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Lombok Monkey Forest (Baun Pusuk) – Complete Guide

Lombok Monkey Forest (Baun Pusuk) – Complete Guide

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Complete travel guide to visiting the Lombok Monkey Forest, or Baun Pusuk, near Sengiggi on the incredible island of Lombok. How to get here independently and what to expect!

The Lombok Monkey Forest is a newly created tourist attraction located on a winding mountain road near the beaches of Senggigi. Here, you’ll find plenty of wild macaque monkeys roaming the road and hanging out in the trees at the nearby viewpoint.

I’ve driven this road many times on my trips to Lombok and always make an effort to stop here to watch the monkeys.

Tip: This attraction is a stop on the famous “Lombok Loop”.

How to Get to the Lombok Monkey Forest

The Lombok Monkey Forest, known as Baun Pusuk, is located on a mountain pass between the West and North Lombok regencies. There are two options to get here, either on one of the island tours below or by renting a car or a motorbike and driving here yourself.

Below I'll break down both options.

Best Lombok Tour With a Stop at the Monkey Forest

One of the most popular ways to visit the monkey forest is by joining on the very popular Waterfall & Highlights Tour.

This is one of the top-rated day trips in Lombok, and features a visit to the amazing Tiu Kelep & Sendang Gile waterfalls, with an option to visit Benang Kelambu & Benang Stokel falls as well.

Monkey drinking a nescafe can in lombok
The monkeys are very sneaky, don't feed them and don't show food or they will steal it from your hands.

Independent Option: Driving or Riding to the Monkey Forest

To get here, it will take approximately 30-40 minutes from Senggigi by motorbike. You have the option of taking the southern route, through rice terraces and small villages or the Northern coastal route past Malimbu Hill and the epic Senggigi Beaches.

Whichever route you take, you'll be led inland and up into the mountainous Lombok foothills. For exact directions type in "Pusuk Forest Viewpoint" in Google Maps

The road is steep with several bends, and therefore should only be driven by those who are confident. If you're set on seeing the Lombok Monkey Forest but don't want to drive, then it's better to book the tour above.

Macaque monkey at the lombok monkey forest, baun pusuk

Lombok Monkey Forest Map

To help you better find the Lombok Monkey Forest and viewpoint, I've pinned the exact location you need to get to on the map below. However, it's fairly easy to find since it's located on the main mountain pass road.

Google Maps pin: Pusuk Forest Viewpoint

Lombok monkey forest map

What to Expect at Lombok Monkey Forest (Baun Pusuk)

Baun Pusuk is the name designated to this forest area of Lombok. Pusuk translates roughly to "peak" given the name presumably due to the viewpoint on the tip of the mountain pass.

The altitude is much higher at the Lombok Monkey Forest than the surrounding coastal towns, which causes thicker, rainforest-like flora to flourish. This makes it a perfect habitat for the resident monkeys.

By now, the monkeys in this area are already very used to human interaction. This is a double-edged sword, as they can get a little too confident at times. Remember that if you're driving or riding yourself, go slowly, as the monkeys will often be sitting in the middle of the road.

Macaque monkey at the lombok monkey forest, baun pusuk
Macaque monkey at the lombok monkey forest, baun pusuk

The Mountain Viewpoint

Since I spent a fair bit of time exploring Lombok Island, I'd already seen plenty of monkeys. In fact, they'll be found pretty much anywhere inland, and occasionally even on the coast.

However, the highlight of the Lombok Monkey Forest for me was the viewpoint. You'll find it pinned on the map above, where you can park your motorbike and look down into the valley towards the sea.

Lombok monkey forest viewpoint, baun pusuk,
Monkey Forest Viewpoint in Lombok

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Lombok monkey forest
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