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Guide to Visiting Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) in Tulum, Mexico

Guide to Visiting Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) in Tulum, Mexico

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

A complete and up-to-date travel guide to Casa Cenote Tulum. Features everything you need to know about visiting and some great photos to inspire your trip.

Looking for a beautiful cenote to visit in Tulum, Mexico?

Look no further than Casa Cenote (also known as Cenote Manati)! This cenote is well-known for its clear blue water and is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. This is an awesome, off-the-beaten-path cenote with much fewer visitors, meaning a relaxed but fun atmosphere!

Read on for all the tourist information you need to know before visiting Casa Cenote, including price, location, what to expect, and some great photos!

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Riviera maya coastline, mexico

About Casa Cenote (Manati Cenote)

Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM

Entry fee: 150 MXN pesos per person (free if staying at Hotel Casa Cenote)

Casa Cenote is a stunning cenote located in Tulum, Mexico. This cenote gets its name from the nearby casa (house), which was built overtop of the cenote entrance. Its second name is Manati Cenote, which is inspired by the animal.

While still a fair distance from the Tulum Pueblo (Town), it's easy to get to, especially if you are renting a car or motorbike.

Casa Cenote is an open cenote, meaning this fresh water sinkhole looks more like a lake or river than a cave.

The clear blue water and fresh air make this cenote a great place to relax, cool off, and enjoy some beautiful scenery. The Cenote is surrounded by lush green jungle and vine-covered palms. It's truly a magical scene that everyone should experience when visiting Tulum!

Casa cenote drone
Casa cenote in tulum, mexico

the Best Cenote Tour in Tulum (Includes Casa Cenote)

Best Casa Cenote TourTriple Cenote Tour (includes entry fees)

One of the best ways to experience the cenotes in Tulum is to book this guided trip from Tulum. This is one of the most-booked and highest rated tours in the region and includes a stop at Casa Cenote!

You’ll get: 

  • Hotel pickup/drop-off
  • Multi-lingual guide
  • Visit Gran Cenote, Calavera Cenote & Casa Cenote
  • Includes all entry fees

This is excellent value as transport in Tulum is notoriously expensive. Furthermore, the entry fees for each add up to $40 USD alone and are included in your ticket.

Casa cenote in tulum, mexico

Where is Casa Cenote?

Casa Cenote is located about 15 minutes from Tulum Town and can be easily accessed by car or motorbike. You'll find it heading north on the Highway 307 (Chetemal to Cancun), approximately 4.3 miles from the Tulum Archeological Site.

Casa Cenote is located right next to a luxury resort strip (a new luxury development called Tulsayab) and is actually owned by the popular Hotel Casa Cenote.

Below I've pinned the exact location to help you find it.

Casa cenote in tulum map
Tulsayab luxury resort development in riviera maya, mexico

How to Get Here?

If you're getting around on foot or on a bike, it's best to book a tour instead as the cenote is much further than some of the others in town.

While you could also get a taxi, you'd have to arrange one to take you back, as the private property road doesn't always have available taxis heading back to Tulum Town.

If you're going to rent a car, I highly recommend comparing prices on Discover Cars first. This avoids haggling and getting ripped off by dodgy dealerships who require $1000s in deposit value.

If you're driving, there's plenty of parking space and it's free to park.

Riviera maya road near the beach
Road leading in from Tulum

Visiting Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) - What to Expect

My trip to Casa Cenote was one of my favorite things to do when in Tulum. The cenote has a beautiful blue hue and is great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is crystal clear, making it one of the most photogegenic cenotes in Tulum.

What's interesting about this open cenote is that due to the close proximity to the ocean, the cenote shares fresh and salt water. This creates a unique environment where freshwater fish and saltwater fish can actually live together!

After paying the entry, you're free to enjoy the cenote for as long as you like. Furthermore, the fee includes use of life jackets, lockers, and showers.

There’s also a small restaurant on site if you need a break from exploring.

Remember, showering before swimming in any cenote in Mexico is mandatory to conserve the delicate ecosystem.

Tip: Snorkeling gear can be rented for an additional fee of $50 pesos per person.

Tulum cenote

Get Travel Insurance for Cenotes in Mexico

Safeguard yourself from unforeseen travel mishaps like accidents, cancellations, delays, and loss of your personal items. HeyMondo offers peace of mind travel insurance for Mexico at super affordable rates.

Palm trees in mexico
Casa cenote in mexico

Is There a Crocodile at Casa Cenote?

One of the most common questions we get about Casa Cenote is if there are crocodiles. The answer, thankfully, is no! There have never been any crocodiles reported at this cenote.

However, there is one small alligator who lives here named Panchito (little hot dog). He is completely harmless and chances are you will not see him!

However, it's still probably a good idea to be cautious and observant while swimming. Mexico has several types of snakes, some of which are venomous.

So be sure to watch where you are walking and swimming. Remember, animals will never attack you unless you are a threat to them!

Underwater at the casa cenote

Scuba Diving at Casa Cenote Tulum

Whether you are an experienced and certified scuba diver, or a first-timer, Casa Cenote in Tulum is actually one of the best cenote dive sites!

That's because this cenote is an open cenote with a maximum depth of not more than 25 feet (8 meters). This, combined with the large site and crystal-clear blue water makes it a great dive that is one of the funnest and safest on the Riviera Maya.

First timers or divers who haven't submerged for a while should definitely book a trip to Casa Cenote, especially if they want to do more scuba diving on their trip.

Currently the link below is the cheapest and best-rated diving trip to Casa Cenote. It's run by one of the best scuba diving shops in Tulum and includes a professional guide to show you everything you need to know.

Book: Cenote Dive Trip From Tulum (best-rated in Tulum).

Scuba diving at casa cenote, tulum, mexico

What to Bring With You to Casa Cenote in Tulum

There are a few things you will want to bring with you when visiting Casa Cenote. First, make sure to bring your swimmers! This cenote is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. To add to that, below is a useful cenote packing list to help you plan your visit.

Casa cenote tulum 9

Where to Stay in Tulum: Quick Accommodation Guide

Wondering about where to stay in Tulum? Generally speaking, there are two areas, Tulum Town (Pueblo), and the Tulum Hotel Zone (Tulum Beach).

Tulum Town is a laid-back town close to the ADO bus station and has loads of hotels, guest houses, hostels, restaurants, bars, and everything else you could imagine.

The Tulum Hotel Zone is located closer to the beach, where you'll find more high-end hotels, beach resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs. Here are the 3 top picks from both neighborhoods.

Casa malca tulum accommodation

1. Casa Malca Luxury

Perfect for couples searching for a luxury, private, & relaxing resort. Situated on a private beach surrounded by palm trees and offers luxury spa treatments with a large outdoor swimming pool.

Mamasan treehouses cabins outdoor seating area

2. Mamasan Treehouses & Cabins Unique

Stay in an epic tree house just 100m from South Tulum Beach! Features an epic root-top jungle bar with rooms overlooking the ocean.

Mayan monkey tulum bar and outdoor area

3. Mayan Monkey Budget

The best hostel for a party vibe where you can make lifelong friends. Just a short walk to Tulum Center where you can find many restaurants and bars.

More Must-Visit Cenotes in Tulum

Looking for more cenotes in Tulum after visiting Casa Cenote? You're in luck, there are over 6000! Below are some of my favorites.

  • Gran Cenote Tulum – awesome semi-open cenote with caves and crystal clear water near Tulum
  • Cenote Carwash – an underrated and relaxing cenote just a short drive from the Gran Cenote
  • Calavera Cenote – The Temple of Doom cenote offers a fun cliff jump and iconic swing and wooden ladder
  • Cenote Escondido – The Hidden Cenote is great for relaxing or jumping off the 12 foot dive platform
  • Cristal Cenote – one of the best cenotes in Mexico for snorkeling
  • Cenote Dos Ojos - my absolute favorite cenote in Mexico. Epic snorkeling, great scuba diving and unbelievable caves to explore
  • Cenote Encantado - a hidden gem tucked away just behind the Tulum beach strip, close to the Ven a la Luz sculpture and the Follow That Dream sign.
Stairs at cenote dos ojos
The dos ojos cave cenote

Mexico Travel & Adventure Inspiration

I hope you've enjoyed this short but up-to-date guide on visiting the incredible Casa Cenote in Tulum, Mexico.

While you're still here on my blog, make sure to read some of my other articles for more inspiration for your trip to Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula!

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Christi Drumheller

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

Definitely a croc inhabits casa cenote. We were there last week and witnessed it swimming and then sunning itself on a rock. Most awesome to see!