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How to Get to Emmagen Creek Swimming Hole, Cape Tribulation

How to Get to Emmagen Creek Swimming Hole, Cape Tribulation

Olly Gaspar

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Emmagen Creek swimming hole is one of the best spots to cool down in freshwater pools in Cape Tribulation, Queensland Australia.

I’ve visited many creeks, waterfalls, and swimming holes in Cape Tribulation and the Emmagen Creek swimming hole is by far one of my personal favourites! This refreshingly clear freshwater creek is located within the Daintree National Park inside an oasis of lush rainforest surrounds.

If you’re up for a free and safe way to cool off in Cape Tribulation, then Emmagen Creek is one of your best bets! You only need to take a short rainforest stroll to reach it, and you might even spot some local wildlife on the way.

How to Get to Emmagen Creek Swimming Hole

Emmagen Creek is located approximately 5 kilometres north of Cape Tribulation. It marks the "end of the road" spot for 2WDs since you'll need to cross the creek if you want to continue north to Bloomfield or Cooktown.

To get here, follow Cape Tribulation Road north, passing Myall Beach, Masons Waterhole, the Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail and most other highlights in Cape Trib. Soon, you'll reach an unsealed section of road.

Don't worry, this relatively short 3.5 kilometre stretch is fairly well-graded and easily doable in most 2WD vehicles, at least until you reach Emmagen Creek.

The road climbs steadily in some sections, so take your time and be wary of other vehicles. You'll know when you're nearing Emmagen Creek once you approach the giant strangler fig tree on the right side of the road.

Just a few hundred metres beyond, you'll see the large cleared area where cars are often parked to access the swimming hole.

GPS Coordinates: 16°02'24.7"S 145°27'25.2"E

Emmagen creek cape tribulation
Emmagen creek river crossing, 4wd
Emmagen Creek Crossing - park before this & don't attempt to drive across it in a 2WD!

Hiking the Emmagen Creek Walk

After you park your vehicle, walk down a little further to the Emmagen Creek road crossing. You'll notice the no swimming crocodile signs here. However, don't stress. You can swim safely at Emmagen Creek just a little further upstream from the road.

There's a short walking track starting just to the left before the creek. This track is completely flat and only a few hundred metres long. Follow it and you'll arrive at this incredible freshwater swimming hole.

Daintree national park river

What to Expect At Emmagen Creek Swimming Hole

Emmagen Creek is my personal favourite freshwater swimming hole in Cape Tribulation. The swimming spot is a deep section of the creek with eroded banks sustained by thick, rainforest roots.

It really is one of the best places to cool off, especially if you've just done the long Great Barrier Reef Drive!

Emmagen creek, daintree national park

There's even a rope swing attached to the tree, which you can use to dive into the crystal clear water. The depth can vary by season but it was at least 6ft deep when we visited in relatively dry conditions.

Emmagen creek swimming hole, cape tribulation australia

You'll also notice many large jungle perch fish swimming by the banks of the creek. I suspect these guys are fairly used to people as they didn't seem bothered by us at all.

Also, if you're lucky, you might spot a Cassowary at Emmagen Creek. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spot one on our visit. However, our friend made a trip to the hole just an hour after us and spotted a male Cassowary and three chicks!

Jungle perch, cape tribulation
Freshwater swimming hole in cape tribulation

Can You Swim at Emmagen Creek?

Swimming downstream near the road is definitely discouraged as there is a crocodile sign here. However, it's generally safe to swim further upstream at the Emmagen Creek swimming hole as large boulders block the way up for crocodiles.

Besides, it's a very well-known swimming hole in Cape Tribulation that attracts several visitors every single day.

Rainforest rope swing, daintree

Are there Crocodiles at Emmagen Creek?

After doing a bit of research, it's clear that there have been crocodiles spotted at Emmagen Creek. However, they have only ever been spotted downstream. The water at the Emmagen Creek swimming hole is very fresh but the saltwater crocs prefer the brackish waters downstream towards the ocean.

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Emmagen creek swimming hole in cape tribulation

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Cape trib holiday house accommodation

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Emmagen creek swimming hole
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