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5 Top Things to do in Jodhpur in One Day – 2023 Jodhpur Day Itinerary

5 Top Things to do in Jodhpur in One Day – 2023 Jodhpur Day Itinerary

Visiting the old Marwar Captial in a hurry? Here’s a thrilling list of highlights and things to do in Jodhpur in one day! Discover the best Blue City attractions in a quick one day Jodhpur Itinerary that won’t leave you wishing you had more time – at least not too much.

Jodhpur is the second-most populous city in Rajasthan and the old capital of the mighty Marwar Kingdom. As you’d expect, the city is rich in history, Rajasthani culture, and incredible architecture.

In this quick and painless India travel guide, I’ll detail the best Jodhpur one day itinerary for you to follow on your trip. This guide will be a bit fast-paced, but it covers all of the best things to do in Jodhpur in one day, including the Mehrangarh Fort, visiting the Blue City, Clocktower Market, Jodhpur Stepwell, and more!

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First: Consider This Epic Jodhpur Day Tour

The Blue City of India is a city full of history, culture, and stunning architecture. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to plan your itinerary. That's why choosing a day tour is an excellent idea. A day tour allows you to see the best of Jodhpur's attractions without the stress of planning, navigating, and finding transportation.

A good option is to see Jodhpur through the eyes of a local with the famous Jodphur private tour. This includes the top attractions including the Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, and Umaid Bhawan Palace. This will also save you time haggling for rickshaws as you race to the next attraction

I's also super affordable and rated 5-stars on Viator, arguably the best booking sites in India.

Things to do in Jodhpur in One Day

Depending on what time you arrive, you might struggle to fit all of these things to do and places to visit in Jodhpur in one day.

However, this itinerary will assume that you've got a full day to explore this incredible city if you don't feel free to pick and choose some of the Jodhpur attractions listed below to form your own itinerary!

1. Explore The Mehrangarh Fort

You simply cannot visit Jodhpur and not see the incredible Mehrangarh Fort. It's one of the most massive forts in India and towers 125 meters above the ancient city. Once inside, you are free to explore the historic villas, rooms, treasures, and museums within.

Visiting the fort will take a considerable chunk out of your already packed one-day Jodhpur itinerary. Therefore, I suggest heading up to the fort as your first port of call. Entry to the fort starts at 9 AM, giving you a bit of time to eat breakfast at your accommodation beforehand.

Entry to the Mehrangarh Fort costs 400 rupees for foreigners and 40 for Indians. I generally keep these up-to-date, but you can double-check on the Jodhpur tourism website.

Book: Transport To & Guided Tour of The Mehrangarh

2. Photograph the Blue Streets of Jodhpur

Like many cities in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has a designated color that describes its dominant architectural color scheme. Jodhpur is known as the Blue City, and you will find many dazzling blue streets throughout the Old City underneath the fort.

However, when I first set out to photograph the alluring blue streets as part of my growing list of things to do in Jodhpur in one day, I discovered it wasn't as easy to find as first expected. Therefore, if you're in a rush and longing to cram the sea of blue streets into your itinerary, I highly recommend reading my self-guided article to where to find the Blue City streets of Jodhpur.

Otherwise, you could also book a quick 2-hour walking tour of the Blue City after checking out the fort just in time for a late afternoon lunch at your next stop: the Clocktower Market.

Book: Quick 2-Hour Walking Tour of the Jodhpur Blue City

Portrait of a woman for her wedding in jodhpur, india
Blue city jodhpur, rajasthan, india
Where to find the blue city in jodhpur

3. Browse the Market Wares at the Clocktower Market

After all of that walking, you'll no doubt be getting hungry! This next stop on this one day in Jodhpur itinerary is the city's central hub: The Clocktower Market. This central clocktower is known as the Ghanta Ghar, a historical monument surrounded by a buzzing bazaar known as the Sardar Market.

Exploring the goods for sale is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. But, what's even better are the surrounding restaurants. Take your pick from fresh samosas, table-width thalis, or delicious plates of dal baati churma.

The ghanta ghar clocktower market in jodhpur, india
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4. Stop By the Jodhpur Stepwell

Located just a quick stroll from the Sardar Market is Jodhpur's famous stepwell. If you've still got daylight left, then this is going to be the last attraction on this Jodhpur one day itinerary.

Known as Toorki Ka Jhalra, or Tooji's Stepwell, it was constructed in 1740 to serve as a central hub for Jodhpur citizens to collect water, socialize, and to sell their goods and produce.

Today, it's a popular historic site that's great for photography. Also, the stepwell attracts daring local kids and teens who play a daily cat and mouse game with the security, as they jump off the buildings into the deep water before running away from an impending beating.

Jodhpur stepwell rajasthan

5. Finish the Day at a Rooftop Restaurant

What a day! I warned you, this itinerary was going to be fast-paced. However in my defense, I didn't want you just tipping your toes, instead, I prefer you'd sink your teeth into this incredible city— and I'm bet you're glad you did! But now, it's time to unwind and reflect on the awesome experience you've had exploring all of the best things to do in Jodhpur in one day!

And what better way to do so than by enjoying a hearty meal atop one of Jodhpur's many rooftop restaurants and cafes? There are many to choose from, each claiming to have the best view of the fort. However, there were a few that stood out for me. These include Nirvana House, Shivam Restaurant, and Bob's Hostel.

However, you might not want to walk around Jodhpur trying to find another restaurant. For this reason, I recommend that you choose to stay at a hotel or hostel that includes a good rooftop restaurant. This way, you can relax, mingle, and enjoy before heading down to sleep. If you keep reading below, I've got a section dedicated to the best places to stay for your consideration.

Mehrangarh fort

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Where to Stay in The Blue City of India: Jodhpur

The best places to stay in Jodphur are Jodhpur's Old City for authentic heritage, and iconic Blue City views. Alternatively, choose Umaid Bhawan vicinity for luxury and tranquility, away from the bustling city center.

Bob's hostel jodhpur

1. Bob's Hostel Hostel

This place was a no-brainer for me. Located near the central clocktower, includes a rooftop restaurant with views of the fort, and only $3 a night!

Moustache hostel in jodhpur, india

2. Moustache Jodhpur Top-Rated

Moustache is always a safe bet for a quality budget hostel with a great vibe in India. It's one of the highest-ranked hostel on Hostelworld and is located near. the center of Jodhpur.

Old style home stay in jodhpur, india

3. The Arch Boutique Best Views

This is easily one of the best Hotels in Jodhpur. The rooms have a very rustic vibe and include a balcony with your very own private view of the fort!

More Photos from My One Day In Jodhpur

Women of the blue city of jodhpur
Mehrangarh fort in rajasthan
Exploring blue doorways in rajasthan
Streets of jodhpur, india
Portrait of a rajasthani man
The beautiful palaces of the mehrangarh fort in india
Street performers portrait in jodhpur, india

Staying Longer? - More Places to See in Jodhpur

Okay, one day just isn't enough to explore this incredible Rajasthani city. If you're lucky and have more time, then add these to your Jodhpur to-do list.

  1. Chamunda Mata temple
  2. Roa Jodha Desert rock park
  3. Mahadev Temple

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Where to next? If you've enjoyed this Things to do in Jodhpur in One Day - One Day Jodhpur Itinerary guide, then make sure to check out some of my other travel guides to Rajasthan and other parts of India.

Going to Jaipur? Check out: the 7 Best Jaipur Viewpoints. What about Jaisalmer? Don't miss the Jaisalmer Fort.

Otherwise, take a pick from several articles below. Also, before you go, if you have any suggestions for restaurants, attractions, or more things to do and see in the city, make sure to let me and other travelers know in the comments!

Things to do in jodhpur in one day
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