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Snug Falls Tasmania – An Awesome Waterfall Walk Near Hobart

Snug Falls Tasmania – An Awesome Waterfall Walk Near Hobart

Olly Gaspar

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Snug Falls is a popular local waterfall near the suburb of Snug, Tasmania. Read this detailed guide to hiking the short Snug Falls walk on a pristine eucalypt track just a short drive from Hobart.

Just a short twenty-minute drive from Hobart is the quaint seaside town of Snug. While known mostly to visitors as a brief stop before the Bruny Island Ferry, Snug has its very own waterfall track leading to a pristine waterfall known as Snug Falls.

In this guide, I’ll outline everything you need to know about getting to Snug Falls Tasmania, as well as provide an account and photographs of my experience on the walk.

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Where is Snug Falls

Snug Falls is located on the Snug River within a natural eucalyptus forest just 5.9 kilometres from the town of Snug. This is approximately 24 kilometres south of Hobart, Tasmania. The waterfall is at the base of a short walking track leading to the river from an unsealed road.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Snug Falls Track"
Map of snug falls in tasmania

How to Get to Snug Falls

To get to Snug Falls, it's best to have your own car or transport. That's because there are no tours to this attraction operating out of Hobart. My advice is to enter in the Google Maps pin above (accurate), which will lead you to the trailhead found down Snug Falls Road, stemming from Snug Tiers Road.

This 5 kilometre stretch of road is unsealed but quite well-maintained. We managed without any problems in our big campervan so any vehicle type should be fine. However, this road winds and ascends up a narrow ridge with little room to accommodate two passing vehicles. Therefore it's best to take it slow.

If you don't have your own car and you are eager to visit the waterfall, then it's possible to take a bus from Hobart to Snug. From Snug, the public transport options are non-existent, so you'd have to walk the extra 5.4 kilometres or try your luck hitching to the falls. When we visited on a clear weekend morning, there were at least five other cars parked at the trailhead.

Sunset on a winding road in tasmania

Car Rentals in Tasmania

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The Snug Falls Walk

  • Hiking Distance: 2.9 kilometres return (out-and-back)
  • Duration: 40 minutes - 1 hour
  • Elevation: 145 metres total elevation gain, all on the way back up
  • Difficulty: Easy

The Snug Falls walk is a fairly easy waterfall hike suitable for families and pets. The trailhead picks up directly from Snug Falls Road just opposite the cleared space to park your car. The walk follows a well-maintained track down to the river over 1.5 kilometres.

The trailhead signpost says 2 kilometres return, but this is inaccurate. The walk to the waterfall is mostly downhill, so make sure to prepare yourself for the walk back up on the same track.

Snug falls walk tasmania

The Snug Falls Track

Starting from the signed trailhead, the track almost immediately begins the gentle descent down to the waterfall clearing. Along the way, you'll pass huge fallen trees that you will need to duck under. There are also some small but beautiful sandstone caves along the track that are worth checking out.

Snug falls track

Roughly halfway on the waterfall ascent, you will see a small shelter. This is known as "The Pub With No Beer".

The pub with no beer, tasmanian waterfall hike

Continuing on from the shelter, the descent steepens slightly before opening up to a beautiful rocky waterfall amphitheatre.

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What to Expect at Snug Falls Tasmania

Snug Falls is a beautiful, 25-metre tall waterfall cascading down a sheer sedimentary cliff face. The source, the Snug River, has several tributaries which enables the waterfall to have decent flow all year round.

However, during my visit the waterfall was more of a gentle trickle. Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to take some photos and relax.

The pool below the waterfall is quite shallow and there is a large log with one end impaled into it and the other resting on the waterfall wall. The pool is quite shallow, so not really big enough to swim.

Snug falls tasmania
Sunrise at mount amos tasmania

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Is Snug Falls Dog Friendly?

Dogs are welcome to visit this waterfall. In fact, Snug Falls is known as a popular waterfall near Hobart to bring pets. That's because the waterfall doesn't lie within a National Park.

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