I’ve dedicated this post to share some photos of Whitehaven Beach. Whitehaven Beach is a 7 KM stretch of sand on the East Coast of Whitsunday Island, Queensland Australia.

It’s commonly rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is owing to it’s unique, pearl-white sand and crystal clear water. I was fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time in the Whitsundays on my sailing trip up the East Coast, which allowed me to capture shots of this true Aussie icon form the sea, sky and sand.

Getting to Whitehaven Beach

Since Whitehaven Beach is located on an island, you’ll need to get a ferry, boat or plane to reach it. There are ferry operators that transport people from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island daily.

Since it’s quite a stretch to reach from the mainland, it’ll cost anywhere between $140 – $230 Australian Dollars to get here.

If you’re in Airlie, I highly recommend booking a trip with Thunder Cat, which is one of the most popular and fastest ways to get out there. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options for getting to Whitehaven Beach because the trip also includes:

  • Full day trip
  • Stop at two snorkelling locations
  • Visit Hill Inlet (pictured below)
  • Delicious buffet lunch and refreshments.

This trip is fairly popular, and only accommodates groups of up to 38, so make sure to book online in advance: Book The Whitehaven & Great Barrier Reef Eco-Snorkel Cruise and Lunch Day Trip Here.

photos of whitehaven beach hill inlet

What is the Best Time to Visit Whitehaven Beach

What is the best time to visit Whitehaven Beach? The best month to visit Whitehaven Beach is in September. This is due to higher water temperatures, warm days and the least amount of rainfall.

However, it is possible to visit Whitehaven Beach all year round. The high-season for sailing and cruising the Whitsunday Islands is between May and September.

In saying that, the iconic Whitsundays are known to be a year-round holiday destination, which means you’ll love your visit no matter what time of year you go.

sailing to whitehaven beach


Photos of Whitehaven Beach

I was fortunate enough to make the stop to Whitehaven Beach during a sailing trip up the Queensland East Coast. Check out some of the aerial, underwater and beach shots I was able to snap during my trip.

photos of whitehaven beach
Whitehaven beach sailing boat
whitehaven beach
photos of whitehaven beach
whitehaven beach swimming underwater
whitehaven beach aerial drone photo
whitehaven beach aerial photo
sailing to whitehaven Beach
underwater photo at whitehaven beach
sailint to whitehaven beach whitsundays
whitsunday island whitehaven beach
olly gaspar whitehaven beach
whitsunday island whitehaven beach

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