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Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Waterfall in, Lombok

Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Waterfall in, Lombok

Olly Gaspar

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Complete guide to two hidden waterfalls, the Batu Santek & Tibu Bunter waterfalls in Sesaot, Central Lombok, Indonesia.

Batu Santek Waterfall and Tibu Bunter Waterfall are two falls located near the village of Sesaot in Central Lombok. If you’re looking for a short waterfall hike that’s completely off the beaten path, then this is for you.

With very little information online, I found these waterfalls by speaking to some Lombok locals. While they’re not as impressive as the nearby Benang Kelambu or Benang Setokel waterfalls, they’re free to visit and you’ll almost certainly have them all to yourself.

Note: There is another waterfall with the name Tibu Bunter in Tetebatu. This is a separate waterfall that is not very impressive. If you are in Tetebatu Village, I recommend visiting Tetebatu Waterfall instead.

How to get to Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Waterfalls

Both Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Waterfalls are accessed by a short hike from the same parking lot near a small part of Sesaot, close to Mataram.

To get here, you'll need your own transport or guide as there are no current tours that visit these waterfalls. You can rent a motorbike in most tourist regions of Lombok for between 100,000-150,000 IDR per day.

It will take roughly 1 hour to ride here from both Senggigi. For exact directions, I've pinned the location of the Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter car park below.

Note that the waterfall pin is "Air Terjun Tibu Bunter" on Google Maps.

If you'd prefer a Lombok waterfall tour instead, then I'd recommend this epic waterfall & rice terrace tour which visits tribal villages, viewpoints, and waterfalls. Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile.

There aren't any signs for these waterfalls, but if you follow the Google Maps directions to this pin, you'll see a roadside clearing with a large tree where you can park your bike.

The track to Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Waterfalls starts on the left side of this carpark. It seems that there's been a landslide here, so it's a slippery yet short walk descent to the terraces below.

Follow the obvious path until you reach a river and cross it. From here, you can turn right to follow the path to Batu Santek and left to Tibu Bunter Waterfall.

Aerial drone photo of tibu bunter waterfall. Lombok rice paddies
Tibu Bunter Waterfalls and Rice Fields
Batu santek waterfall lombok
Batu Santek Waterfall

Batu Santek Waterfall

Batu Santek Waterfall is approximately 10 meters in height and plunges into a shallow pool. Unlike many of the waterfalls in Lombok, these two falls have decent flow all year round.

With that in mind, you can expect that it can get fairly powerful in the wet season.

Around Batu Santek, you'll also find some smaller, trickling waterfalls. Unfortunately, since the pool is very shallow, you can't really swim here.

Still, it makes a good waterfall to cool off at and snap some photos.

Batu santek waterfall area in lombok
Batu santek waterfall lombok
Batu santek waterfall lombok
Motorbike on lombok

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Finding Batu Santek Falls

After turning right, follow the river on the clear path for approximately 10 minutes. Soon, you'll reach the waterfall clearing.

To the right of the main waterfall, there are two more cascading flows that trickle down the rocks. The scene at Batu Santek is great to chill out, take some photos, and cool down in the freshwater pools.

Tibu Bunter Waterfall

Tibu Bunter Falls is another waterfall in very close proximity to Batu Santek. If you have time, then I'd definitely recommend taking the track around to see this second waterfall.

Tibu Bunter is similar in size and shape to Batu Santek and pours into another shallow pool in the clearing.

Tibu bunter falls lombok

Finding Tibu Bunter Falls

Once you return to the junction at the start of the river crossing. This time, take the left path that leads up and around some fields. After about 10 minutes of walking, you'll see a large clearing with beautiful rice plantations.

By now, you'll undoubtedly already hear the flow of Tibu Bunter roaring from the small canyon below.

To reach it, follow the concrete path until you see a small wooden sign pointing right. Continue down this grassy path to the river where you'll find Tibu Bunter Waterfall.

Lombok hiking rice paddies
Tibu bunter falls lombok

Tibu Bunter Rice Fields

My favorite part of Tibu Bunter Falls is the adjacent rice fields. If you visit just after sunrise, you might be lucky enough to catch the morning sunrays filling the fields with warm light.

This scene also made for what I thought was a pretty cool drone shot since Tibu Bunter waterfall and the rice fields were able to fit into one frame!

Aerial drone photo of tibu bunter waterfall. Lombok rice paddies
Aerial drone photo of tibu bunter waterfall. Lombok rice paddies

Stay in Nearby Tetebatu

The traditional village of Tetebatu is a great place to stay in Lombok if you are looking for a relaxing, village life full of greenery. Below are my favorite accommodation options in Tetebatu.

Bedroom layout with rice paddy views at les rizieres lombok

1. Les Rizieres Luxury

Within walking distance of Tetebatu town the Les Rizieres offers comfortable accommodation with spectacular rice terrace views & a relaxing atmosphere.

Ai sasaki accommodation in tetebatu

2. Al Sasaki Mid-Range

Surrounded by rice fields the Al Sasaki is an affordable accommodation option. Bicycle hire is available here which makes it easy to explore the nearby waterfalls.

Vanilla garden aerial view over rice fields.

3. Vanilla Garden Budget

Boasting breathtaking views for a budget price! They serve a delicious free breakfast and it is only 7 km from Jeruk Manis Waterfall.

Make it a Waterfall Chasing Day Trip

If you're looking for a full day of waterfall chasing, then it's possible to visit Tibu Bunter and Batu Santek waterfalls on the same day as Benang Kelambu and Benang Setokel.

In fact, both sets of waterfalls are located only about 45 minutes motorbike ride apart. Since we were riding from Senggigi, we decided to visit Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter first, since they were closer.

More Photos of These Epic Lombok Waterfalls

I hope you found this guide useful!

If you visit in the wet season, please feel free to share some pics with me on Instagram! I'd love to see them in full flow.

Aerial drone photo of tibu bunter waterfall. Lombok rice paddies
Tibu bunter falls lombok
Lombok rice paddies
Batu santek waterfall 0591

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Batu santek & tibu bunter waterfall
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Saturday 15th of April 2023

Came here form your amazing Lombok guide and now I am wondering where the waterfalls are. Do I oversee your google maps pins? Tibu Bunter Falls seems to be pretty far away from Batu Santek Waterfalls which doesnt make sense to me. Hope you can help us out?