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How to Visit Wied il Ghasri Beach on Gozo

How to Visit Wied il Ghasri Beach on Gozo

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Discover the incredible secluded inlet of Wied il-Ghasri Beach on Gozo Island, Malta.

Gozo Island is full of amazing hidden gems! One of my absolute favorite spots on the island to relax and enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is the scenic, fjord-like cove of Wied il Ghasri (Wied il-Għasri).

In this quick guide, I’ll reveal everything you need to know about one of the most scenic inlets in Malta. I’ll show you exactly how to get here, what to expect, and what you can’t miss in the surrounding area.

Wied il-ghasri bay and beach on gozo, malta

What to Know

For travelers who love photography and nature, Wied il-Ghasri is likely already high on your list of epic places to visit on Gozo.

  • The beach lies in the L-Għasri Valley and connects to the open sea via a thin, snaking cove of deep water edged by high limestone cliffs.
  • You'll likely have seen this beautiful coastal gorge on social media or in tourism campaigns because it really is one of the most beautiful spots in Malta!
  • At the end of the inlet, you'll discover a picturesque, tiny pebbly beach with easy access to the water.

The Wied il Ghasri cove also contains several surrounding underwater caves, which makes it a popular spot for scuba divers (more on this below).

Wied il ghasri bay, gozo

Where is Wied Il Ghasri Beach?

Wied il Ghasri Beach is located on the very northern tip of Gozo Island, Malta. It is known as the Għasri Valley, which begins at Ta’ Dbieġi Hill and winds down through the village of l-Għasri towards the open sea on the north coast of Gozo.

There is a road leading to a short walking track that descends down to its pebbly shores. There is a decently sized dedicated parking area just near the track. However, it's not as big or developed as you'll find at the Blue Hole or Inland Sea.

Location: Għasri

Wied il ghasri map on gozo island, malta
Wied il ghasri bay on gozo island, malta

How to Get to Wied Il Ghasri on Gozo

Below are the three best ways to reach Wied il-Ghasri bay on Gozo.

1. Wied il-Ghasri on the Epic Gozo Quad Bike Tour

Travelers staying on the main island of Malta and looking to see the best of Gozo on a single day will definitely want to check out the Full Day Quad Tour on Get Your Guide.

You'll get your return boat transport to Gozo included, as well as a fun day of exploring the island on Quad Bike. Top sites include:

Quad bike in gozo

2. Rent a Car Or Quad Bike on Gozo

There are a few rental car companies on Gozo. However, generally, these offices charge much more than on the main island. Therefore, if you're looking to explore the best of Malta, I'd recommend checking availability and comparing prices using a tool like DiscoverCars.

Then, you can easily take the Gozo Channel Ferry, departing from Ċirkewwa every 45 minutes or so.

Gozo car parking area near the beach
Parking area near the beach trail

3. Via the Ta’ Ġurdan Walk

It's also possible to visit Wied Il Ghasri on the awesome 12-kilometer country walk, which starts and finishes in the village of Gharb.

The trail, known as the Ta’ Ġurdan Walk, covers scenic hills and valleys, passing highlights like the St. Dimitri Chapel, Ta’ Ġurdan Lighthouse, the Ta Pinu Sanctuary, the Wied il-Mielah arch, and of course, the Wied il-Ghasri Bay.

The walk takes roughly 4-5 hours to complete and is definitely a great way to experience this beautiful region of Gozo.

Wied il-mielah gozo, malta

My Experience at Wied Il-Ghasri Beach

As soon as we arrived at Wied Il Ghasri, we walked around the side of the bay to get a unique vantage point of this incredible Maltese beach.

View of wied il ghasri beach from the high cliffs, gozo

Looking down, it seemed a bit inaccessible at first. However, there are a series of steps cut into the cliff face, which takes you directly down to the beach.

From the top of the steep cliffs, we had a great vantage point of the quiet bathing area below, as well as the head of the inlet reaching out to the open Mediterranean Sea.

View of the mediterranean sea from the wied il ghasri gorge, gozo
Beach at wied il ghasri, gozo

The snaking gorge of Wied il-Ghasri features some of the clearest, turquoise water in Malta! We quickly sent up the drone and captured some of the images you see in this blog post. Next, we spent about an hour soaking up some rays and enjoying the relaxing ambiance of this sheltered cove.

Wied il ghasri bay
Carved steps down to the beach
Blue water of wied il ghasri cove, malta
Kayaking in a sea cave malta

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Exploring the Nearby Caves at Wied Il-Ghasri

This Gozo bay is famous for its Cathedral Cave dive site located at the start of the inlet. This is an underwater cave and features some pretty interesting swim-throughs. While we didn't dive at this site, we did walk over and take a look!

Cathedral cave on gozo's north coast

After the Beach: Go See the Saltpans

Looking for more attractions to explore after visiting Wied il-Ghasri.

Just a short walk or bike ride away you will find the famous Saltpans of Gozo (Xwejni). These are man-made salt pans, originally carved during the Roman Times as an effective method of collecting fresh sea salt. This method is still used today by dedicated families passing down the craft for centuries.

From the bay, simply head back to the unsealed road and continue along the coastal road known as Triq ix-Xwejni. Here, you'll find them all the way along the coast until you reach the seaside hamlet of Xwejni Bay.

Gozo salt pans

Where to Stay on Gozo Island

Due to its small size and well-connected network of buses and roads, choosing the ideal location to stay in Gozo is less crucial than on the main island of Malta.

However, if you ask, locals will always tell you that to get the complete Gozitan experience, what's more important is picking a traditional boutique hotel over a luxury resort or modern hotel. You'll find many boutique hotels in Gozo dotted all over the island, from Nadur to Xlendi. Below are the 3 top picks.

Quaint boutique hotel nadur accommodation gozo

1. Quaint Boutique Hotel Boutique

Accommodation on Malta’s quieter sister island should reflect its more peaceful and traditional ambiance. This beautifully renovated boutique hotel is situated directly beside the Nadur Parish Church, with spacious balcony terraces looking over the town square.

Viewpoint boutique living hotel gozo

2. Viewpoint Boutique Living - Xlendi

This family-run boutique hotel dates back 300 years and is situated on a beautiful cliff overlooking the Xlendi Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. The location is ideal for couples looking to get away, with convenient access to the beach and just a short 2 km drive to the Citadella.

Quaint boutique hotel nadur accommodation gozo

3. Kempinski Hotel - San Lawrenz

For travelers preferring modern, 5-star luxury, the Kempinski Hotel is your best bet. This amazing hotel is located in San Lawrenz, on a 30,000m² tropical oasis. An excellent choice for larger groups and families as there are self-catering apartment options as well!

More Photos from Wied Il Ghasri, Gozo

I hope that you've enjoyed this quick guide to visiting Wied il Ghasri Bay on Gozo Island, Malta. While you're still here, make sure to check out some of my other travel guides for more inspiration and ideas for places to visit! Otherwise, here are some more photos I took from my trip to get you inspired!

Wied il ghasri drone photo
View of wied il ghasri beach on gozo
Wied il ghasri beach, aerial photo
Wied il ghasri beach, aerial photo
Wied il ghasri beach, aerial photo
Wied il ghasri gorge, aerial photo
Wied il ghasri beach
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