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Jodhpur Stepwell, Toorji Ka Jhalra (Toorji’s Step Well) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Jodhpur Stepwell, Toorji Ka Jhalra (Toorji’s Step Well) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Jodhpur Stepwell, known as Toorji Ka Jhalra, or “Toorji’s Step Well” is arguably one of the city’s most impressive wells and a relic of Jodhpur’s architectural history. Complete guide to visiting the Toorji Ka Jhalara stepwell, including how to get there and what to expect.

If you’re visiting Jodhpur, the allure of the Blue City streets and the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort might cause you to overlook some interesting sites.

Located within walking distance of the Clocktower Market, (Sardar Market & the Ghanta Ghar) is the underrated Jodhpur Stepwell, also known as the Toorji Ka Jhalra or Toorji’s Step Well. If you’re in Jodhpur and looking for things to do, I’d recommend it as a quick side trip.

It is said to have been constructed in Jodhpur in the early 1740s by the queen-consort of Maharaja Abhay Singh. What I found fascinating was the fact that the Jodhpur Stepwell had apparently been buried for many years and only recently restored to its former glory.


How to Get to the Jodhpur Stepwell (Toorji Ka Jhalra)

The Jodhpur Stepwell is located only 350 meters from the Clocktower Market (Ghanta Ghar). Even though the stepwell is so close to Jodhpur's central hub, finding the stepwell can get a little confusing.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Toorji Ka Jhalra Bavdi"

In fact, I knew I wanted to visit this attraction before I arrived in Jodhpur, but ended up stumbling onto it by accident. If you're trying to find the Toorji Ka Jhalra stepwell, walk from the clock tower market and plug in the google maps pin below.

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What to Expect at the Jodhpur Stepwell

Immediately after arriving at the Jodhpur Stepwell on a spontaneous detour, I was surprised at the level of detail and symmetry that stepwell architects employed.

The architects and designers constructed the Toorji Ka Jhalra from classic Jodhpur sandstone popular in the Old City. It also shares similar diamond-shaped steps as other well-known stepwells in Rajasthan such as the ones in Jaipur.

The steps lead down to a very deep, carved-out pool that once served as an essential source of water for the people of Jodhpur.

I noticed that there was a local security guard who would roam the tops of the Jodhpur stepwell. However, he didn't seem to mind that there were groups of children and teenagers jumping off the steps and into the deep, cool water below. Red Bull even featured Toorji's stepwell in a cliff jumping event back in 2019!

While the Toorji Ka Jhalra is one of the many important historic monuments in Jodhpur, it makes me happy to see that local people are still enjoying the well in similar ways as when it was first constructed.

The timings for the Jodhpur stepwell run all day long. Anybody is free to visit the Toorji Ka Jhalra at any time of day, take photos, and even take a swim - if you're game.

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Stepwell Cafe Jodhpur at the Step Well Square

The Step Well Square in Jodhpur is the area where you will find the Jodhpur Stepwell. Since it was renewed, cleared, and, restored, many shops, restaurants, and cafes have popped up. That said, I definitely don't blame them for taking the opportunity to capitalize on the tourist potential.

The most popular cafe; the Stepwell Cafe, is a spot where visitors can overlook the community step well. Although I didn't check it out, I noticed that it was almost packed to the rim! This was the case on both occasions that I visited the Jodhpur Stepwell. So, if you go for a bite, let me and the other travelers know how it was!


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Where to Stay in The Blue City of India: Jodhpur

  • Where I stayed: Bob's Hostel. This place was a no-brainer for me. Located near the central clocktower, includes a rooftop restaurant with views of the fort, and only $3 a night!
  • Best hostel for the vibe: Moustache Jodhpur. Moustache is always a safe bet for a quality budget hostel with a great vibe in India. It's one of the highest-ranked hostel on Hostelworld and is located near. the center of Jodhpur.
  • Best fort view hotel: The Arch Boutique. This is easily one of the best Hotels in Jodhpur. The rooms have a very rustic vibe and include a balcony with your very own private view of the fort!
The Mehrangarh Fort lit up at night

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