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Crystal Lagoon on Comino Island is a Hidden Gem in Malta

Crystal Lagoon on Comino Island is a Hidden Gem in Malta

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

After visiting Malta’s Crystal Lagoon on Comino Island, I can confirm that this picturesque bay is one of the most beautiful places in the country!

Everyone knows about Malta’s Blue Lagoon on Comino Island. However, many don’t realize that just around the bay is another amazing crystal clear water bay that is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, cave exploring, and relaxing– without the crowds!

I explored all the attractions around Comino and have come to the conclusion that this bay is one of the best hidden gems I found! Below, I’ll reveal exactly how to get to the lagoon from Gozo Island and from Malta, with plenty of photos to inspire you to visit!

Comino coastline, malta
Towering limestone cliffs dropping into crystal clear waters– this is the Crystal Lagoon!

Where is the Crystal Lagoon?

The Crystal Lagoon is located on the western side of the tiny island of Comino, between the island of Gozo and Malta.

The Crystal Lagoon is accessible via a short walking track from the Blue Lagoon, or via a boat or kayak from other parts of Comino like San Niklaw Bay or Santa Marija Bay.

For those on Gozo or Malta, I've included several ways to get to Comino below.

Map of the crystal lagoon in malta

How to Get to the Crystal Lagoon From Malta

There are three ways to get to the Crystal Lagoon from Malta. These options include a boat or catamaran trip, a private boat tour, or a bus and ferry from Ċirkewwa.

1. Boat or Catamaran Tour of Comino Island from Malta

For those staying in popular areas of Malta Island, including Sliema, St.Julians, of Buġibba, the most convenient way to get to Crystal Lagoon is to book a Comino Island boat excursion.

There are several of these trips available to book online and the best tours include all the highlights on Comino, including the Crystal Lagoon and:

  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Santa Mariia Cave
  • Elephants Head
  • Santa Maria Bay
  • St. Nicholas Bay
  • Ahrax Cave

This Comino Blue Lagoon & Caves Boat Cruise is currently offering the most bang for your buck, but the boat is large. Alternatively, you could book a catamaran cruise or private tour instead.

Boat tour on comino
Malta crystal lagoon

2. A Private Comino Boat Tour with Outdoor Explorers

During my trip to Malta, I visited Comino several times. The first time was on a private boat tour organized by Outdoor Explorers and I'd say this is by far the best way to experience the Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, and other amazing locations on the island.

Booking a private boat tour was a little bit pricier, but I do recommend it because it's great value, especially if you are traveling in a group. These trips depart from Gozo or from Malta.

Our skipper Joseph was an incredible boat driver and took us inside many of the tiny grottos and sea caves.

He's a local so additionally to the main tourist sites, he showed us some picturesque spots and off-the-beaten-path locations on Comino that most of the other tourists miss!

Boat on comino island
Visiting the lagoon with Outdoor Explorers
Boat tour in blue water in malta

3. Take the Blue Lagoon Ferry from Ċirkewwa

The cheapest way to get to Comino and the Crystal Lagoon from Malta is to take the daily ferry from the port of Ċirkewwa (ferry terminal to Gozo). This ferry departs every 30 minutes from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and costs 13 euros per person.

While this is the cheapest boat price, it may prove difficult to get to this terminal for many travelers on Malta since you'll either need to drive to the terminal or take the public bus.

The distance to the departure point is roughly 8 kilometers from Mellieħa, or 14 kilometers from Buġibba.

Once you arrive at the Blue Lagoon Ferry area, you can walk the coastal track for roughly 700 meters (765 yards) down to the Crystal Lagoon. The track is easy to follow along the coast.

Boats at malta blue lagoon
Arriving at Blue Lagoon, follow the track behind here and continue south and you'll find the Crystal Lagoon
Girl walking at the blue lagoon
Walking to the Crystal Lagoon from the Blue Lagoon

How To Get to the Crystal Lagoon From Gozo

Gozo is closer to Comino than Malta Island, which means it is a great place to base yourself to explore all the attractions including the Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon.

However, there are no shared boat trips or Comino Island tours running from Gozo. However, you can book a kayaking tour with Kayak Gozo or a private boat tour with Outdoor Explorers (same as above).

There is also a ferry departing from Mgarr Gozo to the Blue Lagoon for 7 euros for the return trip.

Kayaking on comino island

Kayaking from Gozo to Comino

The second time I explored the beautiful Comino Island, I did so by crossing over from Gozo on a kayak.

Due to local regulations, this is only possible with a licensed guide. I highly recommend Kayak Gozo, departing from Ħondoq ir-Rummien beach on the southern end of Gozo Island.

This trip runs for roughly 3 hours, and depending on weather conditions, stops by many of the popular caves, the Blue Lagoon, and the Crystal Lagoon.

Two kayakers in malta

My Experience at the Crystal Lagoon

Once we arrived, we saw that the Crystal Lagoon in Malta is a wide, sheltered bay edged by tall, limestone cliffs. Due to a mostly sandy bottom at a depth of around 5-6 meters, the azure water in the Crystal Lagoon is clear and creates a beautiful palette of turqoise and deep blues.

Coral lagoon malta

Swimming & Snorkeling in Crystal Clear Water

The Crystal Lagoon's primary attraction is its natural beauty and crystal clear, turquoise waters. The sheltered cove ensures that the sea is usually much calmer inside the bay than outside (depending on the wind). As a result, it makes it one of the best places to go swimming and snorkeling.

We did some light snorkeling and overall I consider the bay to be a great snorkel site. We haven't dived here but divers will also enjoy several reef, cavern, and wreck dives at the perimeter of the lagoon.

Snorkeling on comino island, malta
Swimming in the lagoon

We swam and snorkeled all around the bay for about 45 minutes and took some great photos. The white sandy bottom reflects the sunlight perfectly, creating clear, blue water and great visibility.

The Crystal Lagoon is also a breeding ground for many small species of fish. Consequently, we spotted many schools swimming in the bay.

Additionally, just outside the cove, we found several small sea caves to explore, as well as a long, 30-meter tunnel that we could swim through. No, they weren't as impressive as the Blue Grotto, but they were still beautiful.

Travel Tip: Most of the boat tours to Comino include snorkeling gear.

Boats at the coral lagoon in malta
Girl swimming in the crystal lagoon, malta
Aerial view of crystal lagoon on comino island, malta

Long Tunnel Cave

Comino Island is known for its amazing azure water sea caves edging its coast. After exploring nearly every cave on Comino by boat, kayak, and on foot, I still consider the Tunnel Cave at the Crystal Lagoon to be the best on the island.

This cave is a long, 30-meter natural tunnel located on the west side of Crystal Lagoon. While slightly too small for boats, adventurous travelers can swim all the way through the cave.

If you visit during the early morning or in the late afternoon, the light reflecting into the cave gives off an incredible blue glow in the water.

Tunnel cave on comino
Swimming in the tunnel cave, comino

Cliff Jumping at the Crystal Lagoon

If you're up for a fun cliff jump, head over to the limestone rocks on the northwest end of the bay. You'll see immediately where to jump from, as there is a high rocky path with deep water below it.

The jump is roughly 6-7 meters, which is quite a fun one. Remember to always do a depth check before cliff jumping!

Crystal lagoon in malta

The Epic Small Sea Cave

While not as famous as the tunnel cave, I recommend that everyone visiting the Crystal Lagoon head over to the small sea cave on the eastern side (near the rocky beach).

It doesn't look like much from the outside. However, if you swim inside you'll see that it opens up to a wide, shallow-water grotto with smooth, white sand inside.

Sea cave in malta

Popeye's Cave at Crystal Lagoon

Another interesting natural feature at the Crystal Lagoon is the remarkable Popeye's Cave. The access point is just outside of the lagoon to the east.

This cave has a collapsed ceiling similar to the Coral Lagoon on Malta Island. However, this time there are large boulders sticking out of the water.

Just like at Popeye Village, this small cave got its name from being a filming location for the Popeye movie. The Maltese name is L-Għar ta’ Bla Saqaf.

Popeye cave, malta
Popeye cave aerial view
Popeye Cave from Above

Crystal Lagoon Dive Site

The Crystal Lagoon is also a popular scuba diving site. Divers usually enter through the long tunnel when the weather conditions are good. There are also several large boulders and another smaller tunnel with an overhang.

If you're interested in diving on Comino Island, I highly recommend checking out the P31 wreck, which is just outside the Crystal Lagoon. Based on my experience, OrangeShark Divers is the best dive center in Malta.

Cave and boat tour to the crystal lagoon on comino

Tips for Visiting the Crystal Lagoon

  • Most boat trips only operate during the summer months (May to September)
  • If you book a private boat tour or take the ferry, try to get here as early as possible to avoid crowds.
  • Remember to pack water and sunblock
  • Travelers still planning their Malta adventures: don't forget adventure travel insurance.
Crystal lagoon, malta
Crystal lagoon, comino
West coast of comino

Review: Is The Crystal Lagoon Worth it?

Visiting the Crystal Lagoon is an excellent choice, especially during the high season when the popular Blue Lagoon is crowded.

This spot is perfect for travelers who want a more peaceful vibe, connect with nature, and enjoy the some of the country's most incredible coastlines. Plus, in my opinion, the snorkeling at this lagoon is better than you'll find at the Blue Lagoon, with more fish, fewer people, and clearer water.

Did you enjoy this guide to the Crystal Lagoon in Malta? Below are a few more useful blog posts from some of the other locations you'll want to visit.

Crystal lagoon, malta
Rocky limestone cliffs on comino island
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