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A Hike to Alexandra Falls, Daintree National Park (Cape Tribulation)

A Hike to Alexandra Falls, Daintree National Park (Cape Tribulation)

Alexandra Falls is an incredible Daintree waterfall hidden deep in the Wet Tropics rainforest. The journey to Alexandra Falls was one of my favourite adventures in Cape Tribulation. Read this guide to find out how to get here, what to expect and photos from this jungle giant!

The Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Region of Daintree National Park is the oldest rainforest in the world. It’s also one of the wildest places in Australia. If you’re up for an off-the-beaten-path adventure wading up a pristine rainforest creek to a megalithic jungle waterfall, then add Alexandra Falls to your Cape Tribulation bucket list!

In this blog post, I’ll detail my experience hiking out to Alexandra Falls in the Daintree from Cape Tribulation. I’ll also include photos of my trip so that you know what to expect.

About Alexandra Falls, Daintree National Park

Alexandra Falls is a 150-metre+ waterfall located upstream on Alexandra Creek, deep in the Daintree National Park. While it is truly one of the most majestic waterfalls in the region, there isn't a dedicated or maintained track to reach it.

If you are adamant on checking out the waterfall, please be aware that this is technically wilderness terrain. I wouldn't recommend making an effort out to this Cape Tribulation waterfall unless you are confident and experienced in the Australian rainforest. My intent isn't to popularise this waterfall, but to share my experience in a way that I hope will better prepare those already determined to give it a crack.

The entire walk follows Alexendra Creek and you will be required to wade for most of the journey out to the falls. Therefore, planning conditions and being well-prepared is vital.

In saying all that, most people who are used to adventuring in Far North Queensland shouldn't have much of a problem as long as they're prepared.


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How To Get to Alexandra Falls

When I visited Alexandra Falls, there wasn't much information online about how to actually get here. I knew that the waterfall was somewhere upstream on Alexandra Creek, but actually getting to the creek was a bit confusing.

The access point to Alexandra Creek is via Turpentine Road, approximately 20 minutes south of Cape Tribulation or 25 minutes north of the Daintree River crossing. This is just inland from Thornton Beach in "Diwan".

I made a trip to the Heritage Lodge and Spa to ask if I could get access to the creek. However, it was clear that they did not want anyone walking through their resort to get to Alexandra Creek. Instead, there is a gate just 100 metres before Heritage Lodge and Spa with private vehicles only signs.

This is a private driveway which leads to Alexandra Creek. This is where the journey to Alexandra Falls begins.

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The Cape Tribulation Blue Pools

Just 50 metres downstream from this creek access is the Cape Tribulation "blue pools". This is a beautiful site with pristine clear, aqua rainforest waters. However, I had been told that swimming in the Blue Pools is discouraged by the traditional owners as this is a culturally significant birthing site for indigenous women.

We made a quick detour to admire this beautiful spot from afar. When we spotted it, we met some other travellers who were already swimming in the pools. In fact, we saw several groups heading to the pools on our visit. I'm not one to judge others' behaviour but personally, I didn't stick around long or swim in the waters out of respect for the traditional owners of the blue pools and the Daintree.

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The Alexandra Falls "Hike"

  • Hiking Distance: 8.2 km return
  • Duration: 3-4 hours return
  • Elevation: 145m total elevation gain (mostly at the end)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The Alexandra Falls route begins at the creek crossing at Alexandra Creek (above). The route up to the waterfall follows this creek upstream for approximately 4 kilometres. You'll need to be aware that much of the walk will be wading through the water. The rocks are quite hard and slippery, so I'd definitely recommend wearing trail runners or other enclosed shoes.


We were pretty certain that crocodiles weren't wandering this far upstream. However, I certainly can't guarantee that this creek is completely crocodile-free.

When we visited in the shoulder season, there had been a bit of rain but it was relatively dry. The creek was manageable to walk up the entire way with the deepest section only being about waist height. However, seeing the erosion on the sides of the banks, it's clear that this creek can flow fiercely, especially in the wet season.


The aim is to follow Alexandra Creek the entire way to the waterfall. However, the creek forks in several sections, which can make finding the way a little difficult. The best way to approach it is to simply follow the main creek and avoid any detours or smaller creek tributaries.

The hike is relatively flat for most of the walk. However, in the last kilometre or so, you'll need to start a gentle boulder scramble up to the waterfall. This isn't steep, but it can be slippery. In one section near the end, it seemed as if the creek had completely dried up.

However, it was obvious once we got past this section that the creek must have been flowing underneath the boulders.

Route: Strava


What to Expect

The route up to Alexandra Falls in the Daintree was one of my absolute favourite adventures in Cape Tribulation. This was for me at least, a real taste of the Daintree.

Alexandra Creek is full of beautiful sections of deep, aquatic-blue water holes. We passed many on the way up to the waterfall and I can comfortably say that they are much more beautiful and serene than even the popular Mason's Waterhole and Emmagen Waterhole at Cape Tribulation.


There were sections when we needed to walk along the creek bank to avoid deeper water. There was evidence of a warn trail to follow in these stretches but no markers or ribbons. Overall, the route to the waterfall is fairly clear when wading through the creek, but is full of wild vines and wait a while as soon as you enter the scrub.


We also noticed that there were hoses and pipes leading to the creek. This was unfortunate to see as I'm fairly certain that diverting freshwater streams in a national park is illegal. Of course, I can't guess who might be responsible for this but it was disappointing to see.

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Alexandra Falls - An Epic Hidden Gem in the Daintree Rainforest

After roughly 4 kilometres, you'll slowly approach Alexandra Falls in the Daintree Rainforest. This giant waterfall has a pretty lower tier with a deep swimming pool and stacked log. However, the main event is at the top of a small scree climb beyond.


It's difficult to say exactly how tall Alexandra Falls is, but I'd say the accumulated drop of all three top tiers is more than 150 metres– truly an impressive Cape Tribulation waterfall!

Alexandra Falls is in an exposed clearing and has its own shallow pool beneath it where you can cool off. The waterfall is also framed perfectly by two towering palms, which almost look like they were planted there!


After spending close to an hour relaxing by the waterfall and snapping photos, we turned around for the return trip back to the car. We managed to complete the walk in just under 4 hours, which I'd say was at a fairly leisurely pace.

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