotong south lombok

5. Pilling Beach

Pilling Beach and Orong Bukal is an underrated hidden gem on the dramatic southern coast of Sekotong. To get here, you need to hike down a steep and very hot jungle. However, once you arrive, you'll find one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Indonesia!

Pilling Beach in Lombok is a stunning spot with pebble shores, dense jungle walls, and azure waters dotted with dramatic limestone islands.

Pilling beach and rock pool in lombok
Pilling Beach and the nearby rock pool

In my opinion, if you're only going to visit one beach in Sekotong, Mekaki Beach is the best! It's also located within reachable distance of another hidden gem: Nambung Beach Waterfall, a saltwater waterfall phenomenon worth checking out!

Motorbike on lombok

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Where to Stay in Sekotong

Planning to explore the region? I recommend staying somewhere on the northern end of the peninsula, where you'll find great dive centers, affordable resorts, and some basic shops and warungs. Here are my top picks.

Star sand beach resort private villas

1. Star and Sand Beach Resort

Offering secluded beachfront views and private luxury pet-friendly villa-styled accommodation. Located in an area perfect for diving and fishing.

Outdoor swimming pool at the cocotinos sekotong lombok

2. Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok Top-Pick

The property overlooks the incredible secret Gilli islands, has a large outdoor beachfront pool, wellness center, and has its very own digital nomad video editing room. A great choice for those wanting a quiet location.

Aerial view over krisna bungalows and restaurant

3. Krisna Bungalows and Restaurant

located in Pelangan, not too far from Sekotong Harbor. Each double room is equipped with a fan and bathroom and is conveniently located in a quiet area. You’ll also get a free breakfast.

I hope that this guide to the far-flung beaches of Sekotong has inspired your adventures in Lombok, Indonesia. Before you head off, make sure to check out some of my other guides below!

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