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Wellington Falls and the Disappearing Tarn on Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Wellington Falls and the Disappearing Tarn on Mount Wellington, Tasmania

A detailed hiking guide for those looking to get to Wellington Falls Tasmania in Wellington Park near Hobart. Explore scenic alpine trails, see the fabled potato fields and get a chance to witness the elusive Disappearing Tarn on a day-hike from Hobart.

Did you know that Wellington Falls is the tallest waterfall on Mount Wellington in Tasmania? Fittingly then, getting here requires the longest walk! In this blog post, I aim to arm you with everything you need to tackle the Wellington Falls hike on Milles Track. I’ve also included a small section dedicated to the Disappearing Tarn which is accessible on the track.

About the Wellington Falls Track on Mount Wellington

As mentioned, getting to Wellington Falls requires a rather long hike from Hobart. While the waterfall itself is the largest in the park, it’s by no means the most impressive in Tasmania. However, it is still a waterfall worth visiting especially since there are plenty of things to see on the way.

The track to Wellington Falls is known as Milles Track and departs from The Springs in Wellington Park. However, as you’ll see in this guide, there are several ways to start the walk.

Tip: If you’re visiting Hobart, one of the best ways to experience the hiking trails and waterfalls on Mount Wellington and the incredible Mount Field National Park is to book a full-day guided experience from Hobart.

Where to Start the Wellington Falls Track

Option 1: The Springs

The official starting point for Milles Track leading to Wellington Falls is at The Springs, approximately 750 metres up Kunanyi (Mount Wellington). You’ll find it signposted just up Grays Fire Trail after a small set of stairs.

To get to The Springs, you can either drive from Hobart or get the shuttle bus. If you’re taking the bus, I recommend just purchasing an Explorers Pass online. This will give you unlimited 24-hour access to jump on and off the bus so you can even sneak in a trip to the summit.

Option 2: Fern Tree

As we were in our big van, we wanted to avoid another drive up to The Springs during a busy weekend. So, instead we decided to park our car near the suburb of Fern Tree at the base of Mount Wellington. This added a bit more of a climb but allowed us also to check out Silver Falls on the way.

If you’d like to follow our route to Wellington Falls from Fern Tree, I’d recommend parking at the local park at the start of “Westringa Road” to avoid too much road trekking.

Wellington Falls GPX File

Below I’ve attached my GPX file generated on my Garmin watch. Navigating on the Milles Track to Wellington Falls is really easy, so you won’t necessarily need the maps for navigation.

GPX File: Download

My Strava: Visit

The Wellington Falls Hike

Hiking Distance: 20 KM return (Fern Tree)
Duration: 5-7 hours
Elevation: 950 M total elevation gain
Difficulty: Moderate but a long day hike

Below I will break down the route that we took to reach Wellington Falls following the Pipeline Track, Silver Falls Track and then the Milles Track all the way to the waterfall. This can be completed by anyone with a decent level of fitness as long as you are prepared for a rather long day hike of 20 kilometres.

We had excellent hiking conditions in late April with no snow or rain. However, the slopes of Mount Wellington can turn into a different place in winter. Therefore it is advisable to monitor conditions and prepare for alpine environments even though you are close to Hobart.

If you’re starting from The Springs, begin reading from here.

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Fern Tree to Silver Falls

Leaving our car at the local park, we crossed Huon road and followed the “Maps.Me” app through local roads towards for about 5 minutes to gain the Pipeline Track.

The Pipeline Track quickly merges into Silver Falls track, and before we knew it, we found ourselves at yet another waterfall in Wellington Park.


Silver Falls isn’t the most impressive waterfall in Tasmania but it was a good spot to prepare for the coming short but steep climb to The Springs.


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Silver Falls to The Springs

The track continues on from Silver Falls by climbing a wooden staircase. From here, the track is known as Reids Track, a short but sharp historic rocky trail that has long been a shortcut to The Springs.

Milles Track

The Springs serves as a great hub for all of the great hikes around Wellington Park. There are facilities including toilets, a small day-use hut with a fireplace, maps, information boards and even a cafe.

If you’re planning to get to Wellington Falls from The Springs, then it’s appropriate to start reading here.

If you check the information boards at the Springs, you’ll find a map showing the route to Milles Track.

You’ll find it just off the start of the Pinnacle Track. After a short set of stairs through the forest, the Pinnacle Track forks onto another short set of stairs on Grays Fire Trail, turn left here.


Next, continue on for a signs showing the fork to the Ice House Track and Wellington Falls (Milles Track). Once you are on Milles Track, you’re set for the rest of the walk all the way to Wellington Falls, which is 7 kilometres further on.


Milles Track begins as a gentle, flat forest stroll with occasional clearings offering excellent views over Hobart and beyond. There are also small streams running down on a few sections where we filled up our drink bottles.

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The Potato Fields

As we continued on Milles Track, we noticed that the bouldered ground slowly became rockier. Eventually, the track opens up to reveal a boulder-filled landscape with more dispersed eucalypt growth. Soon after, we passed a fork with signs to “Snake Plains Track”. Although unnoticeable, this marks the point where the Milles Track turns into Wellington Falls Track.


As we continued, we reached the large boulder field known as the Potato Fields. This section was a little tiring as we were constantly careful not to slip and slide as we hopped from boulder to boulder.

Crossing the Potato Fields on the way to Wellington Falls Tasmania

The Disappearing Tarn

The Disappearing Tarn is a Hobart phenomenon that only appears after heavy rainfall, hence the name “Disappearing Tarn”. I’d been told about this magical spot and seen photos online and we were optimistic about seeing it. The boulders form a small natural alpine pool (tarn) which is usually aquatic turquoise in colour.

While we were hopeful that we’d get at least a glimpse of it on the way to Wellington Falls, the spot where we thought it would be was completely dry. In fact, there was no pooling of any water anywhere near the Potato Fields so we continued on a little disappointed.

If it’s Winter and there has been heavy rainfall, then let me know if you find it. Below I’ll include the GPS coordinates for approximately the Disappearing Tarn is supposed to be located (The Google Maps pin is totally off).

42°55’28″S 147°12’36″E

Continuing on the Endless Boulders

Truthfully, before departing on the Wellington Falls hike, we weren’t really prepared for this much boulder and rock hopping. The field seems to stretch on forever. However, we pushed on, following the orange post markers to navigate through the best routes.

I’d imagine in heavy rain, fog or snowfall that these post markers would be life-savers!

Descending to Wellington Falls

Continuing on from the Potato Fields, the track gives you a slight break from rocks by evening out on muddy earth. This track then undulates slightly through dense, prickly forests before descending sharply to Wellington Falls.


Once you arrive, you’ll see a fork with signs to the waterfall lookout. From here, you can continue right to reach the top of the waterfall.

The Wellington Falls lookout is a great spot to observe Hobart’s tallest waterfall. However, there is a bit of tree growth blocking half the waterfall. I carefully walked around to the left to get a bit of a better view. Be careful though, these sections are steep and help is far away!

View of Wellington Falls Tasmania

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Returning to Fern Tree

After resting the legs and enjoying the view of Wellington Falls from the lookout, we doubled back and return to Fern Tree taking the same route.


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The area closest to most highlights in Hobart is called “Salamanca Place“. This area has great restaurants and bars and is close to the markets, wharf, museums and the Elizabeth Mall.

However, Hobart is a relatively small city of just over 200 000 and consequently, most accommodation options in the inner suburbs provide easy access to most of the highlights.

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You’ll get harbour views and access to the heated, indoor pool with mountain views. There’s also an in-house gym, restaurant and bar that will make you not want to leave the hotel!

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I hope that this hiking guide to reaching Wellington Falls Tasmania and the Disappearing Tarn has been useful in planning your next adventure from Hobart.

If you’re searching for more Tasmanian travel guides or adventure inspiration, make sure to check out some of my other articles below. Also, if you manage to find the Disappearing Tarn, let me know, I’d love to see photos of it!


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