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Visiting Pueblito Paisa Medellín: Everything You Need to Know

Visiting Pueblito Paisa Medellín: Everything You Need to Know

Olly Gaspar

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Looking for something unique to do in Medellín? Make sure to check out Pueblito Paisa in the heart of the Medellín, Colombia.

Pueblito Paisa is a tourist attraction and replica of a turn-of-the-century town located in the hills of Medellín and offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Antioquian culture. Here, you’ll find cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, a beautiful church, and amazing views of the city.

Plus, there’s an outdoor gym, gardens, and museum on-site, making it a worthwhile spot to visit when in the city.

In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know to visit this awesome pueblito (small town) and include some photos from my recent trip.

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About Pueblito Paisa in Medellín

Entrance fee: free!

Pueblito Paisa is a replica of a traditional Antioquian town that was built in honor of the region's rich heritage. It's located on a small, green hill area beside the Medellín River called the Cerro Nutibara.

Visiting this awesome site allows visitors an opportunity to experience traditional Antioquian culture and architecture.

The Pueblito consists of a town square with a fountain at its center, colorfully-painted buildings, a beautiful white church, and green gardens complete with walking tracks and an outdoor gym. Additionally, the famous Museum of the City (Museo de Ciudad) is located here as well and is worth a visit if you are interested in history, art, and sculptures.

But, perhaps the best reason to make a trip up the hill is to see the incredible views on offer. Due to the high vantage point in the middle of the Aburrá Valley, you'll get amazing views of Medellín's sprawling barrios and metropolis. Trust me, this view makes the trip!

Crowds at pueblito paisa in medellin
Stall at pueblito paisa, medellin

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Make sure to check out the famous Medellin Bike City Tour.

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Antioquian town in colombia

Where is Pueblito Paisa?

The tiny Pueblito is located at the very top Cerro Nutibara (Nutibara Hill). The hill is situated right beside the banks of Medellín River, between the Conquistadores, Fatima, and Tenche districts.

While the best way to visit is to take the steep steps up through the gardens, there is also a road winding up the hill known as Vías Cerro Nutibara. This begins just off Calle 30A.

Below I've pinned the location to help you find it.

Map of pueblito paisa in medellin
Girl standing at a red window in a traditional antioquian town

How to get to Cerro Nutibara

Since this is a very popular tourist attraction, every driver in the city will know where to take you.

If you're coming form El Poblado, expect a 10-15 minute drive, depending on the traffic.

I chose to take an Uber here, which I paid roughly 7,000 COP for. While I wasn't staying in El Poblado, the distance was roughly the same.

However, one thing to note is that my Uber driver dropped me at the bottom of the hill. I'm assuming Uber's are not allowed to take the road up to the top. I didn't mind, as I was looking forward to the short hike.

With that said, I did notice taxi drivers were making the trip all the way to the Pueblito Paisa. So, if you're not too interested in walking, I'd suggest booking a taxi instead of an Uber since it seems they are the only ones allowed up.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to take public transport, the closest metro station is Industriales, which isn't too far of a walk from the bottom.

Stairs at nutibara hill

What to Expect at Pueblito Paisa - Medellín's Tiny Cobblestone Town

After spending a bit of time indoors trying to get some work done in Medellín, we found the visit to Cerro Nutibara quite refreshing. That's because it offers an opportunity to get out of the hustle-and-bustle and into nature. This is a popular spot for locals to walk their dogs, spend time with family, and have picnics.

Though the steps to the Pueblito Paisa are steep, the flight is short lived. And, before you know it, you'll arrive at the beautiful cobblestone town. On the way up, you'll also pass an outdoor gym workout area similar to the one at the top of Cerro de las Tres Cruces.

Nature trail in medellin city
Gym equipment at cerro nutibara

Pueblito Paisa Church

When you enter Pueblito Paisa, the first thing you'll see is the church. This is a beautiful replica of a church from Antioquia and it's a popular spot for people to take photos. This beautiful white church is built in a traditional style and while it is a reconstruction, it's said that the alter is over 100 years old.

Church at pueblito paisa in medellin

Pueblito Paisa Square

The main square is where everything is happening. You'll find stalls selling everything from souvenirs to fresh fruits, to snacks. There are also some decorated restaurants with colorful windows and doors.

Additionally, at the front of the square you'll find a large Medellín sign which is a popular spot for tourists and locals to take photos.

Beside this you'll find the Cacique Nutibara scultpure, which the talented José Horacio Betancur crafted back in 1955. This large concrete statue features two men, Chief Nutibara and another male warrior. Chief Nutibara was an indigenous chief who ruled the area prior to Spanish occupation.

Colombian tourist stall
Chief nutibara statue by josé horacio betancur
Colorful windows in medellin
Pueblito paisa medellin colombia 7

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Museum of the City (Museo de Ciudad)

Entrance fee: 5000 Colombian pesos

Located just opposite the Pueblito Paisa square is a large concrete building housing the Museo de Ciudad.

The museum tells the story of Medellín from its indigenous roots to present day. It features several photographs and replica sculptures by famous artists.

Map of medellin city at museo de ciudad in colombia.

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The Cerro Nutibara Medellín City Viewpoint

If you continue up the steps past the museum, you'll come up to a large grassed area which offers amazing views of Medellín and the surrounding mountains.

The area is cleared and very spacious to make room for the large amount of visitors that come here every day. As a result, you'll often find more stalls here selling snacks and drinks.

This raised section actually sits on top of a large water tank! We spent a good 20 minutes up here relaxing, enjoying the sun, and taking some photos of the city.

View of medellin city from pueblito paisa
View of medellin city from pueblito paisa
View of medellin city from pueblito paisa

Pueblito Paisa History

The Pueblito Paisa was built in the 1978 and while it looks like a very old town, it is in fact just a replica of a typical Antioquian pueblo from the turn of the century.

The developers began construction to showcase some of the traditions and architecture of Antioquia.

Where to Stay in Medellín

The most popular area to stay in Medellín is El Poblado. This is the main tourist district and features plenty of great cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, and activities.

However, if you're the type who would prefer to detour from the gringo trail, check out Laureles (my favorite), Envigado, or Belén.

Below are four great recommendations. However, I recommend checking out my detailed accommodation guide here for more options.

Elcielo hotel & restaurant medellin

1. Elcielo Hotel & Restaurant Luxury

The ultimate luxury experience in El Poblado. This is the top-rated 5-star hotel in the city and combines lush greens with a modern wood interior for the perfect luxury ambiance.

23 hotel medellin

2. 23 Hotel Medellin Mid-Range

A mid-range jungle-themed hotel with a rooftop pool and access to a hot tub overlooking El Poblado.

Rango hostel boutique medellin

3. Rango Hostel Boutique Budget

Probably the best backpacker hostel in Medellín. Features an epic rooftop bar and plenty of co-work and common spaces to hang out.

Hotel cavalta medellin

4. Hotel Cavalta Laureles

The best-rated hotel in the alternative neighborhood of Laureles. Excellent 5-star luxury offering free breakfast in a great location.

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