Inambakan Falls is a multi-level waterfall located in the Ginatilan Municipality in Cebu. It’s a powerful waterfall with a deep, blue swimming hole.

If you’re looking for an epic Cebu-style waterfall but don’t like the crowds at Kawasan, then definitely don’t miss Inambakan Waterfall.

inambakan waterfall in cebu swimming and jumping

Where is Inambakan Falls?

Inambakan Falls is located around an hour from the South Cebu tourist hub of Moalboal. Those coming from Cebu City should expect at least a five hour drive, while Oslob trips will take roughly one and a half to two hours.

The Google Map pins are clearly marked and correct. To make it easy, I’ve pinned the location of the waterfall below.

The best way to get to Inambakan Falls is to take a motorbike. Follow the road around the coast and through the lush South Cebu hills. You will have to drive up and down several hills, so make sure you fuel up before leaving the coast.

Along the way, you will get to enjoy palm-lined mountain roads and small local villages.

The pin will take you directly to the ticketing office. This is nothing more than a local’s house at the end of the dirt road. There are some kids there that want to take you to the waterfall and show you the levels. If you have some spare change then I’d recommend letting them take you up to Inambakan Falls.

The fee per person for entry is 50 pesos. If you want to pay a local guide, then it’ll be up to you to decide how much to give.

haylea at inambakan falls in cebu


Inambakan Falls

Once you start on the dirt path from the ticketing office, it’ll take you roughly 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. Even at the start of the walk, you’ll see the milky blue water that Cebu is made famous for, flowing in small creeks.

Inambakan Falls itself is a tall, wide waterfall that’s approximately 30 metres tall. It flows much harder than some of the other South Cebu waterfalls and at times rivals the famous Kawasan Falls.

The first level has a deep, blue swimming hole and a cave that you can swim into to chill out behind the powerful waterfall.

There are five levels total, so I’d definitely recommend taking the walk up to the higher levels. Although Inambakan Falls is relatively quiet, with only a few groups at a time, you will most likely have the upper levels all to yourself.

inambakan waterfall level one

What to do at Inambakan Falls

If exploring is your thing, then there’s plenty to see. Even the first level has caves, limestone walls, jungle vines and some sneaky jump spots.

The upper levels although a little smaller than the main waterfall, have some decent cliff jumps. Just remember that if you don’t have a guide, you’ll need to check the depths yourself and avoid any submerged rocks.

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Exploring Inambakan Falls In Ginatilan, Cebu

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