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Guide to Tetebatu Waterfall (Durian Indah) in Lombok

Guide to Tetebatu Waterfall (Durian Indah) in Lombok

Tetebatu Waterfall, also known as “Durian Indah” is a scenic set of waterfalls with great swimming opportunities in central Lombok.

The traditional village of Tetebatu is home to several seasonal waterfalls. However, the most well-known and in my opinion, the most worthwhile is a small waterfall named “Durian Indah” which translates to “Beautiful Durian” in Indonesian.

This waterfall is a great place to cool down and swim in a deep pool and even features some good cliff-jumping spots if you’re brave enough!

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About Durian Indah Waterfall

The main Tetebatu Waterfall at Durian Indah is a 10-meter high cascade tumbling down dark rocks and surrounded by a small enclave of jungle cliffs and greenery. At its base, there is a large, clear natural pool for swimming.

Although not nearly as impressive as Tiu Kelep or Benang Stokel, it is still one of my favorite waterfalls in Lombok for its relaxing vibe and fun cliff jumps.

Durian indah waterfall in tetebatu

How to Get to Tetebatu Waterfall

Durian Indah waterfall is located near the center of Tetebatu Village in Central Lombok on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. Finding this waterfall can be confusing, as locals call it "Tibu Duran", with all signs bearing this name.

We visited this waterfall on the epic Lombok Loop trip, but it's also included on the popular Rice Fields, Waterfall, & Monkey Forest Day Tour.

You can also get here independently by walking or riding a motorbike to the parking area.

To do so, you'll want to head to a small warung called "Alam Erat Tojang", which is pinned on Google Maps. This is within walking distance of the main street but if you are riding a motorbike, you can park it in front of this warung for free.

Google Maps Pin: Durian Indah waterfall

Restaurant in the rice fields of tetebatu
You can leave your motorbike to start the walk at this warung in the rice fields.

Hiking to Durian Indah Waterfall

The "hike" to the waterfall involves not much more than a pleasant stroll through the rice terraces before descending down a short section to the stream. This is a very easy walk and only takes around 10 minutes each way.

From the warung parking area mentioned above, you'll want to take the path leading directly out into the rice fields. There are some makeshift signs indicating the way. Look out for signs pointing to "Tibu Duran".

Walking in the tetebatu rice fields in lombok
Walking in the tetebatu rice fields in lombok

After about 5 minutes or so, you'll reach a small house with two fish farms. There are banners here indicating the path down to the waterfall. You will sign your name here and pay the entrance fee before walking down to the falls.

Entrance fee: 20,000 IDR per person

Entrance to durian indah waterfall in tetebatu
Fill in your name and pay the entrance fee here.

Immediately after walking through the yard of the local house, you will follow the path down to Tetebatu Waterfall. This section is steep and is guided by makeshift bamboo rails. It's not difficult, just take your time as it is can be slippery.

Hiking to tetebatu waterfall
Hiking to tetebatu waterfall
Bamboo stairs down to the river at tetebatu waterfall
Take this bamboo staircase down to the river.

My Experience at Tetebatu Waterfall (Durian Indah)

Once I reached the river, I noticed the first waterfall, which is a small, pleasant drop that is good for taking a few photos.

First waterfall at durian indah falls

However, the main Tetebatu Waterfall (Durian Indah) is located about 100 meters upstream from this one. We turned left here and walked across the rocks to reach it.

Durian Indah waterfall is approximately 10 meters high in a single cascade tumbling down into a wide, clear water pool. The pool and waterfall is surrounded on all sides by an enclave of jungle cliffs and lush trees, creating a beautiful shaded area to swim and relax.

Arriving at tetebatu waterfall
Arriving at the main waterfall
Tetebatu waterfall, lombok

Travel tip: It's possible to turn right at the first waterfall and continue on to several other cascades. It is also possible to reach Jeruk Manis from here.

Swimming at Tetebatu Waterfall

The pool is approximately 2 meters deep and the pool is very clear, making it a great waterfall for swimming. However, there are large boulders around the pool and some submerged ones too.

When we visited, it was obvious that this waterfall was quite busy. If you are looking for a more secluded waterfall, I suggest checking out nearby Batu Santek and Tibu Bunter Falls.

Kid playing in a river with a rope in lombok
Tetebatu waterfall, lombok

Cliff Jumping at Durian Indah

As soon as we arrived at the waterfall, some local kids were very eager to show as the cliff jump at Durian Indah. They showed us to climb up the waterfall, which was quite slippery. Then, we walked up the left side to a high spot approximately 10-12 meters high.

Child climbing the tetebatu waterfall in lombok
Child climbing a waterfall cliff

Additionally, one of the kids showed us a higher jump from a tree on the right side of the cascade. This was slightly higher and involved somewhat of a sketchy route to reach.

The jump was quite safe, however I did touch the bottom when I jumped. Remember always to do depth checks and to check for submerged rocks. Remember that waterfalls are constantly changing.

Waterfall cliff jumping at durian indah watefall, tetebatu

After a few jumps, we walked back on the same path back to the warung, where we ate lunch and enjoyed the next stop on the "Lombok Loop".

Rice fields of tetebatu, lombok
Rice fields in tetebatu, lombok

Where to Stay in Tetebatu

The traditional village of Tetebatu is a great place to stay in Lombok if you are looking for a relaxing, village life full of greenery. Below are my favorite accommodation options in Tetebatu.

Bedroom layout with rice paddy views at les rizieres lombok

1. Les Rizieres Luxury

Within walking distance of Tetebatu town the Les Rizieres offers comfortable accommodation with spectacular rice terrace views & a relaxing atmosphere.

Ai sasaki accommodation in tetebatu

2. Al Sasaki Mid-Range

Surrounded by rice fields the Al Sasaki is an affordable accommodation option. Bicycle hire is available here which makes it easy to explore the nearby waterfalls.

Vanilla garden aerial view over rice fields.

3. Vanilla Garden Budget

Boasting breathtaking views for a budget price! They serve a delicious free breakfast and it is only 7 km from Jeruk Manis Waterfall.

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I hope that this blog post about visiting Tetebatu Waterfall has inspired you to check out this epic little waterfall in Lombok. If you have any updates, please let me know in the comments below!

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