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Where to Stay in Minca: Best Hotels, Hostels, & Fincas

Where to Stay in Minca: Best Hotels, Hostels, & Fincas

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Stay in a mountain finca with ocean views over Santa Marta or relax in a hammock in one of the best hostels surrounded by howler monkeys. Plan where to stay in Minca, Colombia!

Minca, a charming town nestled in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, is a nature lover’s paradise. This mountain town is an adventure-filled gateway with amazing hikes, waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and amazing freshwater swimming holes.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat at a luxury eco-resort or boutique hotel, or a chance to experience real Colombian culture and hospitality at one of the amazing “Fincas“, this Minca accommodation guide will have you covered.

My favorite places to stay are the Finca San Rafael with on-site finca tours, and Casas Viejas for the most epic hostel experience nestled in the jungle.

Infographic map showing where to stay in minca, colombia
Map showing the different areas to stay in Minca

Where to Stay in Minca: The 3 Best Neighborhoods (Areas)

Wondering which area of Minca you should pick for your hotel or lodging? Below is a brief area and neighborhood outline– click the links to skip straight to the hotel recommendations.

Minca Town - Best Place to Stay for Cafes & Restaurants

Minca town boasts some of the best restaurants and is conveniently located next to a fast-flowing river that is the perfect place to cool down after a long day of hiking.

As the main launch pad for all the fun things to do in Minca, this area has some of the best hostels and hotels that are the perfect choice once you have hopped off the minibus from Santa Marta.

Costeno river outdoor view, mincaCosteño River Minca$$$
Hotel minca - la casona outdoor swimming pool and lounge areaHotel Minca - La Casona$$$
Minca ecohabs accomodationEcohabs$$
Dunarinka mincaDunarinka$
Sitting in minca town at a local pizza restaurant
Haylea enjoying lunch in Minca Town

Costeño River Minca

If tranquility is something you're looking for go no further than Costeno River Minca. This secluded hotel sits on the Rio Mina River and is nestled perfectly amongst the trees of the jungle.

Costeno River Minca is an adults-only accommodation and provides its guests with dorms and private rooms that boast incredible views over the nearby landscapes.

There is a large outdoor seating area and an incredible outdoor swimming pool. It is located close to the main area of town and is a short 5-minute walk to the river. And for those wanting to explore further, it is an easy hike to the Ear of the World Waterfall.

The best part is there is an on-site bar with happy hour each day!

Hotel Minca - La Casona

If you don't want to move from your hotel for the day and just want to relax Hotel Minca - La Casona is your best choice. Firstly, it is located close to town and surrounded by nature and it has its very own cafe and restaurant.

It features an outdoor pool with incredible views over the surrounding valleys. Hotel Minca has many lounging areas for those wanting to relax or meet other travelers. Furthermore, it offers a range of rooms that feature their own private bathroom with hot water.

Pozo Azul waterfall and swimming hole are located 1 km from the property.

Tropical bird at sunrise on the mountains of minca, colombia

Minca Ecohabs

Still, wondering where to stay in Minca? Minca Ecohabs Hotel is another great choice for those wanting to be close to Minca's main town but far enough away from the hustle and bustle.

Featuring bungalow-styled rooms with mosquito nets, private bathrooms, and a mini bar this screams relaxation. It is perfect for those on a lower budget who want to experience a relaxing stay.

The location looks over the surrounding mountains and jungle and the town is just a short walk away. It has access to many of the surrounding hikes and activities.

It is known for its incredible sounds of the jungle at night.

Tip: Be sure to pack mosquito repellent when visiting Minca as Haylea got severely bitten by sandflies when hiking to the surrounding waterfalls. The itchiness from these bites can make you go a little crazy!


Another great choice for low-budget backpackers looking for epic Minca hostels, this is the perfect option for you. Located a short walk from the main town this accommodation offers guests a shared kitchen, living space, outdoor netted hammock area, and great views over the surrounding mountains.

I stayed at Dunarinka and loved my time here. It's in a quiet area away from the loud motorbikes and town music. The owner and staff of Dunarinka were always there to help and answer any questions.

The best part about Dunarinka was watching the sunset from the shared lounge whilst admiring the local honey birds drinking from the hanging feeders.

Pros of Staying in Minca Town

  1. A close walk to many restaurants and stores
  2. Easy to get a motorbike or walk to the surrounding waterfalls
  3. Touristy town and a great place to relax and meet other backpackers
  4. Easy walk to Minca hostels and hotels in the main area
  5. Close to the bus drop/pick-up location to Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park
  6. Close to the main river that runs through town which is great for swimming

Cons of Staying in Minca Town

  1. Loud as there are many motorbikes and cars in the main area all-day
  2. Dusty - Lots of dirt on the road and this puts lots of dust into the air
  3. Music from bars/restaurants may be heard
  4. Not as much nature or wildlife in this area

Stay in a Finca or Coffee & Cacao Plantation

This area is a must-visit if you're wanting to experience the real Colombian coffee experience. These Minca hostels and Fincas offer some of the best knowledge on the harvesting and production of Colombian coffee.

Sierra alta finca boutique bedroom, mincaSierra Alta Finca Boutique$$$$
Casas viejas by masaya hotel in mincaCasa Viejas$$$
Finca carpe diem ecolodge deluxe suiteFinca Carpe Diem Ecolodge$$
Finca san rafael mincaFinca San Rafael$$
Coca plantation collection area at a finca, minca
Finca san rafael cocoa and coffee harvesting process

Sierra Alta Finca Boutique

An absolute must-stay if you're wanting to be immersed in nature with luxury service. Sierra Alta Finca Boutique Hotel offers beautiful gardens with excellent views over Santa Marta and the surrounding Sierra mountains.

Although the property is 13 km from the town of Minca there is no need to worry as there is an on-site restaurant and transport can be arranged.

A range of different-sized private and family rooms are available and they all boast incredible views over the surrounding landscapes. Above all, there is a hot tub jacuzzi that has guests raving in the reviews!

Casa Viejas

One of the best Minca hostels, located 1600m above sea level on a 500-hectare coffee farm you will find Casa Viejas. This fantastic hostel boasts fantastic views with a jaw-dropping outdoor infinity pool.

It is perfect for those wanting to relax and unwind in the wild nature of Minca. It has both dorm rooms and private rooms and its very own on-site restaurant. furthermore, there are various activities on the property such as bike riding, yoga, massage, bird watching, and coffee tours.

With over 1,000 reviews and a great star rating, Casa Viejas has something for everyone to enjoy!

Finca Carpe Diem Ecolodge

Another great choice for a finca stay is the Finca Carpe Diem Ecolodge. Nestled in the jungle Finca Carpe Diem Ecolodge showcases beautifully designed bungalows with three outdoor swimming pools.

There is a restaurant on site that serves delicious meals made from organic products, coupled with a vending machine and laundry facility. Above all, you can participate in a range of product workshops that promote how to grow and produce your own honey, cocoa, coffee, and cheese.

The finca sits on the Manzanares River and a range of activities such as hiking and swimming are arranged for those staying at the property.

Finca San Rafael

Lastly, Finca San Rafael sits up on the mountain 2 km from Minca town center and produces incredible coffee and hosts informational tours on the production of coffee.

I stayed at Finca San Rafael and even extended my stay by a week as I immersed myself in the jungle and lapped up the incredible views over the town. There is an on-site restaurant that serves delicious meals throughout the day and a free breakfast.

Both dorm and private rooms are available on the property. Additionally, there is an outdoor swimming pool with vast views over the surrounding tropical gardens and plantation. Toucans and honeybirds can be spotted in the early morning here and if you're lucky you might even spot a howler monkey.

This was by far one of my favorite Minca hostels.

Tip: If you're into photography like me then set that alarm early! Wake up to find the surrounding jungle beaming with life from monkeys, toucans, and hummingbirds appearing in all directions. Trust me it's worth it!

Toucan in sierra nevada de santa marta

Pros of Staying at a Minca Coffe & Cocao Plantation

  1. Located in the middle of the jungle in Minca with only nature surrounding you
  2. Peaceful area and perfect for bird watching/ howler monkey spotting
  3. It boasts the best coffee
  4. Great place to relax without the interruption of noise or town traffic
  5. Learn about coffee and explore the plantations during your stay at no extra cost

Cons of Staying at a Minca Coffe & Cocao Plantation

  1. Lots of mosquitos/sandflies
  2. It is a long walk to town
  3. Limited wifi connection due to the location of the properties

Stay in Minca Accommodation on the Mountain Ridges

In this area, you will find some of the most unique accommodation choices in all of Minca. Surrounded by the mountains and jungle, this area is perfect for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle and hear the sounds of nature.

Trekker glamping mincaTrekker Glamping$$$$
Mundo nuevo eco lodge swimming poolMundo Nuevo Eco Lodge$$$
Hostal sierra mincaSierra Minca$$
Loma nevada minca hotelLoma Nevada$$
Dorm room at siembra hotel & spaSiembra Hotel & Spa
Secluded finca on the mountains in minca, colombia

Trekker Glamping

Still, looking for the perfect 5-star Minca hotel? Trekker Glamping is the perfect option for those wanting to be surrounded by wilderness yet still close enough to Minca town.

Above all, Trekker Glamping boasts incredible views over the surrounding mountains and is the perfect location for watching the sunset. However, the coolest thing about this accommodation is the choice of sleeping in igloo-styled bungalows.

In addition, there is an on-site restaurant, hot tub, swimming pool, and plenty of activities such as yoga, biking, and massages. Additionally, you can hike to the 360 Mirador viewpoint hike or go horse riding.

Tip: This is the perfect place to turn your mobile to airplane mode and take in a few hours of nature without being interrupted by the sounds of notifications!

Mundo Nuevo Eco Lodge

Another great Minca accommodation choice is the Mundo Eco Lodge. Situated in the mountains just a short drive from Minca town this lodge boasts incredible vistas from the outdoor swimming pool.

Guests can enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, horse riding, bird watching, and learning about the production of honey. The property produces its own organic fruit and vegetables and this is served in a range of vegetarian dishes at the on-site restaurant.

There is free wifi throughout the lodge and a range of dorm rooms with a shared bathroom or family rooms with private bathrooms to choose from with views of the garden.

Additionally, there is free parking on the property for those with a car.

Hostal Sierra Minca

Hostal Sierra Minca is by far one of the best adventure lovers' accommodation choices in Minca. Located in the hills behind Minca town it offers its guests incredible views over the surrounding mountains and jungle.

Still, wondering why you should stay at this hostel in Minca? Firstly it has an outdoor infinity pool, a large common area, a dining area, and its very own zipline! On the other hand, you can sit in one of the netted seating areas and try and spot the local howler monkeys.

Guests can choose to stay in a private room or dorm-styled room. Furthermore, there is a restaurant on-site and free American breakfast available.

There is no wifi on the property however don't let this turn you away. It is the perfect place and opportunity to meet other travelers and undertake some adventurous activities such as bike riding or the Los Pinos hike.

Loma Nevada

Loma Nevada is another hotel that deserves a spot on this Minca accommodation list! A great choice for gym junkies wanting a unique experience.

Located in the mountains behind Minca Town Loma Nevada offers an outdoor fitness center with incredible views over the surrounding valley. Additionally, it is a popular area for hiking and mountain biking.

The bungalow-styled rooms have private bathrooms and have views over the outdoor swimming pool and gardens below. There is a restaurant on-site with a vegetarian breakfast or American breakfast each morning.

The perfect place to switch off and relax.

La Veranda Hotel & Restaurant

Last but not least the incredible La Veranda Hotel. This 4-star adult-only Minca hotel is located on the mountainside with an unbeatable swimming pool and relaxation area.

Private rooms and dorm rooms are beautifully designed with views over the surrounding gardens. It boasts a large sun terrace which is a great place for people to meet up and relax over a few drinks.

It also boasts a hot tub, yoga classes, and sauna, and has its very own wellness center on the property for guests to enjoy.

This one is a great value-for-money choice!

Pros of Staying on the Mountain Ridges of Minca

  1. Surrounded by nature and animals. The perfect place for those wanting to photograph birds or monkeys
  2. Great place to relax and meet other travelers (no wifi means more speaking)
  3. Accommodation in this area of Minca is close to lots of hiking trails and waterfalls
  4. Nearby hike with incredible 360 mountain views
  5. limited wifi/cell service so no distractions

Cons of Staying on the Mountain Ridges of Minca

  1. Long walk from town or to restaurants
  2. May need to pay extra for a motorbike taxi to reach the desired accommodation
  3. Limited cellphone service and this may be an issue If you're working online

My Hotel Selection Process

  • Accommodation Criteria: I've chosen accommodations in Minca that are traditional Fincas, hotels, or hostels. Each option satisfies the criteria of great current reviews, good value for money, and unique offerings like pools, restaurants, etc.
  • My Experience: I stayed in several of the accommodations listed above with my partner Haylea. We spent nearly a month in the mountains of Minca and I was able to select the hotels and rate them based on my own personal experiences and word of mouth from other travelers.
  • Top Reviews: Every recommendation on this list maintains a strong customer review rating of at least 4/5 or equivalent on leading booking sites. I compare and analyze hundreds of customer reviews across sources to find the top recommendations.
  • Local Insights: During my time in Minca I spoke to many locals in the tourism industry to get personalized recommendations for the best up-and-coming accommodation options. Many recommendations come directly from word of mouth, especially that of Finca San Rafael.

Read more about how I review & select hotels & accommodations.

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I'm Olly, a full-time traveler since 2018. Each accommodation option in this guide is handpicked by me. Read my travel review ethics statement.

FAQ When Staying in Minca

How do I get to Minca?

Public buses run regularly from Santa Marta's main market, taking approximately 45 minutes. Shared jeeps and taxis are also an option however this can cost more than a bus.

Is Minca safe for solo travelers?

Yes, Minca is generally considered safe. However, use common sense as you would anywhere, especially when hiking alone or walking at night.

When is the best time to visit Minca?

Minca is lovely all year round. However, the best mix of weather and lower crowds, aim for shoulder seasons (April-May, September-October). Summers (December-February) are drier, great for outdoor activities but potentially more crowded and the waterfalls are running less.

What are the top things to do when staying in Minca?

- Hiking to waterfalls like Pozo Azul and Marinka
- Birdwatching and wildlife spotting
- Coffee plantation tours
- Swimming in the river and natural pools
- Exploring Minca town's restaurants and shops

Are there ATMs in Minca?

There are limited ATMs in town and they can run out of cash. It's best to bring enough Colombian pesos from Santa Marta to cover your stay in Minca.

And that's a wrap for this comprehensive accommodation guide summing up the best areas and the top hotels in Minca, Colombia.

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Girl and sunset at coffee plantation in minca

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