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Tumalog Falls In Oslob, Cebu – Complete Guide

Tumalog Falls In Oslob, Cebu – Complete Guide

A complete travel guide to visiting the incredible Tumalog Falls near Oslob, Cebu. Includes how to get here, what to expect, and more!

Tumalog Falls is a tall and wide waterfall located close by the popular tourist hotspot of Oslob on Cebu Island, the Philippines.

Although this waterfall is not known for its impressive flow of water, it’s sheer height and width definitely impressed us. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in Cebu, especially for those staying near Oslob!

In this guide, I’ll outline everything you need to know about visiting the falls, including how to get here, what to expect, and more!

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Swimming at tumalog falls on cebu island
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Tumalog Falls Location on Cebu

Tumalog Falls is located within the Oslob Municipality on Cebu. Due to its close proximity, many people combine a visit to this waterfall with the very popular whale shark tour.

The broader township is known as Barangay Luka, which is close to the popular tourist hub and Whale Shark operations.

Getting to Tumalog Waterfall

The best way to get to Tumalog Falls is to take a motorbike or tricycle to the Tumalog Falls car park. Those coming from Oslob should expect about a 20-minute drive to reach the parking lot.

From the main coastal road, the road veers off to a short drive up the hills known as Tumalog Falls Road. I've pinned the location of the parking lot on the map below.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Tumalog Falls"
Tumalog falls map on cebu island

Once you reach the car park, there will no doubt be several locals asking to take you down the hill to reach Tumalog waterfall on a motorbike. If you want to walk, it'll only take about 15 minutes downhill to the base of the waterfall.

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Tumalog Falls - What to Expect

Once you arrive at the base of the hill, you will see a small ticketing office. To gain entry to the waterfall area, you will need to pay a 20 peso entry fee per person. This fee goes to the Oslob Municipality and pays for the upkeep and environmental protection of the waterfall.

Tumalog Falls is actually the second most popular waterfall in Cebu. However, this is more due to the location than the caliber of the waterfall.

Tumalog waterfall in oslob

In saying that, it's still an epic waterfall for swimming or relaxing on hot days. The maximum height of the waterfall is approximately 100 meters. As mentioned earlier, there isn't a roaring flow, consider it more of a gentle trickle along a wide, moss-covered wall.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush jungle vegetation and steep limestone cliffs. There are also some scattered rocks around the main swimming hole.

While it is great for swimming, it isn't as deep as some of the other waterfalls in Cebu. To compensate for the shallow pool, the locals have built up a row of rocks and a concrete path along the banks to trap deeper water.

Tumalog falls cebu
Blue swimming pool in the forest near kawasan falls cebu island, the philippines

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What to do at This South Cebu Waterfall?

Clearly, Tumalog Falls is a great spot for swimming or general relaxing. There are also some small rock formations to explore.

Though the waterfall is the highlight, I thought that the walk down to the waterfall was also pretty epic. You can get a good view of the waterfall from the top of the hill. If you look out, you can also see the dense jungle of Cebu's interior.

Tumalog falls oslob

Tips For Visiting Tumalog Waterfall

If you're looking to save money, the walk down from the parking lot is pretty easy. If you aren't feeling the walk back up, however, your money is probably better spent on paying a local to drive you up the hill.

Because Tumalog Falls is located so close to the nearby Whale Shark operations, it's definitely advised to come here early. When we arrived at approximately 8 am, we were the only ones at the waterfall. However, this quickly changed around an hour later after everybody was coming straight from the Whale Shark swim.

Remember to always take any rubbish or trash with you. To help keep Cebu clean, why not get some boosted Karma points and pick up a couple of pieces to take with you?

Tumalog waterfall in cebu

Where to Stay Near Tumalog Falls

The best place to stay is in Moalboal as it's close to all of the best things to do and all the epic attractions you'll want to add to your Cebu itinerary. However, if you're planning to travel around the island, then I'd also recommend staying at:

  • Cebu City/Mactan
  • Oslob
  • Malapascua
  • Sumilon Island

Here are my 4 top picks for hostels, resorts, and hotels in Cebu for each budget.

Ancelle cristo re, cebu island resort accommodation

1. Ancelle Cristo Re Moalboal

Top-rated luxury resort situated on a private beach near Moalboal where you can snorkel with sea turtles. This hotel is run by three amazing sisters who use their proceeds to support a local orphanage.

Bai hotel cebu

2. Bai Hotel Mid-Range

Mid-budget resort in Cebu City with large rooms, daily buffet breakfast, and rooftop swimming pool. Located close to the Cebu International Airport.

Chief mau moalboal

3. Chief Mau Hostel

A great hostel with a relaxed backpacker vibe in the heart of Moalboal. Large rooms, an onsite bar, and tours can be booked straight from the front desk.

Sumilon island in cebu

4. Sumilon Bluewater Island

Stay on a pristine private island with a beautiful white sandbar and crystal-clear water for swimming and snorkeling.

More Things to do in Cebu Island

I hope that you've enjoyed this quick travel guide to visiting Tumalog Falls, Oslob, Cebu. While you're here, make sure to check out some of my other blog posts for more adventure inspiration on the island and others in the Philippines.

Tumalog waterfall
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