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Cenote Encantado – Epic Tulum Beach Cenote (Hidden Gem)

Cenote Encantado – Epic Tulum Beach Cenote (Hidden Gem)

Everything you need to know about visiting Cenote Encantado, an awesome freshwater swimming spot in the Hotel Zone of Tulum, Mexico.

Looking for an awesome hidden gem offering a place to relax, snorkel, and cool off right in the heart of Tulum’s vibrant hotel strip (Hotel Zone)?

I’ve got you covered with this quick guide to visiting Cenote Encantado. This is an awesome Tulum beach cenote that’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle!

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Tulum coastline with cenote sink hole
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About Cenote Encantado - The Tulum Beach Cenote

Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry fee: 50 MXN pesos per person

Cenote Encantado is quite a large open cenote in Tulum. It's surrounded by beautiful mangrove systems, features an awesome wooden diving platform, and plenty of kayaks and floats.

This cenote, or natural freshwater sinkhole, is not very well known, even the entrance is right on the edge of the hotel strip! This means visitors can expect fewer tourists and a generally calm vibe.

The water depth is quite deep, especially as you make your way to the center. This means it's great for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. In terms of wildlife, there are plenty of birds, fish, and even a small crocodile that calls this cenote home! Don't worry, he's harmless!

El Cenote Encantado is owned by "Cenote Encantado Tent Lodges". While I haven't stayed here, it seems like they offer some nice alternative tent accommodation right on the edge of the beach.

Cenote encantado aerial
Aerial photograph of cenote encantado in tulum

First: Don't Miss the Best Tulum Cenote Tour

Since Cenote Encantado isn't a very well-known cenote, there aren't any tours that will take you here. However since it is so close to the beach and major sea side hotels, getting here is very easy on your own.

However, if you're going to be spending some time in Tulum & the Riviera Maya of Quintana Roo, you have to see some of the other world-class natural fresh water caves and sinkholes in the region. Below is by far the best cenote tour in Mexico!

Best Tulum Cenote TourTriple Cenote Tour (includes entry fees)
One of the best ways to experience the cenotes in Tulum is to book this guided trip from Tulum. This is one of the most-booked and highest rated tours in the region for a few reasons.

You’ll get: 

  • Hotel pickup/drop-off
  • Multi-lingual guide
  • Visit Gran Cenote, Calavera Cenote & Casa Cenote
  • Includes all entry fees

This is excellent value as transport in Tulum is notoriously expensive. Furthermore, the entry fees for each add up to $40 USD alone and are included in your ticket.

Where is Cenote Encantado?

Cenote Encantado is located at the far end of the Hotel Strip, close to attractions like the Ven a la Luz sculpture. It's hard to spot if you're not looking for it, which adds to its secret hidden gem appeal.

Below I've pinned the exact location of El Encantado Cenote, which is accurate. However, you'll find more detailed directions for how to get here below.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Cenote Encantado Tent Lodges"
Tulum cenote

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How to Get Here?

Getting here is quite easy, yet a little far, especially if you're staying in Tulum Pueblo (Tulum Town). With that said, it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to ride here on a bicycle.

Simply head south down the hotel strip, passing the Van a la Luz sculpture and the "Follow That Dream Sign" along the way. Soon, you'll arrive at the entrance to the cenote.

If you don't want to ride, you can also drive here, as there is some parking available out the front. Actually, renting a car in Tulum is actually very easy and one of the best ways to explore the Mayan Riviera. I always use Discover Cars to book when in Mexico since you can compare the best prices and rule out the shops trying to rip you off.

Once you arrive at the pin above, you'll simply head through the obvious path past the booth (usually nobody there).

Riding a bicycle in tulum

Visiting Cenote Encantado At Tulum Beach: What to Expect

Following the dirt path through the campsites and into the mangroves, you'll soon pop out at the cenote. There are plenty of SUPs and kayaks laying here, which are free to use. However, I noticed my kayak was a bit worn and started sinking, so I put it back.

The wooden cliff jumping spot is also loads of fun. I'd say it's about 12 feet high (3.6 meters), which isn't super tall, but fun enough to launch some backflips or do some dives.

I also flew my drone here since it was away from the prying eyes of opportunistic and corrupt police. This let me see just how many cenotes there are in this region. Take a look for yourself!

Cenote encantado, tulum mexico
Swimming at mexican cenote
Kayaking in blue water tulum
Cenote encantado aerial
Aerial photograph of cenote encantado in tulum
Drone of yucatan cenotes
Drone of yucatan cenotes
Drone of yucatan cenotes

Meet the Local Cenote Crocodile

Yes, I mentioned earlier that there is a local crocodile living at El Cenote Encantado. I'd been told be the locals that he was here, but I, unfortunately, couldn't spot him. They assured me he'd been here for quite a while and was actually quite tame.

Snorkeling at cenote encantado

More Epic Cenotes in Tulum

Did you know the Yucatan has over 6000 different cenotes? No, I haven't documented them all, but here are some of my absolute favorites (with links to guides on visiting each).

  • Gran Cenote Tulum – awesome semi-open cenote with caves and crystal clear water near Tulum
  • Cenote Carwash – an underrated and relaxing cenote just a short drive from the Gran Cenote
  • Calavera Cenote – The Temple of Doom cenote offers a fun cliff jump and iconic swing and wooden ladder
  • Cenote Escondido – The Hidden Cenote is great for relaxing or jumping off the 12 foot dive platform
  • Cristal Cenote – one of the best cenotes in Mexico for snorkeling
  • Cenote Dos Ojos - my absolute favorite cenote in Mexico. Epic snorkeling, great scuba diving and unbelievable caves to explore.
  • Casa Cenote - an awesome hidden gem that is one of the best Tulum sink holes for scuba diving.
Swimming in underwater cave

Where to Stay in Tulum

Wondering about where to stay in Tulum? Generally speaking, there are two areas, Tulum Town (Pueblo), and the Tulum Hotel Zone (Tulum Beach).

Tulum Town is a laid-back town close to the ADO bus station and has loads of hotels, guest houses, hostels, restaurants, bars, and everything else you could imagine.

The Tulum Hotel Zone is located closer to the beach, where you'll find more high-end hotels, beach resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs. Here are the 3 top picks from both neighborhoods.

Casa malca tulum accommodation

1. Casa Malca Luxury

Perfect for couples searching for a luxury, private, & relaxing resort. Situated on a private beach surrounded by palm trees and offers luxury spa treatments with a large outdoor swimming pool.

Mamasan treehouses cabins outdoor seating area

2. Mamasan Treehouses & Cabins Unique

Stay in an epic tree house just 100m from South Tulum Beach! Features an epic root-top jungle bar with rooms overlooking the ocean.

Mayan monkey tulum bar and outdoor area

3. Mayan Monkey Budget

The best hostel for a party vibe where you can make lifelong friends. Just a short walk to Tulum Center where you can find many restaurants and bars.

Looking to explore other regions of the Riviera Maya? Check out this great guide to the best hotels in Holbox, or read up on the fun things to do in Downtown Cancun.

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