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Nambung Beach Waterfall – Saltwater Beach Waterfall Near Kuta Lombok

Nambung Beach Waterfall – Saltwater Beach Waterfall Near Kuta Lombok

Complete guide to visiting the Nambung Beach waterfall in Lombok, Indonesia.

Nambung Waterfall is an unusual coastal phenomenon whereby the rushing tides and swell create a saltwater waterfall right on the point at Nambung Beach.

Although it’s admittedly not as spectacular as some of the other waterfalls in Lombok, when I first heard about it, I had to check it out for myself.

Swimming at the nambung beach rock pools south lombok
Olly gaspar

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How to Get to Nambung Beach

Nambung Beach is a beach in South Lombok located just west of Kuta Lombok. To get here, it's a fairly long drive that can take just over one hour by motorbike from Kuta Lombok.

If an epic Lombok beach-hopping adventure sounds like your kind of trip, then I'd definitely suggest adding Nambung Beach waterfall to the itinerary. Although, this one will probably be the last one of the day, after passing popular Selong Balanak, Mawi Beach, and Mawun Beach.

For the exact location, search "Air Terjun Pantai Nambung" to get the correct directions.

Keep in mind, however, that if Google tries to direct you to the end of Torok Beach (Pantai Torok), then you've gone the wrong way. For the last section of the coastline, you have to drive up and around the hill to eventually come back down onto Nambung Beach.

My best advice is to follow the main road, and don't try to detour off down the coast on a dirt road.

Road to nambung beach
The road to Nambung Beach

Finding the Pantai Nambung Beach Waterfall

Once you arrive at the beach, you can park your scooter at the beachside village. Walk all the way to the left headland on the beach and follow the rocks around to the point. On a good day with big swell, you'll see the Lombok beach waterfall phenomenon immediately.

Nambung beach waterfall, lombok
Pantai nambung, south lombok beaches

About Pantai Nambung Waterfall and What to Expect

No, the Nambung Waterfall isn't a constantly flowing waterfall on the beach. In reality, it's more just an illusion from waves crashing onto the flat rocks. However, during the right conditions, it's a pretty epic spectacle. Among Lombok locals, the beach waterfall is known as Air Terjun Pantai Nambung, which translates to Nambung Beach Waterfall.

I guarantee that you won't find many tourists here, so if you're looking to escape the hectic beat of Kuta Lombok in favor of a more local adventure, this might be the one.

The saltwater pools around Pantai Nambung shallow out during low tide, which means that the "Lombok beach waterfall" is larger during this time. During high tide, it can be a little dangerous to walk out to it, since the waves actually break into the pools.

Unfortunately, we didn't know this upon visiting, but we still sat admiring the spectacle from afar on a crisp Lombok day.

Nambung beach waterfall, lombok

Tips for Visiting Nambung Beach

  • The best time to visit is at low tide and on a day with big swell
  • Don't pay more than 5000 Rupiah for bike parking
  • Take care to swim during large swell, the bigger sets could easily drag you out
  • Bring a snorkel if you want to swim with the turtles
Nambung beach pantai nambung 0503
Motorbike on lombok

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Nambung Beach Turtles

Other than the Nambung Beach waterfall, another attraction are the resident turtles. The waters of Nambung Beach are a pristine shade of turquoise-blue and are home to seemingly hundreds of Green Turtles.

We flew the drone overhead to see how many we could spot. To our surprise, we managed to see over 10 turtles all chilling in the same frame! I've included a photo below to see just how many turtles live on Nambung Beach.

Nambung beach turtles 0551

Kuta Lombok Accommodation

Where to Stay in Kuta Lombok

  • Rascals Hotel - Adults Only - the 3-star hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, and terrace. It offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere being an adult-only hotel. With a great location, Rascals Hotel ticks the boxes for a great place to stay. 
  • Martas Windows - boasting authentic Indonesian bungalow villa-style rooms. This is any Instagrammer's dream place to stay. The rooms are large and the outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to relax. Located in the heart of Kuta it really doesn’t get much better!
  • Origin Lombok  - Origin has a swimming pool with a sun terrace as well as lush gardens to relax by. This spot is centrally located and features an on-site restaurant. One of the best picks in Kuta Lombok for sure!
Origin kuta lombok indonesia

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Nambung beach waterfall
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