When visiting the Whitsundays, you might be wondering, what is the best sunset point on Hamilton Island?

The best sunset point on Hamilton Island is a hill known as One Tree Hill.

How to get to The Best Sunset Point on Hamilton Island – One Tree Hill

Hamilton Island is fairly small, so it’s convenient to get to almost any point on the island by foot or golf-buggy.

For those staying near the main strip on the island, it’s only a 20-minute walk to reach the top of One Tree Hill for the best sunset point on Hamilton Island.

I’ve pinned the location on the map below to help you find the spot.

The walk up is not exactly a hike, and more of a suburban stroll. Nevertheless, the view from the top is definitely one of the best places to watch either sunset or sunrise.

One Tree Hill Sunset Point

One Tree Hill sunset point is actually named after the bar that sits on the hill. You’ll no doubt see tourists enjoying a wine or cocktail at the top overlooking the Whitsunday Islands.

At the sunset point, you can enjoying watching the sunset overs over Daydream Island and the mainland on the west side.

You’ll also be greeted with sunset views over the other side, stretching all the way to Whitsunday Island.

Contradictory to its name, One Tree Hill sunset viewpoint actually has several palm trees and other native trees dotting the hill. It definitely sets a tropical vibe as you watch the sunset behind them.

best sunset point on hamilton island
Sunset Point on Hamilton Island One Tree Hill viewpoint

Best Time Of Year to Visit Hamilton Island

What is the best time to visit Hamilton Island? The best month to visit is in September. This is due to higher water temperatures, warm days and the least amount of rainfall.

However, it is possible to visit Hamilton Island all year round. The high-season for sailing and cruising the Whitsunday Islands is between May and September.

While Summer definitely offers hotter weather, there is more tropical rain and the threat of cyclones. Also, Summer is the peak season for dangerous marine stingers in the Coral Sea waters.

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What Time is Sunset on Hamilton Island?

In the Summer months, Queensland enjoys longer, hotter days. As a result, expect a typical Whitsunday sunrise around 5:30 AM and sunset at approximately 6:45 PM.

For the more popular, cooler Winter months, the sun rises a little later, at around 6:45 AM and sets at approximately 5:45 PM.

For those that want to time sunset, you can always check out the local sunrise and sunset times here.

Sunset on Hamilton Island
one tree hill best sunset point on hamilton island
best sunset viewpoint on hamilton island one tree hill weseektravel

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