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Where to Stay in Cape Tribulation – 16 Best Accommodation Options

Where to Stay in Cape Tribulation – 16 Best Accommodation Options

Olly Gaspar

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A detailed guide summarising the best-rated Cape Tribulation accommodation options for your next stay. Find out where to stay in Cape Tribulation to see where the ancient rainforest meets the reef.

Cape Tribulation is one of the world’s best eco-tourism destinations in the world. It’s a unique and incredibly biodiverse region offering visitors a chance to witness the point where the ancient Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

In this guide, I’ve compiled a round-up of the absolute best Cape Tribulation accommodation options to make the decision of where to stay a little bit easier.

I’ve included luxury resorts, mid-range hotels and budget hostels and bungalows to make sure I’ve covered every budget! If you’re in a rush, choose out of the below four and you simply won’t go wrong.

Best Hotel in the Cape Tribulation Daintree: Wildwood

Top Cape Tribulation Luxury Accommodation: Mist

Best Value Accommodation in Cape Tribulation: PK’s Jungle Village

Most unique Cape Tribulation Lodge: Cape Tribulation Farm

Best Tours & Activities: The Roundup

Things to do in cape tribulation australia

A Quick Rundown of Where to Stay in Cape Tribulation

Best Area to Stay in Cape Tribulation

While there isn't a central township as such to visit in Cape Tribulation, there is a kind of "hub" which is just opposite Myall Beach near Mason's Cafe and waterhole. From here, you'll have access to many activities including the boardwalks, Cape Tribulation Beach, Mason's swimming hole, a small grocer, cafes and restaurants.

Many of the Cape Tribulation accommodation options recommended on this list are located near this mini hub.

However, if you've driven to Cape Tribulation along the Great Barrier Reef Drive in your own car, then you have the luxury of exploring this incredible region a little more broadly.

In summary, the below areas are covered in this Cape Tribulation accommodation guide to give you a bit more of an understanding of where to stay.

  • Cape Tribulation - the area surrounding the actual cape
  • Thornton Beach - 13 kilometres south
  • Cow Bay - 28 kilometres south near the Daintree River
Best areas to stay near cape tribulation

Summary of the Best Hotels in Cape Tribulation

Below are a few quick table summaries to help you decide where to stay in Cape Tribulation. If you continue reading below, you'll see that I've gone into a bit more detail and included photos of each hotel from

You can click each link which will take you directly to the booking site, which guarantees the best price you'll find on the internet.

Luxury Hotels

Alkira luxury beachfront rainforest holiday house accommodation in cape tribulationAlkira Luxury BeachfrontCape Tribulation$$$$$
Mist cape tribulation accommodationMistCape Tribulation$$$$
Cape trib holiday house accommodationCape Trib Holiday House Cape Tribulation$$$$
Villa zena cape tribulation accommodationVilla ZenaCape Tribulation$$$
Cape trib farm accommodationCape Trib FarmCape Tribulation$$$

Best Value Hotels

Wildwood cape tribulation accommodationWildwoodCape Tribulation$$$
Daintree cascades accommodation cape tribulationDaintree Cascades Cape Tribulation $$$
Cape trib beach house accommodationCape Trib Beach HouseCape Tribulation$$
Thornton beach bungalow cape tribulation accommodationThornton Beach Bungalows DaintreeThornton Beach$$
Safari lodge cape tribulation accommodationSafari LodgeCape Tribulation$

Best Budget Hostels & Camping

Epiphyte b & b cape tribulation accommodationEpiphyte B & B Cape Tribulation$
Daintree crocodylus cape tribulation accommodationDaintree Crocodylus Cow Bay $
Pk's jungle village cape tribulationPK's Jungle Village Cape Tribulation $

Best Places to Stay in Cape Tribulation

Without further ado, here's the list of where to stay in Cape Tribulation on your next visit. I've broken this list up into Luxury, mid-range, and budget options to help you pick something suitable for your budget.

Best Luxury Hotels

Alkira Luxury beachfront Holiday House

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Insane private holiday house with lake-view

Alkira is by far the most mind-blowing luxury accommodation in Cape Tribulation. This place is situated right near Cape Tribulation on private land beside a beautiful rainforest lake.

This apartment is definitely not cheap. But, for your money, you'll get a 6-bedroom architecturally designed apartment with air-con, kitchen, and everything you need to have an unforgettable experience.

Alkira luxury beachfront rainforest holiday house accommodation in cape tribulation


  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: A deluxe rainforest villa

Are you looking for a private Daintree villa during your next visit to Cape Tribulation? Mist is one of the best-rated accommodations for couples on, with an impressive score of 9.6/10 at the time of writing.

This lodge offers a patio with garden views and a fully-equipped kitchenette with a microwave and a fridge. You'll also get your own private bathroom and shower.

Mist cape tribulation accommodation in cape tribulation

Cape Tribulation Holiday House

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Beautiful Holiday House

Would you prefer to stay in a 2-bedroom holiday house on your visit to Cape Tribulation? By far, the best option is this aptly named house located just a few minutes walk from the central hub in Cape Tribulation.

This one is set on 5 acres of property and features a balcony and a great kitchen.

Cape trib holiday house accommodation

Villa Zena

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Beautiful colonial-style holiday villa

Villa Zena is a colonial-style holiday villa found right in the heart of the Cape Tribulation valley. The property has a tropical garden and a fruit orchard and is only a 15-minute walk to Cape Tribulation beach and Myall Beach.

Villa Zena is one of the best-rated Cape Tribulation accommodation options for location!

Villa zena cape tribulation accommodation

Cape Tribulation Farm

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Beautiful exotic fruit orchard

Looking for something unique in your search for where to stay in Cape Tribulation? Cape Tribulation Farm is an exotic fruit orchard offering luxury private bungalows.

A little bonus with this one is that every single morning you'll be treated to an exotic fruit basket so you can try some delicious fruits you've probably never even heard of!

Cape trib farm accommodation

Best Value Accommodation in Cape Tribulation


  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Fruit orchard in the Rainforest

Wildwood is another Cape Tribulation accommodation option situated on a fruit orchard.

Wildwood is located in the heart of Cape Tribulation and offers rainforest bungalows at an affordable price. What's great about this one is that guests even get access to the orchard and can freely roam the farm and pick rare, exotic fruits.

Wildwood cape tribulation accommodation

Daintree Cascades

  • Area: Thornton Beach
  • Best for: Secluded accommodation alongside a freshwater creek

Wondering where to stay in Cape Tribulation to get away from everything? If so, this will be your best bet! Daintree Cascades is located further south of Cape Tribulation, just in from Thornton Beach.

These small houses are built in the Daintree right next to freshwater creeks and surrounding waterfalls.

Daintree cascades accommodation cape tribulation

Cape Tribulation Beach House

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Huge property in the Daintree with a pool

Cape Tribulation Beach house is one of my favorite picks for rainforest accommodation near Cape Tribulation town. This huge property is set on 7 acres and has a pool.

Guests will have the choice of quaint bungalows and exquisite cottages, each with access to the onsite bar and restaurant.

Cape trib beach house accommodation

Thornton Beach Bungalows

  • Area: Thornton Beach
  • Best for: Beachside bungalows on Thornton Beach

Do you want to stay somewhere affordable that's right on the beach? Consider Thornton Beach Bungalows when searching where to stay in Cape Tribulation!

These bungalows are located across the road from a local cafe and restaurants and provide comfortable accommodation right where the rainforest meets the reef.

Thornton beach bungalow cape tribulation accommodation

Safari Lodge

  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Visitors heading out to the Great Barrier Reef

The Safari Lodge is an affordable resort-style accommodation in Cape Tribulation. This lodge is run by the same team who operates the Ocean Safari Great Barrier Reef trips from Cape Trib.

The resort is located right near Myall Beach, meaning its location is perfect. There are options for private or shared bathrooms, with dorms also available for budget travelers.

Safari lodge cape tribulation accommodation

Best Budget Accommodation in Cape Tribulation

Epiphyte B&B

  • Area: Cow Bay
  • Best for: Value-for-money B&B at Cow Bay

Epiphyte B&B offers accommodation is located just 5 minutes from the beach at Cow Bay. They offer spacious rooms with a balcony, as well as private cottages near the creek.

This is a good bet if you're looking to get away in a private area with comfortable accommodation without breaking the bank.

Where to stay option for cape tribulation accommodation is epiphyte b & b


  • Area: Cape Tribulation
  • Best for: Budget bungalows or camping with great facilities

PK's Jungle Village is one of the most popular accommodations in Cape Tribulation for budget travelers. They offer bungalows, camping, and dorm rooms for reasonable rates. Included in your stay, guests will also have access to a large swimming pool, onsite restaurant, bar, and cooking area.

Pk's jungle village cape tribulation accommodation

Daintree Crocodylus

  • Area: Cow Bay
  • Best for: Budget and backpacker accommodation near Cow Bay

For backpackers and those on a budget who would prefer a bit more of a raw Daintree experience, I’d recommend the Crocodylus hostel. Located in Cow Bay, closer to the ferry, but just a short hop from Cape Tribulation and Myall Beach, this hostel offers safari-tent style rooms which are built from wood and canvas, with high ceilings, fans, and mosquito nets.

All rooms have rainforest views and include access to their swimming pool!

Daintree crocodylus cape tribulation accommodation

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