The Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit is a trio of epic rainforest waterfalls located in the Atherton Tablelands Region just behind Cairns, Queensland. Here’s a quick guide to checking out the circuit for independent adventurers.

I’ve said it a few times but The Tablelands are easily one of the most underrated adventure destinations in Queensland and probably in Australia! From epic waterfalls and ancient rainforest hikes to unique native animals, this region really is a hidden gem.

In this guide, I’ll detail what to expect when planning a trip to the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit on Theresa Creek Road near Millaa Millaa. I’ll include tips on how to get here, what to expect and some photos that I hope will inspire you to check out the full trio.

I’ve also written independent blog posts for each waterfall on the circuit; Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls. So, if you want some more detailed information or more photos of each, you’ll find the links to them below each section underneath.

Where is the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit?

The Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit is located in the Atherton Tablelands region of Queensland near the small township of Millaa Millaa. The waterfall circuit road is called “Theresa Creek Road“, a 15 kilometre stretch of road offering scenic views over the rolling hills and pockets of dense rainforest.

The circuit is located approximately 105 KM from Cairns, so you can expect at least a 1-hour 40-minute drive. However, don’t let that discourage you. There is so much to see and do in this region and I’m sure you definitely will not regret the trip.

Theresa Creek Road on the Waterfall Circuit is sealed and can be accessed by any vehicle type. However, the road can get narrow in some sections as it wraps around the neighbouring farmlands.

Waterfall Circuit Map

The Best Organised Trip to Millaa Millaa From Cairns

Since there aren’t any public transport options heading to the Tablelands from Cairns, you’re best of booking a Atherton Tablelands waterfall tour if you don’t have your own car.

I can highly recommend this tour for value-for-money. It’s also one of the best-rated waterfall tours from Cairns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t visit all of the waterfalls on the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit but it does include Millaa Millaa falls and one of my favourites: Josephine Falls.

Check best price: Best Waterfall Tour from Cairns

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How to get here from Cairns (Self Drive)

Google Maps Pin: Millaa Millaa

From Cairns, you’ll need to head south on the Bruce Highway towards Gordonvale. Once you approach the obvious Walsh’s Pyramid, look out for signs towards Atherton Tablelands over Gillies Range Road.

Follow this winding road all the way up to the Tablelands, pass the crater lakes and continue following signs south to Millaa Millaa“, which is just passed Malanda.

Theresa Creek Road (the Waterfall Circuit Road) is just a minute or so from the small township, where you’ll find some small shops, a caravan park and a fuel station.


The Waterfalls on the Milla Milla Circuit

Once you make it to the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit, it’s time to start exploring! Here are the three waterfalls on the road. Each is located on different points along the road, with a car park and signs indicating where to stop (check the map above).

In terms of access, every waterfall on this Millaa Millaa circuit is very easy to get to and requires only a very short walk.

Again, I’ve written more detailed posts for each waterfall. You’ll find the links underneath each section below.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Height: 18.3 metres
Known for: Most photographed waterfall in Australia, great swimming spot.

Millaa Millaa Falls is undeniably the star of the show. As I mentioned above, most tours heading to Atherton Tablelands stop by Millaa Milla so it can understandably a little busy.

Tip: visit early

This 18.3 metre single-drop, plunging waterfall is indeed one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia. As a result, it’s earned itself the title of “Australia’s Most Photographed Waterfall”.

The waterfall is located right next to a large car park that is well-signed so it’s really impossible to miss it. Unfortunately in my opinion, a fair bit of rainforest has been cleared and some construction has been developed around the edge of the waterfall. This creates a less “natural” vibe, but understandably makes it a more attractive spot for weddings and events.

At the base of the waterfall is a deep and very wide swimming pool that is perfect for a dip.



Zillie Falls

Height: ~15 metres
Known for: Viewing platform above the falls, slippery track

Next on the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit is Zillie Falls, a roughly 15 metre tall waterfall that gushes over the edge of the eroded basalt column and crashes hard onto a pile of large boulders below.

While there is a signpost and a large car park, it’s actually not that hard to miss this if you’re not paying attention.

Once you arrive, you’ll walk out to a viewing platform that is positioned above and adjacent to the waterfall. There is a slippery “unofficial” worn track that also leads to the base but it’s easy to miss. You’ll find it by looking for a small clearing in the forest beside the viewpoint.

Unfortunately, many people skip Zillie Falls. Don’t be one of those! Zillie Waterfall in my opinion is a more enjoyable experience since there’s a lack of crowds, so make sure to stop by.

Honestly, it would be “Zillie” not to.

Zillie Falls


Ellinjaa Falls

Height: 12 metres
Known for: Fewer crowds, large swimming hole, ledge behind the waterfall

By now you’re probably wondering how yet another waterfall could possibly impress you. I bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you arrive at the last waterfall; Ellinjaa Falls.

This waterfall requires the longest walk to reach out of the three. In saying that, it’s probably going to take you less than 5 minutes on a sealed track through the rainforest.

Once you get to the base, you’ll know why Tropical North Queensland tourism uses this waterfall so much to promote the region. Although smaller, this wide, cascading waterfall in a small rainforest clearing creates an otherworldly scene.

Ellinjaa Falls is my personal favourite waterfall on the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit for its wide pool, awesome ledge and the chance of spotting a wild platypus!

Ellinjaa Falls


Cairns Accommodation Guide – Where to Stay

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Stay adventurous!


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