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Dingli Cliffs – Epic Sunset Viewpoint in Malta

Dingli Cliffs – Epic Sunset Viewpoint in Malta

Looking for an amazing sunset location in Malta? Don’t look past the Dingli Cliffs, Malta’s highest point overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The long stretch of towering limestone cliffs on Malta’s southwest coast form one of the most dramatic landscapes in the country. This area is great for taking in breathtaking sunsets and enjoying a hike at the highest point in Malta.

In this quick guide, I’ll detail everything you need to know about Malta’s Dingli Cliffs. I’ll fill you in on how to get there, the best sunset viewpoint, and throw in a few photos I took during my visit.

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About the Dingli Cliffs of Malta

The Dingli Cliffs stretch for over 2 kilometers (1.24 mi) from Bahrija to Mungar, with a road and walking footpath running for the majority of its length.

These massive rock faces were formed due to a fault causing uplift of the rocks. As a result, the lower sections of the cliff face are some of the oldest exposed rocks in Malta, estimated to be formed around 25-30 million years ago.

At roughly 250 meters above sea level, the Dingli Cliffs also mark the highest point in Malta.

Sunset at dingli cliffs

Where are the Dingli Cliffs?

You'll find the Dingli Cliffs located on the southwest coast of Malta, nearby the village of sharing the same name. This is approximately 15 kilometers from Valletta.

Since these cliffs run for quite some distance, there isn't one exact location that I can pin. However, there is adequate parking at the "St. Mary Magdalene Chapel", with a short walking track and viewpoint close by.

Below I'll also reveal more sunset viewpoint locations at this amazing coastal wonder.

Map of the dingli cliffs in malta

How to get to the Dingli Cliffs

There are three main ways to get to the Dingli Cliffs, by car, private island tour, or bus.

By car: Having your own car to drive around the islands is by far the best way to explore Malta. Make sure to compare prices across dealers using DiscoverCars.

By private tour: The very popular and cost-effective Malta Full-day private tour is a great way to see the Dingli Cliffs, as well as many other must-see destinations like the Blue Grotto, the Marsaxlokk fishing village, and the Popeye Village.

By bus: The nearest bus stop is called Maddalena at Ħad-Dingli, right near the Saint Mary Magdalene Chapel. Take Route 201 from Rabat or Route 56 from Valletta. However, keep in mind that if you want to return after sunset, you'll need to take the bus back to Valletta at Bugeja in Dingli center (900 meters away).

Dingli cliffs, malta
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Dingli Cliffs Sunset Viewpoints

There are several great vantage points to watch the sunset light up the white limestone cliffs at Dingli. Below are my favorites.

St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

The most popular place to watch the sunset is nearby the St. Mary Magdalene Chapel and along the Triq Panoramika cliffside walking path.

Due to the vast distance, you'll easily find a spot to yourself away from the crowds. You'll also get great views of the beautiful Filfla Island in the distance.

Dingli cliffs sunset

Radar 'il Ballun'

The Radar 'Il Ballun", is a big, white radar that looks like a balloon. It's very hard to miss this radar when walking or driving along the Dingli Cliffs.

Sunset at the dingli cliffs, malta

Dingli Cliffs Viewpoint

This is my favorite place to watch the sunset in this part of Malta. You'll find it pinned as "Dingli cliffs viewpoint" on Google Maps. This spot offers arguably the best view of the white cliffs due to its far-reaching southern point.

To get here, drive or walk along Triq Panoramika and take the obvious path out to the headland.

Dingli cliffs sunset from the viewpoint

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Dingli Cliffs Window (Siggiewi)

Nearby the cliffside sunset viewpoint above you'll find a spectacular natural rocky window. This is another great place to take photos at the cliffs since the natural opening frames the white cliffs perfectly.

The spot is located near Malta's limestone quarry and pinned as "Dingli Cliffs Window".

Dingli cliffs window

Hiking to the Blue Grotto From the Cliffs (Red Walk)

If you're looking for a long, coastal hike at one of Malta's most beautiful stretches of Coastline, then consider the Red Walk, from the Dingli Cliffs to the famous Blue Grotto.

This follows stretches of the coastal heritage trail for around 14 kilometers (roughly 8 miles). Along the way, you'll pass the beautiful Ghar Lapsi area and the spectacular Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temple sites.

In total, the hike takes roughly 3 hours. If you're going to do this, I recommend walking early in the morning and starting at the Dingli Cliffs to avoid too much incline.

Hiking in malta

More Travel Inspiration for Malta

I hope you've enjoyed this quick guide to visiting Malta's spectacular Dingli Cliffs.

Below you'll find many more useful travel guides to these beautiful islands, covering well-known and must-visit tourist sites, and a few off-the-beaten-path hidden gems.

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