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Castle Hill Townsville Hike – North Queensland, Australia

Castle Hill Townsville Hike – North Queensland, Australia

Castle Hill Townsville, is a 286-meter granite monolith that stands proud overlooking Townsville city.

Although it’s not a strenuous hike, hiking to Castle Hill Townsville is one of the best things to do in the city for those looking for a bit of adventure before heading to Magnetic Island.

From Castle Hill lookout, you will get sweeping 360-degree views of Townsville city, Magnetic Island and even as far as the Great Palm Islands and Cape Cleveland.

Castle Hill Townsville Lookout Hike

Where to Stay in Townsville

Depending on your budget, these are some of the best places to stay in Townsville.

BEST BUDGET HOSTEL: REEF LODGE BACKPACKERS – One of the cheapest options available to backpackers in Townsville with several dorm options to choose from. It’s also Conveniently located only 500 meters from the Magnetic Island Ferries

BEST GUEST HOUSE WITH A POOL: THE AVENUE GUEST HOUSE – One of the highest ranked places to stay in Townsville. This one is also popular with backpackers with dorm options available. There’s also an outdoor pool!

HOSTEL WITH FREE BREAKFAST AND POOL: ADVENTURE BACKPACKERS – A pool and free breakfast, what more could you want? It’s also a highly rated hostel in the heart of Townsville.

How to Get to the Castle Hill Townsville Hike

The hike to Castle Hill lookout begins not far from the city itself. While you can drive nearly all the way up, the best way to reach the viewpoint is by taking the windy goat track.

I’ve pinned the start of the track in the map below.

Castle Hill Townsville – The Goat Track

There are two main hiking trails that lead to the top of the granite rock formation. The best track is known as the Goat Track. It won’t take you more than an hour to reach the Castle Hill summit from metro-Townsville.



Begin the hike at the location pinned on the map above.

You can then follow the signs for roughly 5 minutes through some pedestrian streets before gaining entry to the Goat Track Trail.

It’s a fairly steep climb to the top of the Castle Hill Lookout. However, the trail is clearly marked and is serviced to cater to hikers with clear tracks and even built-in steps for the steeper parts.

The Goat Track ends, and you’ll have to continue the last part of the hike on a steep road for about 5 minutes before reaching the top.

Castle Hill Lookout Hike Townsville

Beware of Snakes

The hot, exposed sun and long grass that surrounds the Castle Hill track is prime territory for snakes. During our hike, we saw a small Brown Snake, which could easily send hikers to the emergency room quite quickly.

While we didn’t see any, there are also signs for wild dog populations on the tracks. So, best to keep an eye out.

Castle Hill Lookout Hike Townsville

We made this short hike on our short stop-over in Townsville, READ THE SAILING LOG

Castle Hill Townsville Viewpoints

If you’re looking for a lookout that you can have all to yourself, then you’re out of luck.

You’ll most likely see several people hiking to the top of Castle Hill Townsville, as it’s one of the most popular things to do in the city.

However, once you reach the Castle Hill carpark, you’ll have a few choices for different viewpoints.

Townsville and Magnetic Island View from Castle Hill

The best view is immediately on your right when you reach the car park. You can take the trails and steel steps that lead to some rocky outcrops.

All of the viewpoints on this side offer surprising views of the city and Magnetic Island.

Castle Hill Townsville Lookout

The Summit Circuit – Views of Palm Islands, Townsville Suburbs and Halifax Bay

The Summit Circuit will be directly in front of you when you reach the top of Castle Hill car park.

The summit itself is used as a communications tower, however, you can walk around to get some better views of the distant mountains and far out to Halifax Bay.


The Return Trip

Wrap the Castle Hill Townsville hike up by heading back down the Goat Track, or take the alternate track down from the base of the Castle Hill outcrop.


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