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7 Best Jaipur Viewpoints – Where to Go for Jaipur Sunset Views

7 Best Jaipur Viewpoints – Where to Go for Jaipur Sunset Views

Are you looking for some epic Jaipur viewpoints or places to go for sunset in Jaipur? Here are my top 7 best Jaipur sunset points and locations in Jaipur: The Pink City of Rajasthan.

Jaipur is one of the best travel destinations in Rajasthan, and perhaps in all of India. I know that I was blown away by the magnificence of its forts and the splendor of its palaces during my visit.

But, after a long day of exploring Jaipur’s buzzing bazaars and poignant pink streets and gateways, I was longing for some city viewpoints to unwind and watch the Jaipur sunset.

In this guide, I’ll detail seven of the best Jaipur viewpoints and sunset points that make for an epic way to wrap up another day of travel in Rajasthan.

Jaipur sunset viewpoint near amer in rajasthan
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Best Jaipur Sunset Viewpoints

Without further ado, here are the best Jaipur viewpoints to head to for sunset in the Pink City!

1. Amer Fort

Perhaps Jaipur's most incredible fort, the Amer Fort, has a long history of serving as a defensive fortification for its historic Meena rulers and Rajput royals.

Today, the Amer Fort is one of the most popular attractions and sites in Jaipur. It consists of spectacular ramparts, a series of alluring gateways and arches, and architecturally brilliant towers and courtyards.

But, did you know that the Amer Fort also offers one of the best Jaipur viewpoints to watch the sunset?

Getting to Amer from Jaipur takes approximately 20-25 minutes by rickshaw (200-250 rupees). So, if you want to head to one of the many the Amer Fort towers or villas to watch the sunset in Jaipur, make sure to leave a little earlier.

Amer fort jaipur india itinerary 1 month

2. Jaipur Wall (Amer Wall)

Located opposite the Amer Fort is one of the most photogenic walls that I encountered in my travels to India. It's known as the Jaipur Wall, or Amer Wall. This sandstone wall extends along the Aravalli Mountains, which once provided the first life of defense against invaders.

These days, the Jaipur Wall is a popular sunset point in Jaipur for locals and travelers alike. I recommend climbing the wall just before sunset or sunrise and admiring the incredible Thar Desert views from its many tower viewpoints.

Wall around amber fort, jaipur

3. Nahargarh Fort

Another of Jaipur's prominent fortifications is the mighty Nahargarh Fort. This fort sits on the hills just above the city of Jaipur and also has an impressive wall lookout point.

Unlike the Amer Fort, you can walk up the many steps to the Nahargarh Fort for free. However, you will need to pay an entry fee if you want to explore the fort's interior.

Luckily for us, we're looking for the best Jaipur viewpoints and sunset points. Therefore, the Nahargarh Fort is one of the best, since its walls and viewpoints are free to access and provide unparalleled views of the city of Jaipur from above.

Nahargarh fort in jaipur

4. Jal Mahal

The Jal Mahal, or "Water Palace" is another of Jaipur's epic attractions that definitely should be on your list of things to see in the city. While it is possible to get a boat tour to the Jal Mahal to explore its interior, it's just as beautiful when observed from the banks of the lake.

The Jal Mahal is located on an island within the Man Sagar Lake, just 4 kilometers north of the City Palace on Amer Road (road to Amer Fort). If you're looking for a great sunset spot in Jaipur, make sure to head to the Man Sagar Lake for an epic view of the Jal Mahal and its magnificent mountain backdrop.

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Jal mahal in jaipur for sunset

5. Surya Mandir

The Surya Mandir translates to the "Sun Temple". It's only fitting then that it's also one of the best Jaipur viewpoints to watch the sunset at.

You'll find this temple as part of the Galta Ji temple complex, which is also on the same road leading to the Sun Temple (Surya Mandir).

This beautiful temple sits atop a 200-meter hill, providing an excellent vantage point to watch the sunset in Jaipur over the city skyline. This temple is a little off the regular tourist beat. So, if you're looking to see Jaipur from a unique perspective, make sure to head to this epic temple viewpoint!

Monkey at surya mandir temple rajasthan pink city
Monkey at the Surya Mandir in Jaipur during Sunset

6. Panna Meena Ka Kund (Jaipur Stepwell)

This next item on my list of the best sunset points in Jaipur doesn't offer the same landscapes and backdrops as many of the others. However, the Jaipur Stepwell, or Panna Meena Ka Kund, is a popular attraction, which is again, located in Amer.

If you've been meaning to check it out, then I highly recommend heading to the Jaipur Stepwell for sunset. This will help you capture the best shadows and light bouncing off the symmetrical steps of the stepwell.

Otherwise, why not head here an hour or so before sunset in Jaipur, then climb the Jaipur Wall to wrap up the day with an incredible view of the fort and Aravalli Mountains?

Jaipur stepwell panna meena ka kund
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7. Bonus: Jaipur Hot Air Balloon Experience

Okay, this last one isn't really a viewpoint. However, if you're looking for the absolute best sunset views in Jaipur, then you really can't beat a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur.

I'm recommending this adventure experience in Jaipur because the operators here are some of the best in India. If you go for it, make sure to plan it for a sunrise or sunset float over Jaipur and the incredible desert landscape beyond.

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Jaipur hot air balloon experience, india travel itinerary

More than Just Sunsets in Jaipur

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I hope that you've enjoyed this guide to the best Jaipur sunset points and Jaipur viewpoints! If you're looking for more travel inspiration for Rajasthan, make sure to check out some of my other blog posts and guides below.

Otherwise, if you have any other ideas or recommendations for travelers to go for sunset in Jaipur, then let everyone know in the comments.

7 best jaipur viewpoints
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