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How to Visit La Cazuela: The Guatapé Waterfall

How to Visit La Cazuela: The Guatapé Waterfall

Olly Gaspar

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Discover La Cazuela, a beautiful jungle waterfall and freshwater swimming spot near Guatapé, Colombia.

It’s no secret that Guatapé is a must-visit destination for those stopping by Medellín, Colombia. However, since there are just so many fun things to do and see in Guatapé, the region deserves much more attention than a quick day trip!

After hiking up La Piedra del Peñol, wandering the colorful streets, and exploring the lake by boat, we were looking for a place to escape the crowds and cool off. That’s when we were told about La Cazuela, an off-the-beaten-path hidden gem.

La cazuela waterfall in guatapé

About La Cazuela: The Guatapé Waterfall

The La Cazuela Waterfall is a small, 2.5-meter-tall waterfall plunging into a deep, emerald pool. It's located in a very small rural town and surrounded by lush jungle.

It's the perfect place to relax and cool off. Additionally, since the pool is quite deep, you can even do a small cliff jump here!

The waterfall is free to enter, so all you'll have to do is arrange a way to get here!

Small waterfall in the colombian jungle

Where is La Cazuela Waterfall

La Cazuela is commonly referred to as the "Guatapé Waterfall. However, the truth is that it's actually located closer the neighboring town of San Rafael.

From Guatapé, expect a roughly 25-30 minute ride on a motorbike. Below I've pinned the exact location of the waterfall. However, keep in mind that this one is a little tricky to find as it's off the main gringo trail.

If you read on, I'll give you tips on how to rent a motorbike or scooter in Guatapé, as well as the exact directions to find the falls.

GPS Coordinates: 06°17′59.21″N 75°04′57.74″W

Tip: There is one more epic waterfall near Guatapé called Cascada El Cristalino. The best way to get here is to book a tour with a local guide.

Map of guatape waterfall

How to Get to the Falls

For those staying in Guatapé, you'll need to arrange your own set of wheels to get to this waterfall.

We rented a scooter from Guatapé Motos, which was a little pricey but worth it to explore the surrounding countryside. Apparently, the pricing structure used to be a 10,000 pesos per hour, but this has changed a bit. We paid roughly 60,000 Colombian pesos for 4 hours.

A girl and a scooter in guatapé colombia

Once you've got your motorbike or scooter, you'll want to cross the bridge heading east and follow the Guatapé-San Rafael road nearly all the way to San Rafael. If you've got time, I highly recommend stopping by San Rafael too. This is another beautiful colonial town that is much less-frequently visited by tourists.

To get to La Cazuela, make your way the small gas station just before the bridge crossing the Río Bizcocho. It's marked as "Tienda El Bizcocho" on Google Maps.

Road and small sign in colombia
Turn left here just before the bridge

From here, turn left onto the bumpy unsealed road and follow it for roughly 15 minutes. We were given these directions by the guys at Guatapé Motos. They told us that it was a sealed road nearly all the way to the end.

This definitely isn't the case. Regardless, we made it to a small school, where we parked our bike and walked the last 800 meters.

Road near a small pueblito near guatapé

There are signs pointing the way (near the end), so it's very easy to find once you make it onto the unsealed road. If you have trouble once you get to the school, just ask locals for La Cazuela waterfall.

Gate to the waterfall near guatapé
The gated entrance to La Cazuela Waterfall
Sign to la cazuela waterfall

My Experience at La Cazuela Waterfall

After walking roughly 800 meters from the intersection at the school, we arrived at La Cazuela Waterfall. While entry is free, if you took your motorbike all the way here, you will be asked to pay 3,000 pesos to park.

There's a nice undercover restaurant at this waterfall with a bar table around the edge facing the Guadapé waterfall. This is a great place to grab a beer or a quick snack after your swim.

Small restaurant in colombia

Of course, the main attraction is La Cazuela itself. This isn't a very impressive waterfall in terms of scale, but it is certainly beautiful! When we visited following a week of heavy rain, the water was absolutely gushing! The flow follows a straight drop down the face into a very deep, crystal-clear, emerald-green pool.

La cazuela waterfall in guatapé

Along the edge, you'll find a rocky outcrop which makes for a fun little cliff jump spot (on the left). As always, remember to do a depth check. I checked the entire area before jumping and would say it's at least 3 meters deep.

Cliff jumping at a small waterfall in colombia

Apparently, there's another Guadapé waterfall on this watercourse, just a few hundred meters downstream. This is called Cascada La Isleta. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it. But if you do, let me know in the comments!

Girl at la cazuela waterfall
Blue water pool at a colombia waterfall
Beautiful Guatapé Waterfall

Where to Stay in Guatapé

Prefer to stay a night or two in this colorful little town? Below are my three best picks for the best Guatapé hotels and hostels. For more options, don't miss this up-to-date accommodation guide on where to stay in Guatapé.

  • Lake View Hostel- Budget pick. An awesome hostel that is very close to town, offers private rooms, with an excellent Thai restaurant above!
  • Bosko - Amazing igloo-styled accommodation offering views over the lake and El Peñón de Guatapé
  • Hotel Los Recuerdos - Huge resort-style hotel with huge open-glass windows overlooking the lake and the rock.
Guatapé waterfront accommodation
One of the amazing Guatapé hotels on the lake

Best Experiences in Guatapé

Before you head out to the Guatapé waterfall, make sure to check out some of the other best-rated activities in the pueblo. Below I've ranked the top two, with links to book in advance.

  1. Guatapé Full-day tour from Medellín. Find yourself in Medellín? This is the best way to get to Guatapé and experience all the highlights in a single day. (1000+ 5 star reviews)
  2. Paragliding Tour - If you've never tried it, Guatapé is the perfect place for tandem paragliding!
  3. Canyoneering - Did you know that Guatapé is one of the cheapest places to go canyoneering (canyoning)? See some more epic waterfalls and epic river gorge trip.

More Photos of La Cazuela Falls Near Guatapé

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Girl and sunset at coffee plantation in minca

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La cazuela waterfall
La cazuela waterfall, colombia
Path to the restaurant at la cazuela waterfall guatapé
Girl at la cazuela waterfall in gutapé
River in guatapé
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