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Cardwell Spa Pools, Queensland – Complete Guide

Cardwell Spa Pools, Queensland – Complete Guide

The Cardwell Spa Pools has long been a local favourite swimming hole but is now considered a must-visit destination in Far North Queensland. A complete guide to visiting that includes everything you need to know!

Cardwell Spa Pools is a naturally flowing, seasonal creek located on Cardwell Forest Drive, just a few minutes from the highway town. But, what’s so special about it?

It’s no secret that it’s the unique tropical colour of the water that attracts the crowds. These deep, turquoise pools within the dry eucalypt forest are a true oasis that begs to be photographed.

If you’re making your way along the East Coast, make sure you add the Cardwell Spa Pools to the list of things to do. Here’s my complete guide to getting to the pools that should answer any questions you might have!


Where is Cardwell Spa Pools?

The Cardwell blue pools are located on Cardwell Forest Drive, just 7 kilometres from the Cardwell township. Cardwell is pretty much the halfway point from Townsville to Cairns, situated approximately 180 kilometres from Cairns and 165 from Townsville.

How to Get to the Cardwell Spa Pools

To get here, you'll need to first make your way to Cardwell on the Bruce Highway. The pools are located on the Cardwell Forest Drive, which is an unsealed loop with access points from the Cardwell Golf Club and just further north on Ellerbeck Road.

Once you've made your way to the start of the Forest Drive, you'll just need to follow the road until you see the small, almost hidden parking area.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Cardwell Spa Pool"

Although the road is unsealed, it's well-graded and you can access the Cardwell Spa Pools with a regular 2WD sedan or hatchback. Though, if you'd rather avoid the unsealed roads, take the northern access on Ellerbeck Road (see map below), since this drive will be shorter.

You can use Google Maps to help you navigate; the pin is accurate.

Cardwell Spa Pools Map

Below I've included a map that is useful for getting to the Cardwell Spa Pools. Also, it includes some more creeks and lookouts if you're keen on exploring more of the area.

Source: FNQ

What to Expect at the Cardwell Spa Pools

Once you arrive at the small, dirt car park, you're pretty much already at the pools. Nope, there's no hike required to get here.

Almost immediately, you'll notice the unique turquoise or almost aqua tint of the water. The entire scene didn't really feel like it belongs in the dry forest landscapes of Cardwell - perhaps that's part of the charm.


There is a man-made stack of rocks that forms the "spa", as well as a tree stump that makes a perfect jumping platform into the deep, blue pools.


Unfortunately, there isn't much room to bask around the edges of the pool. However, you can walk a little further upstream, though the water level is much lower here.

If you haven't considered visiting the area, I'd highly recommend it! This unique swimming spot is just the tip of the iceberg - The Cassowary Coast and Hinchinbrook are one of the wildest places in Australia! You'll also find Australia's tallest waterfall hidden just a short drive away!

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Why Is the Cardwell Spa Pool Blue?

You know what, I was wondering the same thing. Apparently, the Cardwell Spa Pools get their unique blue colour from the chemistry of the rocks and water.

The source of the creek's flow is mostly underground deposits, which are rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium. This leads to the unique blue tint of the pools which, can range from turquoise to a milky-baby-blue, depending on the available light.


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More Information

Are dogs allowed at the Cardwell Spa Pools?

Yes. The pools are located within the Cardwell Forest Reserves and do not have a National Park designation. Therefore, you can bring your four-legged pets. However, make sure to be responsible as platypus and other forms of wildlife call this place home.

What is the water level and depth like?

The water level at the Cardwell Spa Pools varies from season to season and after heavy downpours. In fact, in the dry season, the pools often completely dry up! During the wet season, or if there's been a bit of rain lately, you'll expect the depth to be more than 2 metres near the tree stump but much shallower upstream.

When is the best time to visit the Cardwell pools?

Being a seasonal creek, the best time to visit the Cardwell Spa Pools is between May and September. In the wet season, heavy rainfall can cause the creek to overflow. However, during the dry season, as mentioned, it can completely dry out if there hasn't been any rain.


Where to Stay Near Cardwell

Below are the two best options for where to stay near the Cardwell Spa Pools.

Luxury resort in Port Douglas, Australia

Stay in Port Douglas!

Port Douglas, just a short hop from Cairns makes for an ideal alternative (or addition) with great accommodation options such as:

Camping Near the Cardwell Spa Pools

There isn't a designated camping spot in the Cardwell Forest Reserve or along the drive. However, there are several great spots in the vicinity.

A few waterfall camping highlights nearby are Murray Falls and Blencoe Falls.

Resources: Free Options | Paid Options

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I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to visiting the famous Cardwell Spa Pools in Far North Queensland, Australia. Below, I've included some links to more articles I've written about epic things to do in the region. Enjoy!