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Mason’s Swimming Hole – Epic Cape Tribulation Swimming Spot

Mason’s Swimming Hole – Epic Cape Tribulation Swimming Spot

Mason’s Swimming Hole is a pristine freshwater swimming hole located in walking distance of Cape Tribulation’s main attractions. It’s the safest blue water swimming hole in Cape Tribulation, which means you’ve finally found a croc-free spot to swim and cool down.

Cape Tribulation is famously known for the spot where the rainforest meets the sea in Australia’s wild Tropical North Queensland. Being the tropics, you’d expect this idyllic destination to be hot!

Unfortunately, Cape Tribulation is a place that truly lives up to the old Aussie adage that “everything here wants to bloody kill ya!”. This is especially true at the beach, where crocs and the occasional deadly marine stinger tend to lurk, awaiting the unexpecting, weary backpacker to make a false move.

Fortunately, there are certain spots where you can escape the heat and cool down. In this quick blog post, I’ll showcase the best freshwater blue water hole in Cape Tribulation: Mason’s Swimming Hole near Mason’s Cafe.

Where is Mason's Swimming Hole?

Mason's Swimming Hole is located at the back of Mason's Cafe. The swimming hole is on private land and owned by the same guys who run the cafe.

Thankfully for Cape Tribulation visitors, the kind cafe owners have opened the swimming hole to the public, with a small donation ($1) being the asking price.

You'll find the cafe and swimming spot on the left side of Cape Tribulation Road when heading north (opposite the beach). Realistically, it's fairly hard to miss, just head toward Myall Beach and you will see the signs just before you get there.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Mason's Swimming Hole"
Map of Mason's Swimming Hole in Cape Tribulation

Mason's Swimming Hole Entry Fee

As mentioned above, there is a small fee requested to enjoy the pristine swimming hole at Mason's Waterhole. However, it's only $1 per person, and you can swim and enjoy the serenity for as long as you'd like.


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What to Expect at Mason's Swimming Hole

The waterhole is marked by a small entry point into the dense rainforest scrub. You will find this just a few hundred metres behind the cafe. As soon as you enter the rainforest, you'll see the clear water surrounded by mossy rocks and tropical vines.

If you take a look at the bank, you will notice plenty of native freshwater fish. These guys live in the rainforest waterhole, presumably also hiding from the crocs further downstream in the brackish waters.

Also, there's a rope swing attached to a tree on the other side of the bank!


The best place to swim is the deep section next to the exposed bank. However, we ventured up the creek and found some nice little swimming spots away from the crowds.


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