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Preston Falls Tasmania: Impressive Waterfall in Gunns Plains

Preston Falls Tasmania: Impressive Waterfall in Gunns Plains

Olly Gaspar

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Complete guide to visiting Preston Falls in northern Tasmania. Discover how to get here, what to expect, and photos of the waterfall.

Are you looking for a quick waterfall stop in northern Tasmania? If you are it’s worth checking out Preston Falls, in the Gunns Plains area.

This particular waterfall is a little confusing, as it seems to have been given many names. Apparently, the real “Preston Falls” is now located on private land and is not easy to access. The waterfall I’m referring to in this guide has an official signpost with the name. However, many Tasmanian locals refer to it as “Delaneys Falls“, or “Upper Preston Falls”.

Whatever you want to call it, I recommend heading out to this epic little spot for a short walk to an impressive waterfall.

Preston falls tasmania

Where is Preston Falls?

Preston Falls is located near Gunns Plains in Northern Tasmania, just south of Ulverstone. Visitors can access this waterfall via a sealed road, approximately 40 km from Devonport.

I have pinned the exact location of the car park below to help you find it.

Google Maps Pin: "Raymond Road"

Preston falls map tasmania

My Experience Getting to Preston Falls

There are no public transport options or guided tours to this waterfall. This means that if you are looking to get to Preston Falls, you'll need your own transport.

As mentioned above, the drive to Preston Falls follows sealed roads and is accessible by any vehicle type. The easiest way to navigate to the waterfall is to follow the map coordinates above. Otherwise, make your way to the small town of Preston via Preston Road. Then, turn right onto Raymond Road just a few hundred metres past the town. You'll see signs for the waterfalls on this road.

There's adequate parking along Ramond Road and enough space just in front of the short walking track for about 6 cars.

Sunset on a winding road in tasmania

Car Rentals in Tasmania

Unfortunately, the cost of bringing your own car on the Spirit of Tasmania has skyrocketed in recent years. Now, it is usually cheaper to rent a car on arrival. I recommend using DiscoverCars in Tasmania to compare rates for different vehicles across dealerships.

(Rentals are limited in Tasmania so it's a good idea to book in advance).

A Short Track to an Accessible Waterfall

  • Distance: 300 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

Once you arrive at the waterfall car park, you'll see a signpost indicating the way to the short waterfall trail to Preston Falls.

This short walk is only about 300 m, following a gentle decline. On this short walk, you'll see beautiful fern trees and tranquil flowing creeks.

The main waterfall viewpoint is a raised, metal platform overlooking Preston Falls (or Delayneys Falls) which feeds into Preston Creek.

Preston falls tasmania

While the view from above might satisfy most, we continued down the track and followed a rather steep unofficial trail to the base of the waterfall.

Here we were able to get a better vantage point and snap some more photos of this awesome little waterfall.

Waterfall tasmania
Upper preston falls tasmania

Did you enjoy this short guide to visiting Preston Falls in Tasmania?

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