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Sembalun Travel Guide With 7 Unmissable Things to Do

Sembalun Travel Guide With 7 Unmissable Things to Do

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

A complete traveler’s guide to visiting Sembalun Lombok. Includes up-to-date information on the best things to do in this sleepy mountain region of Northern Lombok.

Sembalun Village Lombok is a quiet mountain town located in the northern mountain regions of Lombok Island, Indonesia. With an elevation of just over 1,100 meters above sea level, this is the highest village on the island.

While most travelers visit Sembalun before climbing Mount Rinjani, I highly recommend spending at least a day or two exploring the region. It’s surprisingly one of the best adventure destinations in Lombok. From epic waterfalls to incredible day hikes, here’s a list of things to do in Sembalun that will convince you to skip the Kuta crowds.

How to Get to Sembalun Village in Lombok

There is no public transport system on Lombok that runs to Sembalun. As a result, you will have to organize your transport with a reputable tour operator or rent a car or motorbike and drive here yourself.

A popular option to visit Sembalun is after trekking the popular Rinjani crater or summit route from Senaru. In this case, it should only take about 40 minutes to reach Sembalun from Senaru, which won't cost more than 150,000 IDR per car.

Tip: We are now offering Rinjani trekking trips with our local, experienced team based in Lombok for 2.8M IDR per person. This is an affordable 2-day and 1-night crater rim trek reaching the rim by sunset, camping for the night, and descending the following day after an epic volcano sunrise breakfast.
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Motorbike in sembalun village lombok

Things to Do in Sembalun Village Lombok

After the quick answer? Sembalun is known for its amazing strawberry and rice fields and as the highest mountain village with many great treks. If you're short on time, here are the top 3 bookable activities in Sembalun, Lombok.

Rider and traveller on a motorbike in the jungle of lombok

1. The Lombok Loop Top-Pick

The epic Lombok Loop includes a day exploring & staying in Sembalun! This is Indonesia's answer to the famous Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam & one of the best experiences I've had traveling on Lombok.

Mount rinjani volcano and lake

2. Mount Rinjani Trek

Sembalun serves as one of the main trailheads to summit Mount Rinjani! This is the most epic adventure experience on Lombok.

View of rinjani volcano from pergansingan hill, lombok

3. Pergasingan Hill Trek

An amazing overnight hike to Pergasingan Hill overlooking Sembalun. An easier option than Rinjani but offers amazing views.

1. Lombok Loop

The Lombok Loop is a new activity in Lombok and one of the best trips I've experienced in Indonesia! It's similar to the Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam, but in my opinion even better since the landscape is more diverse.

This is a 4-day, 3-night group motorbike loop that covers the whole island, including a day exploring Sembalun and the surrounding mountain landscapes. You'll also stay one night in Sembalun camping beneath Rinjani volcano!

This is also a great way to meet other like-minded travelers and mingle with locals. A true must-do experience!

Motorbike tour in sembalun, lombok

2. Pergasingan Hill Hike

If it's not a Rinjani summit trek, by far the most popular thing to do in Sembalun is to hike Pergasingan Hill.

Pergasingan Hill is a large hill that sits above the ricefield valleys of Sembalun. Its highest point is around 1,750 meters, which means you'll be climbing roughly 600 meters of altitude. It takes about 1.5-3 hours to reach the top, where you'll be rewarded with some of the best views in Lombok.

I highly recommend doing this hike as a sunrise hike for the best views. We're currently arranging Pergasingan Hill sunrise treks for 2M IDR per person including transport with our local team in Lombok.

Drone view from pergasingan hill sembalun, lombok hike

3. Mangku Sakti Waterfall (Air Terjun Mangku Sakti)

Looking for a real off-the-beaten-path waterfall adventure? Mangku Sakti waterfall is one of my favorite waterfalls in Lombok, and flows hard even in the dry season.

To get here, it takes approximately 20 minutes by motorbike until you reach a dirt road. From here, it's a 30-minute off-road adventure down some dirt roads through dense jungle followed by a 15-minute walk.

Mangku Sakti waterfall is a large 20-meter waterfall with powerful flowing rapids downriver. My favorite part about this waterfall is that you can climb inside it and watch the power flow from behind the waterfall!

Mangku sakti waterfall near sembalun, lombok, sembalun village

4. Bukit Selong Ricefield Viewpoint

Sembalun Village Lombok even has some pretty epic sunset and sunrise viewpoints. One of the best you'll find is Bukit Selong, located behind a river at the edge of the village.

This one doesn't require a long hike to reach but still rewards you with incredible views of the patchwork Sembalun rice fields. On the other side, you'll get a wider view of Sembalun Village as you listen to the Mosque prayers as they echo around the mountain landscape.

There's been extensive damage in this part of the village, so the owners of the land charge a 5,000 rupiah entry price to visit the Bukit Selong ricefield viewpoint. This goes a long way to help the local community rebuild following the earthquakes.

Bukit selong viewpoint

5. Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani is the tallest point on Lombok and the second tallest volcano in Indonesia! Rinjani trekking is the reason why a lot of people visit North Lombok, and I don't blame them! Trekking and camping on the edge of the crater was one of my favorite experiences in Lombok.

And, one of the most direct routes to the Rinjani summit departs from Sembalun! We are organizing these trips with our local, experienced team based in Lombok.

Contact to book+62 815-2923-1971

Mount rinjani from sembalun, lombok
Rinjani volcano from sembalun side

6. Taman Wisata Pusuk Viewpoint

Taman Wisata Pusuk Viewpoint is another incredible mountain viewpoint at the top of Sembalun. Unlike Pergasingan Hill, you won't need to hike to the top, since the viewpoint is actually located on the side of the road atop the mountain pass.

This is a great viewpoint to get expansive views of the Sembalun valley and the massive volcanic hills. You'll also see the small porcelain houses resting below Pergasinghan Hill and Rinjani's crater.

There is a small bamboo viewing platform that stretches out over the edge that makes for some cool, albeit a little corny photos.

Taman wisata pusuk viewpoint sembalun lombok

7. Ride Through the Strawberry Fields

Another one of the more unexpected things to do in Sembalun was to check out the strawberry fields. If you have a motorbike and a little bit of time, you can take the same road that leads up to Taman Wisata Pusuk Viewpoint through some spectacular strawberry farms.

You'll notice local villagers selling their freshly grown mountain strawberries on the side of the road. Many also allow you to pick fresh strawberries on their farm for only a 20,000 rupiah donation!

Sembalun village lombok strawberry fields
Motorbike on lombok

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Staying in Sembalun Village Lombok - Accommodation Guide

Sembalun village isn’t exactly the most touristy location on Lombok. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great guest houses or hotels available.

Bukit tiga lima outdoor view of rooms

1. Bukit Tiga Lima Luxury

Great location with impeccable views over the surrounding rice fields. This 3-star hotel features triangular rooms with BBQ facilities & includes breakfast.

Radiya guest house bungalows in sembalun, lombok

2. Radiya Guesthouse Guesthouse

One of the best-value accommodation options in Sembalun. The rooms are small but very clean and have everything you need. There’s unlimited free coffee and tea, as well as a free breakfast included.

Sembalun kita cottage outdoor view

3. Sembalun Kita Cottage Cottage

Set among the mountains the Sembulan Kita Cottage offers its guests incredible views from its rooms, hot water, free breakfasts, and the option of sleeping in a 100-year-old traditional Indonesian house.

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So, that wraps up this Sembalun travel guide. If you enjoyed this list of the best things to do in Sembalun, make sure to read my other articles that cover all of the other popular regions in Lombok.

Have you got any other epic adventures that I missed on my trip to Sembalun? Let me know below, I reply to every comment!

Taman wisata pusuk viewpoint sembalun lombok
Sembalun village lombok 0071
Drone view from pergasingan hill senaru, lombok hike
Senaru rice fields and pergasingan hill, lombok
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