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St Peter’s Pool Malta – Complete 2023 Travel Guide

St Peter’s Pool Malta – Complete 2023 Travel Guide

Discover one of the most beautiful natural swimming spots in Malta at St Peter’s Pool. Complete guide including how to get here, what to expect, and photos to inspire your visit.

It’s no secret that Malta is well-regarded for its amazing coastal landscapes and crystal clear water swimming areas.

One of the absolute best is St Peter’s Pool, a natural round pool forming a perfect pool with crystal clear blue-green waters. This site is great for swimming, relaxing, and cliff jumping, so you won’t want to miss it when exploring southern Malta!

Blue natural swimming pool in malta
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About St Peter's Pool in Malta

St Peter's Pool is a beautiful natural swimming pool formed by eroded limestone. It's famous in Malta due to the crystal clear water. On a clear, sunny day, the sun reflects off the white bottom to form a beautiful blue glow in the pool.

Most people make it here to cool off and swim in the pool. Additionally, it's quite deep, making it a great place for cliff jumping too.

St peter's pool in malta

Where is St Peter's Pool?

St. Peter's Pool is located close to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, near the tip of Delimara Point on the southeast coast of Malta.

While this is quite a remote location for travelers staying in tourist areas like Valletta, Sliema, or Mellieha, it makes sense to visit this iconic natural limestone pool on a day trip to the nearby villages of Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala, or Birżebbuġa.

Below I've pinned the exact location of St Peter's Pool to help you find it.

St peter's pool map

How to get to St Peter's Pool

There are three ways to reach St Peter's Pool in Malta.

The first option is to drive to a small parking spot near the rock pool along Delimara Point. This parking spot is pinned as "Parking for St Peter's Pool". The road leading to this point is quite narrow and winding. Also, once you get down to the carpark, the road is a little rough.

The second option is to take a jet ski tour (from nearby St Thomas bay) or one of the boat trips to St Peter's Pool. You'll find signs offering these trips in Marsaxlokk or you could book the jet ski adventure online in advance.

The third option is via public transport, stopping at the bus stop called Abdosir and walking to the pool. Below are the available routes:

  • From Valletta or Floriana: route 81
  • Airport: route 119
Wied il ghasri bay, gozo

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The best way to experience both Malta and Gozo islands is to rent your own car! I recommend booking well in advance using price comparison sites like DiscoverCars if traveling in the busy summer season.

St peter's pool in malta
St peter's natural swimming pool

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Arriving at The Pools

Once you arrive at the car park off the main road, you'll need to walk down a short set of stone stairs carved into the cliff.

From here, you'll see plenty of space along the flat rocks around the pool to lay down a towel and relax.

St. Peter's pool from above

What to Expect at St Peter's Natural Swimming Pool

As soon as you arrive at St Peters Pool, you'll understand what all the hype is about.

The water here is crystal clear, with a bright azure glow offering excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities. There's a ladder leading into the water, which means getting in and out is a breeze. Further out in the cove, you'll also find a rope marking the safe swimming area.

Furthermore, the flat rocks around the pool serve as the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean summer sun.

St peter's pool in malta
Natural Pool in Malta
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Swimming In The Pool

As I'm sure you know, the weather during the dry summer months of May to August gets quite hot! The water temperature in the pool usually exceeds 20-22 degrees celsius during this time, which makes for a comfortable swim.

Just remember that the pool is quite deep. Therefore, you'll need to watch small children.

Natural limestone swimming pool in malta

Cliff Jumping

St. Peter's Pool jump height: around 4 meters

The depth in St Peter's Pool is easily deep enough to jump from the high rocks at the rounded limestone edge. The highest jump is around 4 meters, which isn't massive, but a fun jump nonetheless.

Remember when cliff jumping to always do a depth check first.

Malta cliff jumping location, st peter's pool

Unique Limestone Rock Formations Behind the Pool

Around the cliff face to the south, (left if looking out to the sea) travelers will find another worthwhile natural attraction. This area is a wide, flat section with some interesting rock formations and weathered limestone boulders.

This is a great photography location, especially during sunrise!

Limestone formations in delimara point, malta
Delimara point rock formations

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And, that's a wrap for this quick guide to visiting St. Peters Pool in Malta.

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