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Semeti Hills (Bukit) – Beach Cliff Viewpoint Near Kuta Lombok

Semeti Hills (Bukit) – Beach Cliff Viewpoint Near Kuta Lombok

A complete travel guide to visiting the Semeti Hills beach cliff viewpoint in Lombok, Indonesia.

Semeti Hills, also known as Bukit Semeti, is a group of small rocky hills on the southern end of Semeti Beach. The hills are a great secluded spot perfect for escaping the hectic vibes of Kuta Lombok.

We visited Semeti Hills and Semeti Beach after a long day exploring many epic beaches on the Southern Lombok coastline. We wrapped the day up by admiring the pyramid hills and watching the sunset over the ocean.

Semeti Hills
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How to Get to the Semeti Hills

The best way to get to Semeti Hills is to rent a motorbike in Kuta Lombok. The standard rate for daily hire is roughly 50,000 Rupiah per day.

If you don't have your own bike and you're considering a day trip, you might want to check out the epic South Coast Lombok tour, which visits all of the best beaches near Kuta Lombok with a stop at Pantai Semeti for the viewpoint.

Driving to Semeti Hills (Scooter or Car)

Semeti Hills is located approximately 45 minutes from the main strip at Kuta Lombok. The road here is quite good all the way up until the turnoff, opposite Aliya Restaurant. Here, you'll turn and continue down a bumpy, rocky dirt road all the way until you reach Mawi Beach.

As you approach the coast, instead of continuing onto Mawi Beach, you'll turn left and continue on for a couple of minutes until you reach Semeti Beach.

Near the start of the dirt road section, you'll be stopped to pay the entry fee for the area. The fee of 10,000 Rupiah per scooter really isn't too bad and is pretty standard for most of the beaches in the area.


What to Expect at the Semeti Hills (Bukit Semeti)

Semeti Beach has a chilled-out vibe with white sand that backs onto shallow reef. Semeti Beach isn't a popular surf spot, so if that's what you're after, I'd suggest heading over to Mawi instead.

After parking the scooter, you can walk to the left side of the beach where you'll find a small hill. At the top, we got some epic views of Semeti Beach and the famous Semeti Hills. It's possible to walk down to the other side of this hill to get a closer look at the unique volcanic rock structures and natural pyramids.

Panta Semeti from the drone
Motorbike on Lombok

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Semeti Hills Cliff Jump

This one isn't really for the faint of heart. Although it's not that high, we jumped from the rock platform in the middle of the bay at Semeti Hills. We had to time the jump with the lulls perfectly to avoid being smashed into the rocks by the big sets that would sweep in.


Semeti Hills Cave and Sunset Viewpoint

The viewpoint here is a great spot to catch the sunset. Although definitely not as popular as Merese Hills, I still thought it was one of the best viewpoints available to travelers in Kuta Lombok!

Just around the corner from the pyramid is a small cave. During low-tide, we walked inside to explore. The Semeti Hills cave isn't the largest in Lombok, but somewhat cool nonetheless.


Kuta Lombok Accommodation

Where to Stay in Kuta Lombok

  • Rascals Hotel - Adults Only - the 3-star hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, and terrace. It offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere being an adult-only hotel. With a great location, Rascals Hotel ticks the boxes for a great place to stay. 
  • Martas Windows - boasting authentic Indonesian bungalow villa-style rooms. This is any Instagrammer's dream place to stay. The rooms are large and the outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to relax. Located in the heart of Kuta it really doesn’t get much better!
  • Origin Lombok  - Origin has a swimming pool with a sun terrace as well as lush gardens to relax by. This spot is centrally located and features an on-site restaurant. One of the best picks in Kuta Lombok for sure!

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