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21 Best Sunset Viewpoint Locations in Malta, Gozo, & Comino

21 Best Sunset Viewpoint Locations in Malta, Gozo, & Comino

The most detailed roundup of the best Malta sunset viewpoints on the islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

It’s no doubt that the Maltese Islands are one of the best Mediterranean travel destinations for adventurers and viewpoint seekers.

From its high limestone cliffs to its epic natural arches, the archipelago of Malta also offers some of the best sunsets in Europe.

That’s why, in this guide, I’ll reveal the top 21 sunset spots in Malta, Gozo, and Comino. I hope it will convince you to visit this amazing adventure travel destination!

Sunset cliffs in malta
Olly gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler & adventure photographer for 6 years with 700+ published travel guides. I visit every place I write about & share real tips from what I learn.

First: Here are Malta's Best Sunset Tours

Sunset in malta

Best Sunset Spots on Malta's Main Island

1. Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs is a long stretch of towering limestone cliffs on the southwest coast of Malta's main island. At around 250 meters above sea level, this 2-kilometer cliff line includes Malta's highest points, offering excellent views over the Mediterranean Sea.

There are several viewpoints along this stretch of white cliffs, but my favorites are remote stretches of road leading up to the Radar ('Il Ballun'). From here, you'll get the most beautiful sunsets just a short walk from your car.

Sunset at the dingli cliffs, malta

2. Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Mellieħa Bay

While the Dingli Cliffs are one of the most popular places to watch the sunset, you'll also find several hidden gems just like this tiny church hidden away in Malta's northeast point near the Coral Lagoon.

The Chapel of Immaculate Conception is a tiny church overlooking the pristine waters of Mellieħa Bay. I can almost guarantee that there won't be any other tourists here, which makes it the most romantic place to watch the warm summer glow fade behind the hilltop churches.

Malta church of immaculate conception during sunset
Wied il ghasri bay, gozo

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3. Mtahleb

In the remote western tip of Malta, you'll find the wild region of Mtahleb. This is a great coastal hiking region and one of the best sunset points to watch the sun fade behind the horizon.

One of my favorite viewpoints in this region is Miġra l-Ferħa, a high cliff dropping vertically into deep, blue water and providing spectacular views!

Mtahleb sunset viewpoint in malta

4. The Blue Grotto & Wied Iż-Żurrieq

The Blue Grotto of Malta is an epic sea cave filled with crystal-clear water. It's one of the most popular sites in the country, but did you know that it's also a great place to spend your golden hour?

There is a viewpoint just behind the Blue Grotto near the village of Wied Iż-Żurrieq offering breathtaking views of the setting sun to the west. You can also head down to the village, where you'll find some excellent places to sit down near the edge of the sea.

Blue grotto in malta

5. Malta Sunset Cruise

Malta's coastline is incredibly unique, and there's no better way to explore it than from the water.

That's why I highly recommend booking a Maltese Sunset Cruise. These trips depart from Buggiba Jetty, which is easy to get to from the main tourist hotel areas.

The cruise includes a scenic boat ride, stopping at some of the best locations including the must-visit Blue Lagoon during the sunset!

6. Popeye Village Viewpoint at Anchor Bay

The Popeye Village on the western side of the island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malta. However, many don't know that its location in Anchor Bay is also a great place to visit, especially if you're chasing sunset viewpoints!

The edges of this narrow inlet are surrounded by rocky slopes forming a sheltered bay with a beautiful view of the setting sun.

Sunset at anchor bay, malta

7. Golden Bay

Golden Bay is world-famous for its red sands and crystal clear water, and due to its location on the western side of Malta, it's also the perfect sunset beach!

I recommend making a trip to Golden Bay for an afternoon swim, then relaxing on its golden sands while watching the sun set behind the limestone cliffs.

Aerial view of goldbay beach, maltaen
Boat driver in malta

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8. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

The unique clay cliffs of Għajn Tuffieħa in Malta's Il-Majjistral Nature & History Park is another excellent place to spend the last hours of the day.

This spot is located just south of the popular Golden Bay, but attracts a fraction of the tourists. I recommend hiking out to the Il-Qarraba headland, where you'll get a great view of the coast in both directions. Alternatively, walk across to Ġnejna Bay, another beautiful beach with many picturesque locations.

Clay cliffs at ghajn tuffieha, malta

9. The Red Tower (It-Torri L-Ahmar) in Mellieha

If you're staying in the popular tourist hub of Mellieħa Bay, then you'll undoubtedly have spotted the Red Tower protruding from its hilltop location in the north.

This is known as It-Torri L-Aħmar, or Saint Agatha's Tower, and it's one of the best places to experience beautiful Maltese sunsets. Either walk from Mellieħa or drive up to the nearby parking area. From here, you'll get excellent views of Comino and the Gozo Channel!

Red tower at sunset, malta (saint agatha's tower)

10. Fomm ir-rih

Another off-the-beaten-path beach on the western side of Malta's main island, Fomm ir-rih is definitely worth adding to your sunset-chasing itinerary.

While the pebble beach itself is a little tricky to get down to, the cliffs above it make for an excellent viewpoint. There's also a historic WW2 Pillbox right nearby, which might be worth checking out!

We explored this region by renting a kayak at neighboring Gnejna Bay, which I highly recommend!

Coast of malta

11. The Grand Harbour in Valletta

Valletta's Grand Harbour is perhaps the most iconic place in the country. While there aren't any great spots to watch the sunset over the water, it's still one of the most picturesque places during Golden Hour.

Head over to the Upper Barrakka Gardens for excellent views of the harbor, or pick a spot by the waterfront boardwalk and watch the traditional boats plotting along.

Things to do in valletta malta

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12. The Three Cities

Across the Grand Harbour lies Malta's Three Cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua. This area is rich in history and traditional Maltese culture, but also offers some spectacular viewpoints over the capital city.

Three cities boat tour in malta

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Unmissable Sunset Locations on Gozo

13. Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs

With remote, rugged coastlines and epic geological formations, Malta's sister island of Gozo is the country's adventure capital! One of my favorite Gozo sunset points is the Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs, situated on the island's southern coast near the village of Sannat.

Depending on the time of the year, you'll either get to watch the sun slip beyond the Mediterranean horizon or slowly set behind the white cliffs.

Ta cenc cliffs viewpoint at sunset, gozo island, malta

14. Sanap Cliffs Sunset Viewpoint on Gozo

Along the same cliff line as Ta’ Ċenċ lies another breathtaking sunset spot named the Sanap Cliffs.

This is another great spot as it's one of the highest points of Gozo Island. Additionally, the views of nearby Rabat and its famous Citadella.

Sanap cliffs sunset viewpoint in malta

15. Wied il-Mielaħ

Gozo Island is well-known for its awesome natural arches. While the Azure window is no more, Wied il-Mielaħ is still a remarkable feature worth checking out, especially during sunset.

From this vantage point, the sun usually sets behind the coast, and if you're lucky, you'll get a golden ray of light shining through the arch!

Travel Tip: When touring Gozo's rugged north coast, make sure to stop by at the nearby Wied il-Ghasri Beach and the Marsalforn Salt Flats, two more epic spots for sunset photography!

Wied il mielah window, malta
Kayaking in a sea cave malta

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16. Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay is a unique place and home to several highlight attractions like the Blue Hole, Fungus Rock, and the Inland Sea. And, due to its western location, it's also one of the best sunset points in Gozo.

Grab a mat and climb up to the cliffs above the clear blue water of the Blue Lagoon for one of the stand-out viewpoints in the region!

Dwejra bay malta
Nearby cove in Dwejra Bay

17. Tal Mixta Cave

Heading over to the northern end of Gozo and we'll find the famous red sands of Ramla Bay, one of the most popular beaches in Malta thanks to its shallow waters and soft sand.

While the beach itself is great during the sunset, I recommend walking up to Tal-Mixta Cave, hidden away on the cliffs to the east. This cave features a huge, open face, framing the beach lit up by the golden glow of the setting summer sun.

Tal mixta cave viewpoint of ramla bay, malta

18. Calypso Cave Viewpoint

Sitting on top of a hill on the opposite side of Rambla Bay lies another famous Maltese cave. Calpyso's Cave, while now mostly collapsed, is supposedly the cave mentioned in Homer's famous tale of "the Odyssey".

Unfortunately, access to the cave is forbidden. However, travelers will find an epic viewpoint right above it, which is also one of the best spots in Gozo!

View of ramla beach from calypso's cave, malta

Comino Sunset Viewpoints

19. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is perhaps one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Europe. Picture crystal clear turquoise water dropping into a deep blue and edged by orange and white limestone– a landscape photographer's dream!

The Blue Lagoon and the nearby Crystal Lagoon are great places to swim but are also one of the most unique sunset locations on Comino. Either book an evening sunset cruise to the lagoon or take the short walk up to the islet view just above it and watch the sun light up the translucent waters.

Blue lagoon area two

20. Santa Marija Caves

The Santa Marija caves are another highlight attraction on Comino, and quite an amazing place to photograph the Maltese sunset.

The best way to access the caves is from the sea, either by kayak or on an island boat trip. However, it's also possible to enter the cave from the land by taking the short coastal walking track from Santa Maria Beach.

Alternatively, hike up to the top of the caves to Ġebel Comino, the highest point on the island for one of the most unique sunset vantage points!

Sunset boat trip to santa marija caves in comino, malta

21. Saint Mary's Tower & Lantern Point

On Comino's southernmost point lies the Saint Mary's Tower, a historic fortified watchtower offering outstanding views over the entire Maltese archipelago.

Travelers can reach this point by hiking up the limestone cliffs from the Blue Lagoon. If you do, make sure to walk out to Lantern Point, another top Malta sunset spot reaching far out into the Gozo Channel.

Sunset saint mary's tower comino island

Where to Stay in Malta

Travelers will find a broad variety of accommodation types, from 5-star resorts to traditional terraced boutique hotels scattered all over Malta's islands. However, the most popular neighborhoods to base yourself in Malta include Valletta, Sliema & St Julian's, Mellieħa Bay, and Gozo Island.

To save you time searching, make sure to check out my comprehensive guide to where to stay in Malta, or this guide to Gozo's Best Boutique Hotels. In a rush? Below are the top four options based on location, reviews, and my personal experience.

1926 hotel & spa sliema

1. 1926 Hotel & Spa Sliema

This amazing 4-star luxury facility in Sliema offers Mediterranean Sea views & a rooftop infinity swimming pool. Easy access to the ferry terminal running to Gozo & Valletta.

Iniala harbour house bedroom suite with large window and painted walls

2. Iniala Harbour House Valletta

Perched atop Valletta's stunning St Barbara Bastion, this incredible boutique experience offers stunning views of the Grand Harbour & the Three Cities from traditional Maltese balconies.

Accommodation at db seabank resort + spa

3. db Seabank Resort Mellieħa

Situated just feet from the white sandy shores of Malta's longest beach, this all-inclusive hotel offers five restaurants, a fitness center, a spa, multiple pools, & a bowling alley!

Boutique hotels on gozo island malta

4. Quaint Boutique Hotel (Nadur) Gozo

A beautifully renovated boutique hotel beside the Nadur Parish Church. Find spacious balcony terraces overlooking the town square & offering a peaceful, traditional ambiance.

Travel tip: Accommodation in Malta sells out quickly, especially for the summer vacation period. This is a location where you do not want to book at the last minute!

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I hope that you've enjoyed this detailed list of the best Malta sunset locations!

While you're here, make sure to check out some of my other travel guides to the Maltese Islands below.

The best sunset viewpoints in malta, comino and gozo
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