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Visiting Vlasoff Cay on the Great Barrier Reef

Visiting Vlasoff Cay on the Great Barrier Reef

Olly Gaspar

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Vlasoff Cay is a beautiful, secluded sandy Great Barrier Reef cay just a short boat trip or helicopter flight from Cairns.

After exploring many of the epic sandy cays, coral reef systems, and epic islands off Cairns, I have to say, Vlasoff is up there with one of the best for snorkelling, relaxing, and enjoying the reef.

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about visiting Vlasoff Cay; one of the Great Barrier Reef’s most incredible sand bar cays. Find out how to get here, what to expect and detailed information on zoning and restrictions.

Beach and blue water of vlasoff cay in queensland, australia

Vlasoff Cay Cinematic Video

I recently made a quick cinematic edit from some of the footage that I captured during my visit to Vlasoff Cay. Check it out below and if you like it, subscribe to me on YouTube!

YouTube video

All photographs and video clips on this blog post are taken by me and are available for purchase as fine art prints or for commercial licensing. Please contact me for more information or read about how to use my images for free.

About Vlasoff Cay

Vlasoff Cay is located in the Great Barrier Marine Parks, just north of Green Island. The cay itself is a sand bar situated on the greater Vlasoff Reef, an outer reef system of the Great Barrier Reef.

This reef extends out for several hundred metres and is dotted with large bommies. This section of the reef is quite healthy, which makes for excellent snorkelling and diving.

Vlasoff Cay is a very popular spot for Cairns locals to visit as it is located less than 38 kilometres (20.5 nautical miles) from Cairns. This means that yachts, sailing vessels and even jet skis often head out to Vlasoff Cay for day trips and to spend the night on the Great Barrier Reef.

You won't find any vegetation growing on the cay, and only a small tip of sand is left exposed on very high tides.

Adjacent to Vlasff, you'll find many other popular reef sites frequented by commercial dive boats including Michaelmas Cay, Hastings Reef, Saxons Reef, Norman Reef and Upolu Cay.

Vlasoff cay from above

How to Get to Vlasoff Cay

Unfortunately, there are very limited options to get out to Vlasoff Cay. None of the primary Great Barrier Reef Tours from Cairns offer a stop to Vlasoff Cay, meaning that you will either need to find a private charter or book a full-day return helicopter trip landing on the cay ($800 per person).

Alternatively, for those adamant about experiencing a Great Barrier Reef sand cay, I'd recommend booking a trip with SeaStar (link below). These guys run snorkelling and diving trips to the outer reef and are the only boats that stop off at a sandy cay (the adjacent Michaelmas).

Book: Michaelmas Cay & Hasting Reef (SeaStar)

Michaelmas cay from above on the great barrier reef
Adjacent Michaelmas Cay

Vlasoff From a Scenic Flight

Otherwise, the only way to see Vlasoff and other sandy cays is to take a 30-minute scenic flight from Cairns. This is surprisingly affordable and easily one of the best things you can do in Cairns.

Read about my scenic flight trip to find out how to get a good deal and more photos of what to expect.

Vlassof cay off cairns on a plane flight
Vlasoff Cay from a Scenic GBR Flight

Great Barrier Reef Zoning at Vlasoff

Vlasoff Cay and the surrounding Reef have a "yellow" Marine Parks designation, which means that it is a Conservation Park Zone. This means that you can fish off a boat and even spearfish here. However, there are limitations.

Below is an image with the current restrictions for reef zoning.

Many of the nearby surrounding reefs and cays including the popular dive sites on Hastings and Norman are Marine National Park Zoning. Consequently, you'll find that Vlasoff Cay is one of the only accessible sandy cays that you can fish at.

Great barrier reef zoning restrictions

Moorings & Anchorages

There are at least three blue courtesy buoys on the western side of Vlasoff Cay accommodating monohulls up to 20 metres in 34 knots of wind.

However, you can also navigate through the bommies to anchor on the sandy flats on the western side. Alternatively, head out to the eastern side of the cay where many other day-trip boats tend to anchor.

Boats anchored near a sandy cay on the great barrier reef, australia
Yacht moored at vlasoff cay on the great barrier reef

More Photos From Vlasoff Cay

I hope that this quick guide to Vlasoff Cay, one of the most beautiful sandy cays on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns. Below I've included a few more photos from my recent trip sailing out to Vlasoff.

Sunset on the great barrier reef
Fresh fish meal on the great barrier reef
Coral on the beach in queensland
Sunset at vlasoff cay, great barrier reef
Vlasoff cay from helicopter
Vlasoff cay
Yacht from above on the great barrier reef
Malaika yacht on the great barrier reef
Boats from above in blue water on the great barrier reef

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Vlasoff cay from above, great barrier reef, cairns
Pinteret poster for visiting vlassof cay in cairns
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