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Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint in Sembalun, Lombok

Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint in Sembalun, Lombok

Olly Gaspar

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Bukit Selon Rice Field Viewpoint, also known as Selong Hill, is a scenic sunrise viewpoint located in Sembalun, Lombok overlooking a beautiful carpet of fields.

This viewpoint is one of the best things to do in Sembalun if you’re looking for a great sunset or sunrise spot without much of a hike involved.

I’ve visited this viewpoint several times on my trips to Lombok, including recently on my first Lombok Loop trip! In this guide, I’ll offer you an updated guide on how to get here, what to expect, and tips to help you enjoy your visit.

Bukit selong viewpoint in eastern lombok

Where is Bukit Selong Viewpoint?

Bukit Selong is located just behind the village of Sembalun. If you're staying in Sembalun, then you can either walk or take a motorbike to the viewpoint. Following these directions on how to find Bukit Selong, it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to walk, or 10 minutes to ride.

I've pinned the exact location on Google Maps below.

Map showing bukit selong ricefield viewpoint in sembalun

The easiest way to find Bukit Selong Viewpoint is to use Google Maps, which will direct you to the viewpoint. However, here are some general directions if you get lost:

From the Rinjani National Park Office, follow the main road south and turn left just after "Putra Sembalun Homestay". Keep walking until you cross a small bridge over a river and through the bamboo forest until you arrive at a small village.

There is a lot of construction going on here currently, and you don't need to park your motorbike at the "parking area". Instead, keep riding through the bamboo forest until you see the sign and entrance fee hut. You can park your bike here for free, pinned as "Parkir Bukit Selong" on Google Maps.

From here, you can already see some of the rice fields, Bukit Selong viewpoint is the small hill just behind the traditional village huts.

GPS Coordinates: 8°21'51.6"S 116°32'24.5"E

Bamboo forest in sembulan
Bamboo Road on the way to Bukit Selong

Bukit Selong Viewpoint Entrance Fee

The updated price to visit this viewpoint is 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah per person. This small donation to enjoy their local viewpoint will go a long way to helping the locals of this remote area of Lombok. You will pay for this at a small little hut right beside the hiking trail.

This entrance fee price has been the same since my first visit way back in 2019.

Rice field viewpoints at sembulan bukit selong

What to Expect at the Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint

Following the path up the hill, you'll see the remnants of an old wooden star and treehouse bridge. Still, the view out to the rice fields are magical both at sunrise and sunset.

From the top of Selong Hill, you can also see the entire town of Sembalun and watch the sunset behind Rinjani. When we visited there was a lingering fog which coupled with the echoing nightly prayers to create a spectacular scene.

The rice fields form a pastiche rug that lies underneath the surrounding hills, including the popular hiking viewpoint; Pergasingan Hill.

Bukit selong viewpoint in eastern lombok
Old treehouse at selong hill sembulan
Bukit selong viewpoint
Sembalun viewpoint
Bukit selong viewpoint in lombok

Traditional Village Below the Viewpoint

After paying the entrance fee, you are also allowed to walk through the traditional village just beneath the viewpoint. This is a replica village of how people used to live in this region– even before Rinjani existed!

We spent about 20 minutes exploring these traditional houses below Bukit Selong before continuing on our journey around Lombok.

Traditional lombok houses in sembalun

Where to Stay in Sembalun

Sembalun village isn’t exactly the most touristy location on Lombok. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great guest houses or hotels available.

Bukit tiga lima outdoor view of rooms

1. Bukit Tiga Lima Luxury

Great location with impeccable views over the surrounding rice fields. This 3-star hotel features triangular rooms with BBQ facilities & includes breakfast.

Radiya guest house bungalows in sembalun, lombok

2. Radiya Guesthouse Guesthouse

One of the best-value accommodation options in Sembalun. The rooms are small but very clean and have everything you need. There’s unlimited free coffee and tea, as well as a free breakfast included.

Sembalun kita cottage outdoor view

3. Sembalun Kita Cottage Cottage

Set among the mountains the Sembulan Kita Cottage offers its guests incredible views from its rooms, hot water, free breakfasts, and the option of sleeping in a 100-year-old traditional Indonesian house.

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