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Blue Lagoon Malta (Comino Island) – How to Get Here & What to Do

Blue Lagoon Malta (Comino Island) – How to Get Here & What to Do

Discover the Malta Blue Lagoon, one of the most beautiful natural clear water lagoons in the Mediterranean.

If you search for photos of Malta, chances are you’ll see the iconic orange limestone cliffs dropping into turquoise, crystal clear water. This is the Blue Lagoon, Malta’s most famous natural attraction.

In this travel guide, I’ll detail everything you need to know about visiting this amazing natural attraction, including how to get here from Malta or Gozo, what to expect when you arrive, and some essential tips for having a great experience.

Blue lagoon in malta
Olly gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler & adventure photographer for 6 years with 700+ published travel guides. I visit every place I write about & share real tips from what I learn.

About Malta's Blue Lagoon

Malta's Blue Lagoon is a protected cove between the smallest of Malta's main islands, Comino, and the tiny island called Cominotto (essentially small Comino).

This wide, sheltered lagoon is quite shallow, with a pure, white sandy bottom resulting in some of the clearest water and best beaches in Malta. Due to its natural beauty, Comino Island is also considered a nature reserve.

This makes it the perfect location to experience some of the best nature in Malta, from exploring its epic sea caves to snorkeling in tranquil waters!

While this is a beautiful location, it can get a little crowded during the summer months. However, that doesn't mean that it's a tourist trap or that it should be avoided. In fact, I'd say that a trip to the Blue Lagoon is one of Malta's must-do activities.

Read on to find out how you can escape the crowds.

Malta's blue lagoon

Where is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is located on the west side of the island of Comino, between the main island, Malta, and Gozo. Comino is a small, rocky island spanning roughly 3.5 square kilometers (1.3 sq mi) and is usually accessible via ferry or one of the many small boat day trips.

Below I've pinned the exact Google Maps location of the Blue Lagoon in Malta. Below I'll outline the best ways to reach it.

Map of the malta blue lagoon

How to Get to the Blue Lagoon From Malta Island

Since this amazing lagoon is one of the country's most famous tourist attractions, there are several popular ways to get here from the main island of Malta.

The best options are:

  • Day Trip: Boat Tours
  • Private Boat Trip
  • Public Transport & Ferry from Ċirkewwa (northern port in Malta)

Read on for more details.

Boat tour in blue water in malta

1. Blue Lagoon & Comino Boat Tour (Or Catamaran) From Malta

The first and easiest way to get to the Blue Lagoon is to book a Comino boat tour. You can book this day trip online and it includes 4.5 hours to spend at the Blue Lagoon as well as all of the Comino highlights including:

  • Crystal Lagoon
  • Santa Mariia Cave
  • Elephants Head
  • Santa Maria Bay
  • St. Nicholas Bay
  • Ahrax Cave

This Comino Blue Lagoon & Caves Boat Cruise linked above currently offers the most bang for buck, but the boat is large. Alternatively, if you prefer a small-group tour, you could book a catamaran cruise or private tour (below) instead. 

Luzzu boat trip comino

2. Malta Private Boat Tour of Comino

Travelers in a group or those who don't want to share a boat with other tourists also have the option to book a private tour on small speed boats.

In fact, the first time I visited the Blue Lagoon this is exactly what I did. The trip I went on was organized by Outdoor Explorers, which is a local business run by two brothers.

On this trip, we visited all of the epic sea caves, and our skipper Joseph even drove inside some of the smaller ones, which was awesome! I highly recommend this trip to anyone considering a private tour of the Blue Lagoon.

Comino island boat trip

3. The Blue Lagoon Ferry from ĊIRKEWWA

Willing to spend more time than money? Travelers looking for the cheapest way to get to the Blue Lagoon from Malta can take the small shuttle boat ferries from the northern Malta port of Ċirkewwa.

This is the same port where you would take the car ferry from Malta to the island of Gozo. The Blue Lagoon ferry departs every 30 minutes from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and costs 13 euros per person.

To get here, you can take the public transport buses to Ċirkewwa from the majority of the tourist towns in Malta. For reference, the distance to the departure point is roughly 8 kilometers from Mellieħa or 14 kilometers from Buġibba.

Boats at malta blue lagoon

How to Get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo Island

Travelers staying on Gozo have similar options for getting to the Blue Lagoon.

1. Private Boat Tour to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo

If you're interested in the private boat tours from Gozo to the Blue Lagoon. I again recommend booking a trip with Outdoor Explorers since these are the guys I've had the best experience with.

When booking, you can select your departure point for Malta or Gozo.

Blue lagoon boat trip

2. Kayaking from Ħondoq ir-Rummien Beach

The most unique and probably the funnest way to get to the Blue Lagoon is by crossing the channel separating Gozo and Comino by kayak.

Due to local safety rules, you'll need to organize this as part of a tour with a licensed guide. Luckily, you can book a kayaking tour with Kayak Gozo.

This departs from Ħondoq ir-Rummien Beach on the south side of Gozo Island. While the distance looks vast, we managed to kayak over in around 15 minutes!

In my opinion, exploring the Blue Lagoon and the amazing hidden coves on Comino by kayak is the best way to experience the beauty of this island. Not only does this option offer more freedom, you'll also be able to escape the crowds by getting to some locations not accessible on foot.

Two kayakers in malta

3. Blue Lagoon Ferry Transfer from Mgarr Gozo

The cheapest way to get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo is the local shuttle boat ferry departing from Mgarr Gozo. Simply head to the port and you'll see the Blue Lagoon ferry shuttle signs.

The price is only 7 euros for the return trip, which is great if you have your own lunch and snorkeling equipment.

Blue lagoon ferry to gozo

Visiting the Blue Lagoon on Comino - What to Expect

Now that you know exactly how to get to the Blue Lagoon, let's dive into what it's actually like to visit!

The following is a quick rundown of my experience, including photos from my trip and some useful insights about each area and attraction.

Top tips for blue lagoon comino
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The 5 Beaches at the Malta Blue Lagoon

Did you know that there are five sandy beaches at Malta's Blue Lagoon? If the main beach near the small boat jetty is too busy, then make sure to check out some of the others as well.

Blue lagoon aerial photo

1. Blue Lagoon Beach

The main beach at the Blue Lagoon is a very tiny strip of white sand right beside the boat jetty. This beach is very beautiful and sinks slowly into clear, shallow water– perfect for swimming!

Blue lagoon beach, malta

2. "Comino Beach"

The second popular beach is located just a short walk south of the first, following a leveled limestone path to a thin strand covered by sun umbrellas. Again, this beach can get very busy!

Comino beach, malta

3. Cominotto Beach

Next up is Cominotto Beach, found directly across the lagoon on Cominotto Island. Visitors have the option to swim or take a SUP across to Cominotto, which is equally as beautiful but harbors fewer food stalls.

Jet ski at cominotto beach and cave

4. "blue Lagoon Area 2"

Taking the short trail north towards San Niklaw Bay, you'll notice a short detour path on your left. This leads around the corner from the main Blue Lagoon to another small bay that is a great place to escape the crowds.

The beach here is a great option for snorkeling.

Blue lagoon area two

5. Natural Arch at the Blue Lagoon

The final beach at the Blue Lagoon is a small but very picturesque natural arch. Due to Malta Island's unique limestone landscape, arches like this are common around the coast. In fact, there are even a couple more on Comino.

This particular arch sits above clear water and beside it you will find a small beach. Similarly to the previous beach, this area is excellent for snorkeling.

Natural arch on comino island

Swimming & Snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon

By far, the most popular activity at the Blue Lagoon is enjoying the lagoon itself. This means stepping out from the sun umbrellas and exploring the tranquil waters of this one-of-a-kind bay!

I recommend swimming or snorkeling over to Cominotto Island and exploring the cave there.

Diving in the blue lagoon on malta
Boats near cominotto island, malta

Exploring Cominotto Island

Cominotto Island is a tiny islet directly west of Comino. When visiting Malta's Blue Lagoon, make sure to swim or take a kayak or SUP to experience this perfect slice of paradise.

Upon arriving at the Blue Lagoon, a quick glance over at Cominotto Beach will reveal the Cominotto Cave. This is one of the scenic sea caves of Comino which featured in the Troy movie.

Hiking at the blue lagoon
Blue lagoon in malta
Rocky coves on comino island malta
Sea cave boat on malta

Hiking to the Crystal Lagoon

Travelers taking the Comino boat tour from Gozo or Malta can skip this since the best boat trips always include a stop at the Crystal Lagoon.

However, the sad fact is that most independent travelers miss this magical bay, hidden just south of the Blue Lagoon.

Crystal lagoon, malta

While smaller, this bay is equally as beautiful and features even more caves to explore. One of these is the Tunnel Cave, which is a 30-meter-long natural tunnel great for swimming and even scuba diving.

During my time exploring Comino Island, I always made it back to the Crystal Lagoon, since it's one of the most beautiful places in Malta but attracts a fraction of the tourists of its more famous neighbor.

Crystal lagoon malta

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Exploring the Rest of Comino Island

Everyone comes to Comino to see the Blue Lagoon. But, what if I told you that this tiny island of Malta has so much more to offer?

Whether you're looking for beautiful, secluded bays, impressive sea caves, or hiking trails, Comino island is a blast to explore. Its tiny size means that you can walk around most of the island in a day.

However, the best way to see all the highlights is to jump on one of the boat tours. Sites you can't miss include:

  • San Niklaw Bay
  • Santa Marija Bay
  • Santa Marija Cave
  • The Elephant Arch
  • Il-Batterija ta' Santa Marija (Santa Maria Battery) & Natural Arch
  • Popeye's Cave
  • Saint Mary's Tower
  • P31 Wreck - scuba diving
Cave and boat tour to the crystal lagoon on comino
Beach on comino
Sun beds at the malta blue lagoon
Tunnel cave on comino

Tips for Visiting Malta's Blue Lagoon

Here are some quick travel tips for visiting the Blue Lagoon in Malta.

  • Visit early - many of the photos of the Blue Lagoon you see on this blog were taken at around 8 AM. However, roughly an hour later, the place became flooded with tourists. I recommend booking the earliest tour possible or opting for the private tour option if you want to beat the crowds.
  • Or visit later - not a morning person? Crowds often disperse in the late afternoon. During this time, the sun is also less harsh, making it a great time to visit the Blue Lagoon.
  • Avoid Sundays - Sunday is the busiest day to visit Comino and Gozo, as locals like to head over from the main island. Saturdays are also quite busy.
  • Bring sun protection - Malta can get very hot, especially during the summer months (high season). Make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water.
  • There are food stalls - you'll find a couple of local food stalls on the island of Comino, just near the Blue Lagoon. The prices are a little higher for obvious reasons.
  • Jellyfish in Malta - one thing to look out for when swimming in Malta is the presence of stinging jellyfish. Don't worry, none of these are very dangerous, but just leave an annoying sting. The Maltese Island Weather site is useful to plan ahead.
Blue lagoon in malta
Orange rocks in clear water malta

Blue Lagoon Travel Faqs

Is Blue Lagoon worth visiting?

Yes, visiting the lagoon is one of the best things to do in Malta! Of course, you'll hear some people saying that the Blue Lagoon is overrated and too busy. However, chances are these people visited during peak hour on a weekend and didn't explore the island.

What is the cheapest way to get to the Blue Lagoon?

The cheapest way to get to the Blue Lagoon is to take the shuttle ferries from Ċirkewwa on Malta Island for 13 euros or from Mgarr Gozo for 7 euros. While these shuttle ferries are the cheapest, they're not the best option by any means since there is so much to see on Comino than just the lagoon itself.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit the Blue Lagoon is between May and September. During the winter months, the sea around Malta can get very rough. To avoid the crowds, try to visit early or late in the afternoon.

Is the Blue Lagoon the best swimming spot in Malta?

The Blue Lagoon is well regarded as the most beautiful natural attraction in Malta. Additionally, it is one of the best places for swimming because it is very well sheltered and has a smooth, sandy bottom.

Why is the Blue Lagoon so famous?

Malta's Blue Lagoon is world-famous for its amazing crystal clear water and sandy shores.

Can you stay on Comino Island?

There is one resort on the island named Comino Hotel. While it doesn't have the best reputation, it enjoys a monopoly as it is the only accommodation with a permit.

Malta blue lagoon

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I hope that you've enjoyed this useful travel guide and my photography from the Blue Lagoon Malta.

Below are some more resources for traveling through the Maltese Islands that I'm sure you'll find useful for your Mediterranean vacation.

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