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Whitsunday Peak Hike in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

Whitsunday Peak Hike in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

Hiking guide to the Whitsunday Peak hike in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland.

The Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia, are renowned for their pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning coral reefs. However, for those seeking a more challenging and rewarding experience, the Whitsunday Peak Hike is a must-try.

This awesome short walk leads to the highest point on Whitsunday Island. At the top, hikers are rewarded with expansive views over the entire Whitsunday Islands. 

Getting to the Trail Head

Getting to the Whitsunday Peak Hike requires access to a boat. For those cruising or sailing in the Whitsundays, head to Cid Harbour, a popular anchorage on the West side of Whitsunday Island. 

There are plenty of decent anchorages in Cid Harbour, and the beach is only a short stretch from the anchoring bay.

cid harbour aerial view

Whitsunday Island Yacht or Boat Access

Getting to the Whitsunday Peak Hike requires access to a boat. If you're lucky enough to find yourself on your own yacht or boat then you're in luck.

If not, Charter Yachts Australia is a very popular charter company that also leases yachts and boats for those seeking their own adventure in the Whitsunday Islands.

cid harbour anchorage in Whitsundays

Tip: Beware of Sharks in Cid Harbour

For those sailing or cruising into Cid Harbour, you'll notice yellow buoys in the water and signs on land warning you not to swim in Cid Harbour. Sadly, there have been numerous shark attacks in this bay in recent years. 


Whitsunday Peak Hike - Complete Guide

Upon arriving at the beach, you will notice a sign indicating the start of the walk. The hike starts directly on the beach and winds steeply up the mountain, through dense shrub and crossing several creeks. 

hiking to whitsunday peak

The track is roughly 5 km for the return trip. Whitsunday Peak reaches an altitude of 425 m, the tallest point on Whitsunday Island. 

The signage indicates that hikers should allow at least four hours for the return trip. If you're relatively fit, it will probably take about 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down. But, you'll probably want to dedicate some time to enjoy the views from the summit.

You may notice the scenery change as you get higher up the mountain, from shorter shrubs to an almost rainforest-like scene towards the top. 

View from summit of Whitsunday Peak, Queensland

The View from Whitsunday Peak

As you get to the top of the shrubby peak, you'll be greeted with panoramic views over the entire Whitsunday islands. 

Take note of Hook Island in the North, The Molle Island Group to the West and even Hamilton Island and the Southern Whitsundays on the other side. 

Whitsunday Peak View

A Quick Tip

Once you reach the top, you can walk a little further through a short stretch of bush to reach another viewpoint on the other side. It's not clearly marked and you'll need to have a look for a thin path leading there. 

Hiking in the Whitsundays, Queensland

Best Time to Visit the Whitsundays

The best month to visit is in September. This is due to higher water temperatures, warm days and the least amount of rainfall.

However, it is possible to visit the Whitsundays all year round. The high-season for sailing and cruising the Whitsunday Islands is between May and September.

While Summer definitely offers hotter weather, there is more tropical rain and the threat of cyclones. Also, Summer is the peak season for dangerous marine stingers in the Coral Sea waters.

Photos From Whitsunday Peak 

If you can't wait and want photos from Whitsunday Peak, check out some of my snaps from an early morning hike. 

View of the Whitsunday Islands
whitsunday peak hike
whitsunday island peak view

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