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Visiting the Innot Hot Springs in Queensland: 2024 Travel Guide

Visiting the Innot Hot Springs in Queensland: 2024 Travel Guide

A quick visitor’s guide outlining everything you need to know about the Innot Hot Springs near Ravenshoe, Queensland.

Travellers visiting Tropical North Queensland are usually overwhelmed with just how many epic things to do and see there are up here! At first impression, most won’t believe you that this incredible region even has hot springs!

In this quick guide, I’ll run you through everything you need to know when planning a visit to these great hot springs in the Atherton Tablelands (Queensland, Australia).

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About The Innot Hot Springs

The Innot Hot Springs are naturally heated geothermic pools on Nettle Creek in the Atherton Tablelands. While I don't want to disappoint you by claiming that these are "world-class" springs, that's simply not the case. However, what you can expect is a warm, natural bath without having to pay a cent!

Are the Innot Hot Springs Free? Yes, access to the Innot Hot Springs in Queensland is free. However, you can stay at the hot springs leisure and camping park which is located adjacent to the springs.

Innot thermal springs

How To Get Here

These springs are located on the Kennedy Highway between the townships of Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet. Expect a long 2-hour+ drive if you're coming from Cairns.

Visiting the Innot Hot Springs is a good idea if you're coming up to explore all of the great things to do in the Tablelands. That's because these springs serve as a great place to relax after a long day exploring the waterfalls of nearby Millaa Millaa or the incredible Tully Gorge.

For those without a car, you can book a full-day 4WD Tablelands and Chillagoe tour from Cairns which also stops by the springs.

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Map of the innot hot springs in queensland

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What to Expect at the Innot Hot Springs

When you first arrive at the Innot Hot Springs, you'll find a large car park just in front of the camping park. If you walk down to the creek from here, you'll often see many people bathing in the warm, natural springs.

While the water level will depend on recent rainfall, you can usually walk upstream a bit to find a decent pool. Careful though, some of the shallow pools can get as hot as 75 degrees!

We were told by a local who has been using these pools his whole life that an hour or so is more than enough in these pools. That's because they are very mineral-rich and can dry you out a bit if you stick around too long!

Old cart at the innot hot springs in the atherton tablelands
Innot hot springs in the atherton tablelands
Great barrier reef aerial photograph near cairns, australia

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Innot Hot Springs Accommodation

As I mentioned above, there is a campsite at the Innot Hotsprings offering sites for campers. This is a dog-friendly park, but dogs aren't allowed in the pools.

They offer powered and underpowered sites for motorhomes and caravans.

Additionally, visitors will also get access to facilities such as a pool and a naturally heated spa.

It's best to just pop in and book a site, or call them in advance.

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Hot springs in the tablelands

The Hot Spring Pub

Another highlight people often bring up is the quaint little pub called the Hot Springs Hotel, right next to the springs. This pub is nothing special by any means, but it's certainly got character!

The Aboriginal Legend

The indigenous Mamu people have a Dreamtime story about the Innot Hot Springs. They believe that the springs were created when a large turtle had a hot stone in her stomach and carried it upstream from the sea to warm the waters.

Innot hot springs, queensland

More Things to do in The Tropical North

I hope that you've enjoyed this quick and easy guide to visiting the Innot Hot Springs in the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland. For more travel articles and adventure ideas in the region, check out some of my other posts below.

Innot hot springs
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Ian Steven

Thursday 17th of March 2022

Your comment about dogs being allowed in the pools is incorrect. Whilst the park is dog friendly, we do not allow dogs in the pools in the Leisure park.

Olly Gaspar

Friday 18th of March 2022

Thanks for the update, when I visited there were several dogs in the pool, which was awesome to see. Either way, I've updated the content for travelers, cheers.