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41 Unique Travel Gift Ideas to Wow Your Friends in 2024

41 Unique Travel Gift Ideas to Wow Your Friends in 2024

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Are you sick of scrolling through boring, generic online articles promising the perfect gift for your traveling friends?

This is my official We Seek Travel Gift Guide which I update yearly.

You’ll discover handpicked items that I’ve personally tested during the past 6 years of full-time travel, like the Grayl GeoPress travel bottle filter that’s saved me more times than I can count, or, gifts I’ve chosen for friends and family, like AirTags for my forgetful sister.

For those rare finds I haven’t personally used or gifted, I rely on exceptional community feedback and reviews, like the popular Trtl Travel Pillow that I always see on long haul flights– now I mention it, I should get one for myself…

Quicklist: Here are the Top 6 Travel Gift Ideas

From countless long flights to month-long road trips, five years on the road has taught me a thing or two about what frequent flyers and adventurers might actually want.

No matter the type of traveler, here is my quick list of the best travel gifts in 2024.

  1. Gift the Best Carry-On Luggage: Nomatic Travel Pack
  2. Most Practical Gift: Compression Packing Cubes
  3. Thoughtful Budget Gift Under $50: Apple AirTags
  4. Best Travel Drone: DJI Mini 4 Pro
  5. Most Sustainable Travel Gift: Grayl GeoPress
  6. Most Unique Gift Idea: Outin Mini - a truly unique travel-friendly espresso machine

Below you will find more ideas, broken down into travel essentials, travel tech, useful gadgets, small gifts under $100, some sustainable ideas, as well as some unique and thoughtful options.

Infographic showing travel christmas gift ideas

Best Useful Travel Essentials

1. Nomatic Travel Pack - Ultimate Carry-On Luggage

The number one spot for the absolute best travel gift for frequent flyers is this travel bag by Nomatic. I used this backpack for several years and took it to over 30 different countries around the world.

It never failed me, but as a professional photographer, I had to swap to a dedicated travel camera backpack eventually.

The truth is, you'll find this carry-on luggage backpack listed in almost all gift guides, and that's because it truly is the most functional, high-quality backpack in the world. I especially like the minimalistic look with lots of different organizational features. I used the front pocket for my passport, wallet, and travel essentials, and the main compartment for jackets and everything else I was carrying on the plane!

With several thousand 5-star reviews, you can guarantee that your favorite traveler will be absolutely stoked with this awesome travel backpack.

Nomatic travel bag

2. Compression Packing Cubes for Organized Luggage

Truthfully, experienced travelers cringe when they see people ripping out their luggage contents to find a t-shirt or pair of pants. These days, packing cubes are probably the most recommended travel essential for organization, and something your wandering loved one will truly appreciate.

I live out of my bags, and I honestly don't think I could do it if I didn't have at least a bit of organization. I use five packing cubes to organize by the type of clothes, from shirts to shorts to jackets and it makes life on the road so much easier.

But yeah, any cheap packing cube will do though, right? After owning several cheaper options, I've found that the zippers often fail just a few weeks into a trip.

However, after purchasing the WANDRD Packing Cube set, I'm convinced that these are the last cubes I'll ever buy. Not only are they very high-quality and portable, they even incorporate a compression zipper system, allowing travelers to save valuable luggage space and get easy, quick access to their clothes & accessories.

Travel packing cubes
Peak design camera clip with canon camera

My #1 Travel Photography Accessory

I've used the Peak Design Capture Clip for years to quickly clip my camera to my backpack's shoulder strap while hiking & traveling. In my opinion, this is the most comfortable way to carry a camera and will save your neck a ton of strain!

3. Apple AirTags - Help Them Never Lose Their Luggage Again

Ever experienced the pain of delayed or lost luggage? Here's a unique travel gift idea you might not have considered.

Enter the Apple AirTags, the perfect gift for frequent travelers. Slip one of these guys into your checked-in luggage and track where your suitcase or backpack ends up. These things have been super helpful for me on several occasions when uninterested flight attendants and carrier clerks simply "can't find my bag".

With Apple AirTags, you can show the exact GPS location of your luggage, ensuring it will return to you much quicker. I bought these for my sister, who's always forgetting her bags on public transport– not any more.

PS. I wrote an example of how these saved me when an airline lost my luggage on my way to Mexico in my Digital Nomad Packing List.

Apple air tags

4. Grayl GeoPress - Gift the Last Travel Bottle They'll Ever Need

The Grayl GeoPress is the ultimate travel filter bottle. It's an easy-to-use water purifier that turns even the dirtiest stream or tap water into crystal-clear, safe drinking water.

Seriously, I've used this water bottle for the past few years almost every day, filtering water from national parks to hostel kitchens in India. In the process, I've saved hundreds of plastic bottles from landfill and never once gotten sick.

The Grayl is my personal favorite product on this list, and I'd say easily one of the best travel gift ideas for any type of traveler!

Update: I was recently gifted Gray's new Titanium Ultrapress which is catered to outdoor travelers and adventurers. This is another great alternative!

Grayl water filter bottle

5. Trtl Travel Pillow

Scrap the gimmicky memory foam and uncomfortable inflatable travel pillows. Anyone who's used these on long-haul flights knows that they're useless.

To be honest, I don't travel with a pillow. But that's because I'm trying to sneak 15kg of camera gear onto every plane!

However, the amount of times I've seen the Trtl travel pillow during long flights and even sitting next to people on cross-country road trips I have to recommend this product. I'm really intrigued by this innovative and hugely successful Kickstarter project that changed the travel pillow game and I think I might put it on my travel wish list this year.

Unlike traditional neck pillows, the Trtl design provides scientifically proven neck support and jumps leaps and bounds in terms of comfort over the competition.

Trtl travel neck pillow

6. Microfiber Travel Towel (Quick Dry)

Whether that special someone is planning a tropical vacation or going on a world backpacking tour, they're going to want to bring a towel. However, regular towels take up far too much space and take ages to dry.

That's why you'll always see veteran frequent travelers carrying a microfiber travel towel. These are fast-drying and come in a super compact design.

I usually like to replace my travel towel every 6 months or so. But, I use it every single day.

I'm always on the search for better options and there are just so many to choose from on Amazon.

But, the best value-for-money towel that I've tried is the Rainleaf, which is one of the most lightweight, useful travel gifts that they can use at remote campsites, stretched on a sandy beach in the Bahamas, or in a hotel room.

Portable microfiber travel towel

Most Useful Tech & Gadget Gifts For Travelers

7. Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2 (Noise Cancelling Ear Buds)

There's a reason why Apple's AirPods are the number-one selling truly wireless earbuds of all time. Not only does the sound quality come close to matching large, over-the-ear headphones, but they come in a tiny travel-friendly size!

Also, AirPods are one of the most frequently purchased Christmas gifts. But, before you rush out and buy a pair for travelers, you'll want to consider the Airpods Pro (2nd Gen), since the others don't offer active noise canceling.

The improved noise-canceling on the Gen 2 AirPods Pro is absolutely unreal. I honestly don't even mind who sits next to me on long transits anymore. I can now easily block out that screaming baby on a train, or the soul-penetrating hum of the jet engines on long-haul flights.

Apple airpods

8. Anker USB Powerbank (Portable Charger)

A portable charger, ie power bank is an absolute travel gadget essential. What's worse than a dead phone or camera battery in transit or worse, when you want to capture a perfect memory?

Anker is America's leading portable power and charging brand, and while I used to carry the PowerCore III, I've recently upgraded to the Anker 737 since it can offer 140W of charging output– that's enough to charge my beefy laptop on the road!

It featured two USB C ports and one USB A port. I really like the screen as well, which shows exactly how much charge input and output I'm getting.

Anker powercore battery bank for digital nomads

9. Airfly Pro Plane Bluetooth Transmitter

Looking to gift a unique travel gadget that your loved ones didn't even know they needed?

The Airly Bluetooth transmitter is a useful piece of travel tech that plugs into the airplane's entertainment system, allowing anybody to watch movies or listen to music on their own Bluetooth earbuds or noise-canceling headphones.

This makes a great travel gift because it's really affordable and thoughtful, especially if you know somebody who travels with Airpods. I was gifted this recently and have used it once on a flight from Sydney to Cairns. If you've ever flown with Qantas, then you know their headphones suck! Being able to watch movies with my noise-cancelling Airpods was a true win.

Bluetooth transmitter for plane travel

10. GoPro Hero 12

If you're willing to fork out a couple of hundred bucks for the ideal gift for adventure travelers this season, then the GoPro Hero 12 is going to be it.

The GoPro is an adventure travel staple. Its tiny, compact design delivers absolutely incredible images and stable, high-resolution video, allowing anybody to capture epic and unforgettable travel moments almost anywhere!

The latest version packs in unbelievable image quality. With 5.3K video, it offers a whopping 91% more resolution than standard 4K and a jaw-dropping 665% more than the typical 1080p.

So your loved ones can capture their epic travel adventures with crisp detail and cinematic quality. I've been using GoPros for years and I just love how small they are. Come to think of it, I'm still using the GoPro 10, so maybe I should put this on my Christmas wish list...

Gopro hero 12

11. Or... The Insta360 One X3 360 Camera

GoPros are truly great, but in 2024, it's all about 360 cameras, especially for capturing truly incredible travel moments.

These unique and innovative travel cameras capture 360-degree angles, allowing anybody to preserve the entire scene in a tiny little action camera. I use my X3 all the time to capture quick, easy videos without having to think much about it, since you can reframe on your phone afterwards.

I often don't find myself reaching for my GoPro these days since the Insta360 One X3 can also be used as a traditional action camera. For this reason, if I was going to purchase a small action camera as a gift, I'd choose this one as it comes close to being the all-in-one travel camera solution.

Insta360 one x3

12. Kindle eReader

If you've ever tried reading an eBook on an iPad or smartphone, then you already know how distant this experience is from the real thing.

However, the Kindle Paperwhite is in a different ballpark, coming as close as it gets to reading physical paper.

These readers are surprisingly affordable for how much value they offer. I still use my Paperwhite from 2015 and although it's pretty banged up, it gets the job done!

The reason why this is a great gift for travelers is that they can now store literally thousands of their favorite books on a small device that weighs a fraction of a paperback! I bought the 2021 version for my sister a few Christmases back and she still says it's one of the most useful gifts she's received.

Kindle paperwhite 6

13. International Travel Adapter With Fast Gan Charging

Many of the gadgets in this travel gift guide offer practical solutions, but perhaps one of the most useful presents you can give is an international portable charger with GaN technology and USB charging.

Okay, sounds technical. Basically, this is a new piece of charging technology that allows for small, compact charger designs with several USB Ports that can literally replace an entire bag of adapters, chargers, and cables.

In other words, gifting one of these means that your traveling friends will no longer need to carry dozens of cables and wall adapters.

I personally use and recommend the MOMAX 100W charger, which will work in almost every country on Earth and deliver super fast, 100W charging speeds to fast-charge several devices at once.

This is a really practical gift idea, since it'll save space in your loved ones' bag, and their time waiting for a laptop or phone to charge before leaving the hotel!

Momax international travel charger

14. Sony WH-1000MX5 Noise Canceling Headphones

If you know a traveling audiophile who favors sound quality over portability, then an excellent gift idea is the Sony WH-1000xm5 noise-canceling headphones.

These have been around since 2022 but still often top the charts when it comes to the most frequently recommended over-ear headphones on the market.

Being over-ear headphones, these also offer better noise canceling and better sound quality than smaller earbuds like the Apple Airpods Pro 2, which is great when trying to block out sound on a plane or public bus.

Rest assured, if you fork out for this gift, your family members will think of you when they get a peaceful rest on their next international flight!

Sony headphones

15. DJI Mini 4 Pro Travel Drone

Know a certain person who likes to venture to beautiful destinations around the US or internationally? One of the best travel gifts you can buy for them is an ultra-compact and affordable travel drone like the DJI Mini 4 Pro.

I recommend this in my very popular guide to camera gear for travel since it is one of the most affordable and compact drones, while still providing incredible image quality and 4K travel footage.

I use the Mavic 3 currently, which is a lot bigger and it's often a hassle to have to register my drone everywhere I travel to. If your loved one is a beginner photographer or drone pilot, this is the best one to gift them because this travel drone weighs only 249 g, which means no license or registration requirements in most countries!

Dji mini 3 drone

Small Travel Gifts for Under $100 Each

16. FLEXTAIL Zero Pump

The Zero Pump, a compact and rechargeable battery-powered pump is originally designed for inflating air pillows and mattresses. However, I've found its true versatility shines in its ability to deflate vacuum bags (also sold by the same company).

This feature is a game-changer for travelers needing to pack bulky items like cold-weather gear or keep their belongings mold-free and clean for long periods in storage.

Its small size means it won't add bulk to your luggage, while the rechargeable battery ensures you never have to buy new batteries. This is a great gift for long-term travelers, digital nomads, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Zero Pump helps maximize luggage space without sacrificing the essentials!

17. LowePro Gearup - Travel Electronics Organizer

Looking for more practical travel gifts for all of those gadgets? While everyone uses travel cubes, go one step further and buy your friends and family a travel electronics organizer.

My favorite is the LowePro GearUp organizer, a super lightweight and cost-effective solution to keeping all of my chargers, cables, and memory cards in one place, without losing them in the bottom of my backpack or hotel room.

I've been using this for the past few years to manage all my cables and I even bought one for my girlfriend last year.

Lowepro gearup pouch

18. Nomatic Travel Laundry Bag

There's nothing worse than leaving dirty, sweaty clothes in your luggage. That's why I recommend every traveler to carry a high-quality laundry bag.

While I used to use plastic bags, I found that if I left sweaty clothes in there after hiking it would go real bad, real quick.

That's why, if you know somebody who travels a lot, then the best option will be the Nomatic laundry bag because this collapsable design features breathable mesh which is perfect for any long-term backpacker or business traveler on the go.

What I really find useful is this bag has a hanging frame and strap, making it perfect for hanging in a hotel bathroom or hostel dormitory.

Nomatic laundry bag

19. Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Looking for a budget-friendly, thoughtful gift idea?

This ingenious cup holder is a game-changer for travelers who travel with suitcases.

This is one of the rare gifts on this list that I actually don't own or haven't gifted myself. However, after asking my family (they're all big-time travelers) what the most unique and cool gift they could think of was, they mentioned this one.

Travel expert Irene from More Time to Travel also ranks this as one of her favorite travel accessories for women, so you know it's a good pick for the female travelers in your life. Hey, who knows? Guys might enjoy it too!

It's true, if you're rocking a suitcase, imagine never having to balance your coffee or water bottle precariously at the airport again. This awesome cup holder easily attaches to your luggage handle, providing a secure spot for your drink and passport while you navigate busy airports or city streets.

Travel cup holder

20. Philips One by Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

Everybody knows that electric toothbrushes are magnitudes better than old, manual ones. However, the problem for travelers is that these are almost always heavy, bulky, and would never fit in a toiletry bag.

My partner Haylea loves her classic Sonicare toothbrush but couldn't take it with her while we travel.

So, I got here this Philips One rechargeable travel toothbrush. Thanks to its inbuilt high-power rechargeable battery and Sonicare motor technology, this compact electric toothbrush outperforms everything else on the market, for less than $40!

Best of all, she can now charge this toothbrush through its USB C port, meaning she doesn't need to buy more AA batteries. Oh, and the universal Philips One replaceable brush heads can be found almost everywhere in the world.

Philips one by sonicare rechargeable toothbrush

21. Nomatic Toiletries Bag - The Perfect Gift for Frequent Flyers

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a huge fan of Nomatic. I use quite a few of their products every single day, including their highly acclaimed hanging Toiletry Wash Bag, which is an excellent gift for organized travelers.

Unlike cheap Amazon alternatives, nomads and drifters can keep all of their bathroom items like toothbrushes, shavers, and makeup in a durable, water-proof, and bacteria-resistant storage case.

This means you can hang this toiletry bag in the shower without worrying about getting it wet.

Nomatic toiletry bag

22. CLCKR Phone Grip & Stand

Chasing small items as a cheap and easy travel gift idea? Grab a CLCKR Phone Grip and Stand.

This is the perfect gift for frequent flyers, as it provides a stable and easy-to-use stand solution for smartphones and tablets.

This is a great option if you know somebody who is about to go on a big trip since they'll be able to stand their phone up to binge Netflix in transit. Furthermore, it comes in several different styles and colors, which is great if you want to buy several for different people!

Phone stand

23. Steripod Toothbrush Caps - Great Gift for Germophobe Travelers

Another quick and easy present to add to the travel lovers' stocking this year is a Steripod clip-on toothbrush cap.

These are universal toothbrush protectors that slide over the top of most manual and electric toothbrushes, keeping them clean and free of dirty bacteria you might find in some foreign countries.

This is a quick and easy stocking filler but it might actually prevent your loved ones from getting sick on their next overseas trip!

Steripod toothbrush travel protector

24. Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

Have a family member who's planning a tropical island getaway this year? Get them a thoughtful gift like the Hiearcool Universal Phone Pouch to keep their iPhone or Android phone watertight!

I first found these waterproof phone cases on a boat trip to the Great Barrier Reef last year and while I was skeptical at first, I decided to borrow one from the captain to get some underwater clips on my iPhone. Honestly, it worked a treat and for less than $10 and with 70,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this is a no-brainer.

Waterproof phone pouch for travel

25. Zero Grid Travel Neck Wallet

Whether you're purchasing gifts for frequent flyers or road trippers, if they are concerned about security then a travel neck wallet is one of the most useful small gifts you can buy.

If you check on Amazon, The Zero Grid wallet is by far the most popular and has outstanding reviews. This wallet has RFID-blocking technology built in, meaning credit cards and personal information stay protected.

Skip the expensive, bulky passport wallets, this is the one they'll want.

Travel neck wallet

Here's a budget-friendly and unique travel gift idea for your friend who loves a selfie!

Rather than carrying around a big, bulky Polaroid camera, these nifty smartphone printers let you print the photos you actually want to keep– straight from your phone.

It's incredibly easy to use. Simply connect it to your phone, choose your favorite shots, and print them in an instant. This is great if your friend or family member wants to create a travel journal, decorate their travel scrapbook, or share physical photos with new friends you meet on the road.

Smartphone printer for travel

Sustainable Gifts for Eco-Conscious Roamers

27. Reusable Cutlery

We all know we need to be more mindful of what we consume. That's why all of the travel gift ideas I've recommended in this buyer's guide will last a long time.

But, some gifts, like this bamboo reusable cutlery set take it a step further by providing an easy way for travelers to reduce plastic waste on their trips. While you can buy stainless and even plastic cutlery, bamboo is an incredibly renewable material and these claim to be naturally antibacterial as well.

Bamboo reusable cutlery set

28. Collapsible Travel Cup

Another thoughtful gift for travelers who love to drink coffee is this neat collapsible Travel Cup by Stojo.

This little cup is leak-proof and reusable, meaning your loved ones can whip out a pocketable cup at the cafe to save on single-use plastic.

I saw these on a Reddit Forum when researching these gifts and decided to include these cups in the first edition of this gift guide. My partner Haylea saw this idea and decided to gift it to me!

Honestly, I really like this product and I always take it with me to cafes now to avoid contributing any more plastic waste. If you know somebody who goes to Starbucks in every country they visit, this is one of the best gifts for them!

Collapsible travel cup

29. Reusable Travel Straw & Cleaning Kit

While there's a plethora of reusable straws on the market these days, one of the most unique options for travelers is this awesome collapsible stainless steel drinking straw.

This comes in an unusual telescopic design, meaning this food-grade stainless steel straw can fold up into a tiny keyring holder. It also comes with a cleaning wand which means it'll be easy to keep clean for the next sip.

Reusable travel straw

30. Patagonia Black Hole Hip Pack

Patagonia is perhaps the best example of an environmentally-forward company. Not only do they donate massive amounts of their proceeds to charity, but their products are from recycled materials that are still very high quality.

The Patagonia Black Hole hip pack is my go-to fanny pack for travel. It's extremely lightweight and fits everything from my wallet, credit card, phone, passport, and AirPods.

This is a great gift for around $30 that your favorite traveler will keep for a long time. I use this literally every single day, from walking around cities to long-distance treks in the Himalayas.

Patagonia black hole hip pack for travel

31. Reef Safe Sunscreen by Sunbum

Looking for a unique Christmas gift or birthday present for beach lovers, snorkelers, or scuba divers?

Growing up in Australia, I know that sunscreen is one of the most important things to pack when going to the beach. Living near the Great Barrier Reef, I also quickly learned how important it is to buy reef-safe and environmentally friendly sunscreen.

In Australia (we know sunscreen), one of the most popular brands is Sunbum. This is one of the best environmentally-friendly SPF 50 sunscreens that doesn't include any harmful chemicals that kill corals.

Know someone who's going island hopping? Make sure they're wearing reef-save sunscreen on their next trip to the Marine National Parks around the world.

Sunbum sunscreen

Fun & Unique Travel Gifts

32. Give a Travel Experience with a GetYourGuide Gift Card

Sometimes, the best gift isn't a physical one. This is especially true for those of us who value memories over possessions.

While a gadget or packing cube can be useful, a travel gift card is one of the most fun travel gifts, because they'll likely remember the experience much longer than any product.

The best travel booking website that I use all over the world is GetYourGuide. They have fun bookable experiences in over 100 countries, allowing your friends and family to choose their once-in-a-lifetime experiences like scuba diving, sky diving, or even an awesome city food tour.

Snorkeling with sea turtle in tulum, mexico

33. Bodylastics Stackable Travel Resistance Bands

Know someone who always puts on a couple of extra holiday pounds? What about a gym junkie who freaks out over losing their summer body on vacation?

Get them this unique travel gift idea– a portable gym that folds up into a tiny pouch! The Bodylastics resistance bands are stackable in different colors representing resistance strength. This allows anyone to get a solid workout almost anywhere!

Resistance bands gift for travel

34. Wacaco Picopresso - Perfect Present for Coffee-loving Travelers

The brand-new Wacaco Picopresso changes the coffee game for travelers! Now, we have a high-quality espresso machine that rivals thousand-dollar setups, right in the palm of our hands!

The Picopresso is the perfect travel gift for extreme coffee lovers that lets them take their java with them on the road. Pair this with something like the Nanofoamer V2 and they've got a portable cafe in their backpack!

I've been using this for the past two years now and I've taken it with me to over 20 countries. It's never skipped a beat.

Wacaco portable espresso machine

35. Outin Mini Portable Travel Espresso Maker

An updated product recommendation that I've been excited to share for this year's travel gift ideas is the Outin Mini.

Unlike the PicoPresso, this compact espresso machine features an electric pump and an inbuilt water heater. This means that a small water bottle-sized machine can pour delicious espresso shots without the need for a kettle or manual pumping.

Trust me, I've tried a few, and this is the most convenient travel espresso machine on the market.

What's more is that the Outin Mini is compatible with a huge range of coffee pods, as well as with espresso grinds using its premium basket. I prefer the regular grinds but I got this for Haylea and she loves the convenience of the pods.

While I still love my PicoPresso and my AeroPress for long hiking trips where packability is key, the new Outin Mini is my go-to for regular espresso on the go.

36. Scratch-off Travel Map

Looking for fun travel gifts that your loved ones can keep at home?

Sometimes carrying a lot of extra things around on your trip is a hassle. That's why if you're looking for a thoughtful gift for frequent travelers who like to travel light, then I highly recommend this awesome scratch-off travel map.

My family gifted me a scratch-off map like this, which I kept in my van to tick off all the epic places I'd traveled to around Tasmania on my 4-month road trip. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I received that year, which is why this map has earned a spot on my list!

Scratch off travel world map with gift bow

37. National Geographic's Traveller's Journal

There are thousands of travel journals available on Amazon. However, by far the most popular and well-rated is this awesome journal collaboration between Moleskine and National Geographic.

This is an extremely well-thought-out travel journal with plenty of space for all the essentials like travel planning, scrapbooking, and journaling for documenting adventures.

I've included this because it is so popular and has so many great reviews. However, my partner Haylea gifted me the Travelers Notebook made by an awesome Japanese brand. This book is more my style, but it's good to have options!

National geographic traveller's journal

38. Dynotag Luggage Tag

Any frequent flyer knows how important it is to keep a durable luggage tag secured to their belongings.

If the travel lover in your life doesn't already have a metal tag, get them a Dynotag luggage tag. These are highly durable and won't wear off, deterring any potential thieves and making sure they get their luggage to the final destination.

When I gift someone a set of Apple Airtags I also usually give them one of these since it really is the ultimate setup for tracking and travel luggage security.

61xpygfz8tl. Ac sl1138

39. Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard - Great Gift for Road Trip Adventurers

Know a van lifer or frequent road tripper? Get them this awesome inflatable SUP by SereneLife.

This adult stand-up paddleboard is roughly 6 inches thick when fully inflated, but folds down to fit in a tiny carry bag that'll fit easily in the trunk of even the smallest vehicles.

No, you won't be able to take this one on the plane with you (well, maybe you can check it in), but it's a great option if the traveler in your life tends to stick to the road rather than the airport.

Stand up paddleboard inflatable set

40. Arcteryx Beta LT Waterproof Goretex Jacket

If none of the awesome travel gift ideas on this list has got you inspired yet, then perhaps the number-one-rated Goretex waterproof jacket might.

Arcteryx is known as the best in the Goretex game. And, their Beta LT jacket is a serious waterproof jacket for hikers, trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. There's a variant for men and women, with several different colors to choose from.

I've used my Arcteryx Jacket for backcountry trips in New Zealand to climbing high peaks in the Himalayas. It's by far the best quality rain gear you can buy.

Arcteryx beta lt waterproof jacket

41: CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

For those who enjoy golf while traveling, the CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is a perfect gift. This robust travel bag, with its thick fabric and lockable zippers, offers excellent protection for clubs.

Its inline wheels allow for effortless transport, and it can acclimate all golf bag types. With a padded top for added security and a sleek design that can be personalized with a luggage tag, it's both functional and stylish.

Caddydaddy golf bag for travel

More Useful Travel Resources

Before you head off, check out some of my other comprehensive reviews and buyer's guides to travel essentials below.

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