A quick travel guide outlining 7 waterfalls near Hobart anyone can see on a quick day trip. Explore pristine forests and scenic cascades just a quick hop from Hobart city.

Hobart is the city where most Aussie and international travellers land when flying into Tasmania. Besides driving to the summit of Mount Wellington, what better way of exploring Tassie’s iconic wilderness than to go on a quick waterfall chasing trip straight from town?

In this guide, I’ll outline the seven best waterfalls near Hobart that anyone can visit on a quick day trip. I’ve also included useful information on how to get to each waterfall below to help you plan your waterfall adventures.

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Top Waterfalls Near Hobart

Below is the rundown of the best waterfalls near Hobart. Continue reading for a quick guide on how to get to each waterfall with photography to inspire your visit!

  1. Myrtle Gully Falls (Secret Falls)
  2. Strickland Falls
  3. O’Gradys Falls
  4. Silver Falls
  5. Wellington Falls
  6. Snug Falls
  7. Mount Field National Park Waterfalls

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1. Myrtle Gully Falls (Secret Falls)

Known as Tasmania’s worst-kept secret, Myrtle Gully Falls, or Secret Falls as it’s also known, is a small cascade at the end of Old Farm Road, in the Cascades area of Hobart.

To get here, head down cascade road, pass the iconic “Cascade Brewery” and continue all the way down to the end of Old Farm Road. Here, you’ll find a small carpark to begin the walk.

This tiny little waterfall has gained popularity not for its size, but for its scenic surroundings and easy access. Walkers will find this quaint Hobart waterfall just five minutes down the “Myrtle Gully Track” near the fire trail access.


2. Strickland Falls

It seems there are hundreds of waterfalls in Australia sharing the name “Strickland Falls” The Strickland waterfall near Hobart is another great option for a quick visit to experience tranquil cascades and dense forest typical at the feet of Mount Wellington. Best of all, it’s just a 10-minute drive from the centre of the city!

Flowing from the Hobart Rivulet, Strickland Falls is roughly 4 metres tall but has several beautiful cascades further upstream. There is a carpark dedicated to the falls just off Strickland Avenue (Fern Tree). From here, it’s just a 10-minute walk to reach the main drop.


3. O’Gradys Falls

While you’re visiting Strickland Falls, you may as well head up the Rivulet trail, accessible from the same carpark up to O’Gradys Falls. This is another waterfall near Hobart that’s definitely worthy of a visit.

O’Gradys Falls is a much taller waterfall than the others already mentioned but you will need commit to a short walk to reach it. The truth is, there are dozens of ways to reach this waterfall as the web of hiking trails around Mount Wellington intersect.

Whichever track you take, once you reach it, you’ll notice a wooden altitude sign (450 metres above sea-level) and a skinny wooden bridge. This is a great vantage point of the 10 metre tall O’Gradys Falls but you can also walk around the track to reach its base quite easily.


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4. Silver Falls

Accessible via many hiking trails on Mount Wellington, Silver Falls is another cascade worthy of a spot on the list of great waterfalls near Hobart.

Silver Falls flows on Browns River, a historic watercourse on the slopes of Mount Wellington that has and continues to provide water to Hobart’s citizens.

The best way to reach Silver Falls is to head to Fern Tree and take one of the many tracks leading to the waterfall. While again, this isn’t the largest waterfall near Hobart, those keen on extending their adventure can continue up to the Springs or even to Wellington Falls (below) as we did.


5. Wellington Falls

Wellington Falls is the largest waterfall in Wellington National Park. Fittingly then, it also requires the lengthiest hike to reach.

Wellington Falls is a tall cascade with two major drops tucked away a small corner of the forest. At the end of a long walk, visitors can admire the falls from a vantage point above or continue down to its base.

To get to Wellington Falls, you can either start at Fern Tree as we did, or drive up to The Springs for a shorter trip. The official signs state that the return trip can take over seven hours but we did it in around four.

The track leading to Wellington Falls, the biggest waterfall near Hobart, is a great adventure requiring scenic forest strolls, boulder hopping and even a short stretch through 1000 metre+ alpine conditions.

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6. Snug Falls

The last falls on this list of Hobart waterfalls is located in the nearby town of Snug, just 20 minutes south of Hobart. This waterfall drops over 25 metres in a beautiful eucalypt ampitheatre reached at the end of a short 1.5 kilometre walk.

Even if you don’t have a car, you can reach snug by taking a bus. However, the Snug Falls track is located at the end of a narrow unsealed road approximately 6 kilometres from the bus stop. So, from town you’ll either need to put in an extra few kilometres or try your luck hitchhiking.

The track to Snug Falls begins just before a bend on the unsealed Snug Falls Road. It’s relatively easy, involving a gentle descent for the majority of the walk to the falls. Consequently though, you’ll need to put the legs into gear on the way back up. But, don’t worry, this one really is quite easy and more of a relaxing stroll than anything.

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7. Mount Field National Park Waterfalls (The Three Falls Track)

It would really be a shame to disclude the epic Mount Field waterfalls in an article about waterfalls near Hobart. That’s because these waterfalls are among some of the best in Tasmania and easily reachable on a day trip from Hobart.

What’s great about the Mount Field waterfalls is that you can see all three on a single track (the Three Falls Track). These include Tasmania’s most famous waterfall, Russell Falls, as well as the highly underrated Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls. The only catch is that a visit to these waterfalls requires a roughly one-hour drive from Hobart. Luckily, if you don’t have a car, there is a guided tour which includes a stop at Mount Field and the waterfalls.

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To save you time, I’ve written a comprehensive guide about Mount Field and the waterfall track. This includes everything you need to know about getting here and what to expect.

How to Get to these Iconic Waterfalls Near Hobart

By far, the best way to explore all of these waterfalls near Hobart is to have your own car. However, if you don’t, don’t worry, there are a few options for you other than renting one.

Many of the waterfalls near Hobart located on the slopes of Mount Wellington and the cascades are reachable on foot or by taking a bus closer to the trailhead. Check out the Hobart bus schedule and route here.

Also, for those who would rather just book a guided tour I’ve listed the best-rated and most cost-effective waterfall trip below.

Book: Mount Field Waterfalls & Mount Wellington Day Trip

Where to Stay in Hobart

I’ve written a separate, comprehensive accommodation guide for where to stay in Hobart. But, below are 3 of the best-rated and most popular accommodation options for varying budgets. They’re a good starting point but make sure to check out the complete guide before you book!

The area closest to most highlights in Hobart is called “Salamanca Place“. This area has great restaurants and bars and is close to the markets, wharf, museums and the Elizabeth Mall.

However, Hobart is a relatively small city of just over 200 000 and consequently, most accommodation options in the inner suburbs provide easy access to most of the highlights.

Best Mid-Range Hotel: The Rivulet
The Rivulet is an awesome 19th century, heritage-listed manor. It offers some of the best suites in Hobart without a ridiculous price tag.

The location is perfect and accommodation includes the best-ranked breakfast in Hobart.

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Rivulet accommodation Hobart

Best Budget Hostel: Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse
For budget travellers and backpackers, Montacute is by far the best place to stay in Hobart. This is a great hostel that is ranked as having the best vibe in the city.

Dorm beds are as little as $30 a night which is a great value. Especially considering most of the other hostels are the same price or more!

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Montactute Hobart Hostel

Best Luxury Accommodation: The Grand Chancellor
Centrally located on the waterfront overlooking Constitution Dock, the Grand Chancellor Hotel is one of the most prominent accommodation options in Hobart.

You’ll get harbour views and access to the heated, indoor pool with mountain views. There’s also an in-house gym, restaurant and bar that will make you not want to leave the hotel!

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