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Bridal Veil & Champagne Falls in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Bridal Veil & Champagne Falls in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Olly Gaspar

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Explore two of Tassie’s most picturesque waterfalls on a scenic 5.2 km circuit hike.

With all of the incredible natural attractions on offer in the Cradle Mountain region of Tasmania, you certainly won’t run out of things to do and see. However, if you’d rather skip the crowds and explore some hidden gems, then I’d highly recommend checking out Bridal Veil Falls & Champagne Falls.

In this guide, I’ll give you directions for how to get to these waterfalls, and what to expect on the short-circuit hike.

Where are Bridal Veil Falls & Champagne Falls?

Bridal Veil Falls and Champagne Falls can be accessed on the same walking track departing from the Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. This is approximately 31 km from the Cardle Mountain Visitor Centre.

While you don't have to stay at this lodge to access the waterfalls, it is, in my opinion, a really underrated option for those looking for a comfortable wilderness base to explore the region.

Google Maps Pin: "Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat"

Map bridal veil falls in tasmania

How to Get to the Waterfall Trailhead

Below are the easy-to-follow directions for getting to the trailhead. One thing I must note is you'll need your own transport to visit this part of Cradle Country.


  • 1: Take "Cradle Mountain Rd", the same road leading to the Visitor Centre.
  • 2: The turn-off for the waterfalls and wilderness resort is on "Dolocath Road," which is a 7.8 km stretch of unsealed road.
  • 3: Dolocath Road is narrow with steep drops on the side but manageable in a large campervan (what I traveled in). Any 2WD vehicle will be fine in good weather.
  • 4: Arrival at Lemonthyme Lodge, there is adequate parking and good signage for the start of the waterfall track to Bridal Veil Falls and Champagne Falls.
Sunset on a winding road in tasmania

Car Rentals in Tasmania

Unfortunately, the cost of bringing your own car on the Spirit of Tasmania has skyrocketed in recent years. Now, it is usually cheaper to rent a car on arrival. I recommend using DiscoverCars in Tasmania to compare rates for different vehicles across dealerships.

(Rentals are limited in Tasmania so it's a good idea to book in advance).

My Experience on Bridal Veil & Champagne Falls Circuit

  • Hiking Distance: 5.2 km circuit
  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Elevation: 300 m total elevation gain
  • Difficulty: Easy-moderate

This waterfall track to Bridal Veil Falls and Champagne Falls is a decent circuit loop that is very wide and well-signed throughout. While it is possible to hike to just one waterfall, I'd recommend doing this walk as a circuit to avoid doubling back. This way, you'll also get to see two epic waterfalls instead of just one! I walked this loop in a counter-clockwise direction, which I'd recommend as it makes for a more leisurely hike.

The track is suited to anyone with a decent level of fitness. The only real ascent is near the start, which follows a 4WD track for about 1 km and a half before turning off to Champagne Falls.

Bridal veil falls walk tasmania

First Stop: Champagne Falls

You'll see the wooden signpost to Champagne Falls after the rather steep 1.5 km climb. This next section down to Champagne Falls is much narrower and descends sharply for about 200 m to the base of the waterfall.

Cradle mountain waterfall track

Truthfully, I wasn't really expecting Champagne Falls to be just so epic. That might be due to the fact that it's often overshadowed by its slightly larger neighbour Bridal Veil Falls. In my opinion, Champagne Falls is my favourite of the two due to the beautiful green vegetation surrounding it.

Champagne falls tasmania
Champagne falls tasmania

You might notice that much of the waterfall is obscured by a rocky outcrop and dense vegetation from the "official" viewing area. However, we walked around this to get a better vantage point closer to the waterfall. I also ventured down a little further down the gorge to get some unique perspectives.

Cradle mountain waterfall track
Champagne falls
Champagne falls tasmania

Next Up: Bridal Veil Falls

Once you've soaked in the views of Champagne Falls, you can continue on the trail down to Bridal Veil Falls which is further upstream on Bull Creek. Don't double back the same way, instead, continue on, following the wooden signs just to the left of the waterfall.

Bridal veil falls hike tasmania

Soon, you'll cross the creek and then follow it upstream for another 1 km before arriving at the main event; Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal veil falls walk tasmania

This waterfall is approximately 25 m tall, just 5 m taller than Champagne Falls. You'll find it in a wide clearing with an impressive vertical drop. There's a bridge just beneath it which is a great spot to take photos.

Photographers: having a tripod here is a must. Capturing the waterfall with a low shutter speed of 1/6 of a second to 2 seconds will give you an awesome cotton candy effect.

Bridal veil falls bridge tasmania
Bridal veil falls tasmania
Bridal veil falls tasmania

Finishing Back at the Wilderness Retreat

The last stretch of this short but rewarding waterfall hike continues over the bridge and back up the hill before again descending back to the Lemonthyme Lodge.

Lemonthyme wilderness retreat in cradle mountain, tasmania

1. Lemonthyme Lodge Retreat

I'd highly recommend staying at the Lemonthyme, especially if you want to spend a bit of time around Cradle Mountain. The location cannot be beat and the surrounding forests are some of the best in the world.

Lemonthyme lodge wilderness retreat cradle mountain tasmania
Visit during the winter for a wonderland experience

Did you enjoy this short waterfall hiking guide to Bridal Veil Falls and Champagne Falls in Tasmania?

Make sure to check out some of my other guides below too if you're after more travel and adventure inspiration for Cradle Mountain and the rest of Tassie!

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